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As we are in the era of advancements and development, we all are well known about the power of the internet and social media. Blogging is an interactive method to stay engaged with your audience and a blogs can be about anything, any topic of your choice.

A professional writer can write about any relevant subject but understanding the importance of blogs and the purpose for writing a blog carries a great level of importance.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”_Brian Clark

Blogs can be written about any aspect, whether it is your personal interest or you are writing for the business, there are always some important features that make your blogs stand out.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the important features that can make your blogs better and help you in gaining more visitors on your blogging site.

blogs tips

1. Readability:

This is the first and foremost important feature of the blog. Blogs are written with the purpose that the audience will get relevant information that they are looking for. Your audience will only reach to the given information only if they are capable of understanding what you want to convey. This is only possible if your blog has high readability level.

You have to choose proper wording while writing a blog. Use of proper spellings, words, tenses and proper sentence structure is essential in delivering readable content.  Try to use easy and simple words to create the easiness in sentences. Your high-class vocabulary might be difficult to understand by most of the audience.

Other than writing your blogs in an easy language you also have to take care of other important factors that can contribute in making your content readable. When you are writing a blog try to make short sentences, and make headings as well as subheadings. This will allow the readers to understand the content and it will make sense in connecting your content.

“Blogging is a conversation, not a code.”_Mike Butcher

2. Visual Content:


The blogs are for the understanding of the specific aspect of the topic. Adding images and videos related to the content actually adds more value to the blog. These images and videos also create more sense of understanding and relevancy about the topic you are writing.

The visual content also creates attraction towards your blogs and visitors are most likely to revisit your blogs again. This feature also eliminates the boredom of the boring reading as some topics might get a little boring so the added visual content will help your blog to be interesting and engaging.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO blog

You are writing a blog for the audience. If your audience is not capable to reach out your blog posts then there is no need for you to write the blogs. To make sure that your blogs are reaching to a maximum audience you have to make your blog SEO friendly.

If your blog is SEO friendly, it means that your blog is easily searchable on the internet. To make your blog SEO friendly you can install one of the plugins Yoast SEO on WordPress. This SEO plugin will help you add keyword and other important elements to increase your searchability on the internet. There are several other methods that can be used to increase the SEO friendliness of your blog post.

4. Internal Linking:


You have written a blog and it is getting an enormous amount of audience but the audience is just switching to the alternative websites after reading your blog. You need the audience to visit your all pages, for that purpose you need to do internal linking in your blogs.

Choose a specific topic, for instance; Your Company is selling clothes for the kids, you can write a blog post of kids fashion and mention your product at the end as well as give the link to shop your product.

This way the visitor will be able to explore more about your business and you will generate a great amount of traffic on your website. Internal linking is crucial as it is important to keep your audience engaged with the business and make them explore all the pages of your website.

“Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn.”_Scott Adams

5. Social Media Sharing Buttons:

social media

This is an era of social media and your blogs should be shared on Social Media platforms. This is an important element and never should be neglected. When your blog has social media sharing buttons, it means that you are able to share your blogs all over the internet. Your visitors and readers will be able to share your blogs on their social media and your website will ultimately get more audience and traffic that is beneficial for the company in long term.

Bottom Line:

The blogs are the essential part of your business website and it is very important to take care of whatever you are writing. Developing a useful content will lead you towards the great number of audience and it will be helpful for your business in the long run. In this article, we have discussed the important features of blogs that will help you in increasing the value of your blogs and get more audience.

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