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Logos are very crucial part of business as they help the businesses with branding and marketing. Several trends have popped up this year as logo designing. While people are concerned about the latest trends on the peak with regard to logo designing in this article we are going to talk about the logo trends you must avoid this year.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”_Milton Glaser

The most trending and popular logo design will leave your company with the good and astonishing reputation among your potential customers and help you gain success. While you dig up to understand the latest logo trends, it is also very important to understand the old-fashioned trends that should be avoided this year.

Why is it important to learn about the logo trends that should be avoided?

  • The logo of your business and company gives the first impression to the viewer and the first impression lasts for a long time.
  • You cannot redesign the logos over and over again so it is important to understand what should be avoided before you start designing the logo in the first place.
  • The logo of your business represents and reflects the business you are working with. If you are using an outdated styled logo that would represent your business as outdated.

Logo Designs that should be avoided:


1. Font Helvetica:

Helvetica is the most simple, minimalistic and easily readable font that has been used by various brands and businesses for quite a long time. Now the problem with this font with aspect to logo designing is that is has been used by various companies that it has become so common. Every other logo you see is written in this font, eliminating the uniqueness and innovativeness of logo designing at all. If you want to be creative and innovative in designing your logo then you should go for some other font than Helvetica.

“You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt… or in front of a piece of graphic design.”_Stefan Sagmeister


2. Random Color Dots:

Random color dots on the logo represent nothing about your business. This logo styling is pretty old and it represents that you do not have any new idea to make your logo look good and attractive. Applying color dots without being precise doesn’t show any meaning to the logo and thus it leaves a negative impression on the customer. This is the logo design that must be avoided and you should add up more creativity and innovativeness by adding up little extra design that actually describes your business in a minimal way.


3. Arc over Text:

Again this logo design has been used by several companies as Amazon got real fame and popularity. This is most common logo design and it can be seen everywhere. This Logo design should be avoided as it is boring and it also represents the unoriginality. Instead of using an arc to your logo, you must brainstorm about the new creative idea that could be added to your logo. You can add the combination of colors, letters, numbers or any abstract to make your logo look attractive and unique.

“Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.”_David Carson


4. Chat Bubbles:

The chat bubbles in logos represent the instant messaging and social media. These logos have been drastically used by the social media apps and brands. Such logos are good for the social media brands and applications but if you need to add up the creativity and detail to the logo and you should quit using chat bubbles next time you design your logo. It is very important to add up the originality and forget about replicating the logos.

“It’s a habit of mine now, noticing labels, logos, shoes.”_Michael Jordan


5. Overlapping Letters:

This is another logo design that has been used for centuries. Such logo designs give very poor impressions to the viewers and do not represent anything about the related business. Instead of using double overlapping letters you can just use single letter but with more added colors or symbols. The overlapping words only represent the laziness and lacking the ability of your business to design a perfect, meaningful and attractive logo for the company.


Final Thoughts:

The logos are the base of branding and marketing. If your logo is not properly designed then you will probably fail to attract the customers. There are few common mistakes in logo designing that must be avoided while designing a log these days. This article mentions the outrageous logo designing trends that must be avoided this year.

“Well, logos is science or reason, something that helps us to function practically and effectively in the world, and it must therefore be closely in tune and reflect accurately the realities of the world around us.”_Karen Armstrong



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