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The website design plays an important role in the growth and development of the businesses but it is not fulfilling this purpose then it is good for nothing. Businesses tend to work on their websites but sometimes, they still do not get a good response.

There are various reasons that your website is lacking new visitors and customers but first of all, you have to identify these signs to get your website improved.

If your webpage is not getting traffic from search engines like Google then you must be aware that there is something serious going on with your website and it has to get improved.

Aside from having trouble in getting a natural traffic, there might be some other major issues going on that should be taken under consideration. One of these major issues is high bounce rate that means your website is getting visitors but they are leaving the website without going through all the pages on a website.

In this article, we are going to discuss five of the major signs that identify your website need a design update. Apparently, your website should be getting updated every now and then with the web advancements but if you are familiar to any of the below sign then it is the time to make improvement in your website right now!

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1. Your Website isn’t using Responsive Web Design:

Responsive website design allows the webpage to respond to any size of the device it is getting viewed on. That means whether the user is viewing the webpage through his desktop computer or a smartphone the website will respond and show results.

If your website is not using responsive web design that triggers warning that it has to be changed. Unresponsive websites do not allow the users to visit the website through every device on hand, it limits the website usage on an extreme level. Unresponsive website decreases the traffic automatically as it cannot handle the users using different devices while visiting the website.

The unresponsive website is one of the major sign that indicates you that your website needs to be upgraded to the responsive web design for maximum traffic and excellent usability.

2. Outdated Content:

Content is another important element on the website that should be taken under consideration. The content of the website contains every little detail about the business including the services they are offering and the products they are selling. Content is not only limited to the products or services but it also includes all the other important details about the businesses.

Blogging is another very important component of the website that also falls under the content category of the website. Blogging helps the businesses to generate more and more traffic and visitors through different platforms. These visitors then get convert into the customers and the business gets success in the long run.

If the content of your website is outdated then you must take action and improve it. Lookup for the latest content styles and adopt one, use it on your website. Add a separate page for blogging and contribute that page to only blogging. Blogging will help you generate a good amount of visitors that will be helpful for your business in long-term.

3. Slow to Load:

It is annoying to be on a website that takes forever to load. We always like to leave the website if it doesn’t load in the first few seconds. Slow loading website causes poor user experience that ends up with a decrease in traffic on the website. Slow loading websites leave a negative impression on the users immediately that results into loss of interest in the website all in one.

If your website is slow loader then you must take a look at it and improve the optimization. You should track down the issues that are causing the website to be slow and improve them to make it work better and in quick time.

4. Your website does not include any social media links:

Social media integration on the website is the most crucial element nowadays. This is an era of social media and technological advancement, everyone uses social Media from their smart gadgets.

It is very much important for a business to have a social image. The social image helps the business to gain recognition among customers and other entities. If your business does not have social media accounts then your business is very outdated and it needs major improvement in that specific matter.

Other than that once you have developed social media accounts of your business, do not forget to integrate the social media links into your website. Visitors usually get a negative impression if they do not find any social media link on the website. Try to stay updated and keep your website upgraded with all of the latest web trends.

5. High Bounce Rate:

A bounce rate of the website determines the time duration that the user stays on the website after viewing one page. If they leave the website after viewing one page that means the bounce rate of a website is high.

To analyze the bounce rate of the website you have to go through analytics on a regular base. If the bounce rate of the website is high then you have to improve it. You have to dig down the issues to decrease the bounce rate. This will help you in keeping your visitors stay for a long time on your website.


Bottom Line:

In this article, we have discussed the five important signs that allow you to understand, your website needs improvement. If your website is having any of these signs then it is the right time to improve the website design. Upgrade your web design for the increased traffic, customers, and success in long-term.

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