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A website customers plays an important and significant role in achieving success. A website can be made for anyone, bloggers, vloggers, YouTube personas, small businesses, namely enterprises, well-known companies and even business startups.

Everyone needs a proper professional website to stay engaged with their customers and audience. Most of the websites contain common mistakes that usually drive away the customers and the visitors. It is very important to identify these mistakes and improve your websites accordingly.

This article is going to describe most common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost as these mistakes may lead your customers to leave your site without exploring more about the business you are doing.

1. Website Design

“Everything we do is designed, whether we’re producing a magazine, a website, or a bridge. The design is really the creative invention that designs everything”._Henry Petroski

This is the first and foremost important mistake that should be taken great care of. Your website’s design tells a lot about your professionalism. The website design reflects its role in the business management. If your website design is pretty old and flawed.

Your customer is more likely to not to pay much attention to your website and leave it immediately after visiting it. The outdated website will always trigger the visitors to assume that the business is on the way out. To improve your web design you must hire a team of professionals to provide best user experience with great designs to your customers.

2. Not Mobile Friendly/Responsive

Since mobile phones have taken over our lives, people now spend most of their time on smartphones. If a consumer needs to visit a website to do some online shopping he will opt for the handiest device that is a mobile phone to visit a certain website.

When a website is not mobile friendly and a lot of main features are missing then your customer will immediately leave the website. moreover if the site fails to be responsive on devices other than a computer system that can easily drive your potential customers away.

3. Uneasy Navigation

Another major mistake that can drive your customers away from your website is the navigation of your website. When a website provides too many navigation options, the visitor gets confused and eventually leaves the site and move to the other alternative websites.

Proper navigation will lead your customer to the right place without getting unclear about the website. If your customers are not able to find what they need they are most likely to leave your website immediately.


4. Grammatical Mistakes

Many companies develop the beautiful attractive websites but they forget about the text and make silly grammatical mistakes. Remember if you are running a business, whether it is a small business or a well-known business, if your website is not able to communicate properly then there is no way your visitors stay on your website.

Writing appropriately is one of the most crucial elements for a website, there is no compromise on the grammatical writing mistakes. For properly checking this problem you should hire the team that is professional enough in quality assurance.

5. No Call-to-action

Your business website must contain call-to-action as the visitors might be interested in further details about the specific service you are providing or in knowing your business.

It also let your visitors understand the professionalism of your website and keep them updated about the business. If your website does not contain any call-to-action then your visitor might lose the interest as he won’t be clear about where to do next or what to do next.

6. Unclear Homepage

This is another reason of your website losing its customers. If your home page is not delivering the reason why it was made or developed for then the visitors will get confuse and leave the website.

The visitors do not have enough time to understand the purpose behind your website so try to make it very clear on the home page otherwise they will move toward the alternative websites.

7. No Social Media Integration 

If your visitors cannot find your social media links on your website then they must feel like you are lacking and need an upgrade. All businesses are linked up with social media platforms and if you are not linked up with these platforms that indicates that your business is relatively unpopular and no one wants to buy from the anonymous business as such businesses are considered to be not reliable.

“Social media is key to promoting the editorial posts on my website”._Lauren Conrad

8. No Quality Content

Content of a website is a mixture of various elements. Website content includes, all the text, images, color scheme, logo, tagline, videos, blogs, clients’ testimonials and much more. If your website lacks the important content then you must lose your crucial, potential customers.

Try to test the content of your website before you develop it completely and use all the quality content. Your quality assurance team must be responsible to resolve this issue.

9. Pop-up & Scrolling Ads

Irrelevant ad pop-ups on your website can be a huge turn off for your visitors. Visitors do not like to visit a site again if there are irrelevant ads popping up, covering all the content and leaving the visitor annoyed and irritated.

If your website contains any such kind of pop-ups then you should never find the reason of not getting visitors. Improve your website and remove all such annoying ads from your website.

10. Auto-playing Videos and Audios

This is another major mistake that most of the websites neglect. Making your website attractive does not mean to blast your visitor with some music or interrupted video.

Such videos or loud music files can cause an awkward situation for the visitor especially if they are at the office or attending a lecture. If your website is incorporated with any type of such absurd music or video clips then you must immediately remove them from your website.

Bottom Line:

“Small businesses no longer need to feel like a deer in the headlights when considering constructing or updating their Web sites. With ClickThings what you see is what you get, unlike some other competitive Web-based Website building tools”._ Boomer Esiason

This article discusses some of the most important elements that contain great importance with regard to the website. Many websites tend to ignore the important elements that can be absurd for their websites and driving their customers away. this article has discussed all few of such important common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost.

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