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WordPress is a CMS that has gained huge popularity due to its enormous features. It is very easy to build and manage a website on WordPress as compare to other content management systems. As WordPress has taken over almost 40% of all websites, it is more vulnerable to get WordPress security attacked by hackers and prone to viruses.

WordPress security in that scenario is most crucial, you have to take great care of every single aspect regarding WordPress. When you are considering maintaining the security of your WordPress then you must take care of every little element, starting from installation of a new theme to publishing content on your website.

Websites contain sensitive data and information that may or may not affect your business and for that purpose, it is crucial to take care of the security of your WordPress website. Once you have taken the security measures it is most important to keep up with it. In this article, we are going to talk about the key elements that can help you in maintaining the security levels of your website.

1. WordPress Hosting:


Web hosting service is a most important element of website security. A secure hosting provider takes care of every measure and every aspect of your website’s security. To make sure that your WordPress website is secure enough, you must use a managed WordPress hosting service that will provide you with a more secure connection to your website. Managed WordPress hosting is secure and it provides the automatic updates for WordPress, advanced level security configuration and automatic backups that can help you in increasing your WordPress security.

A good web hosting service provides an SSL certified package, the SSL certificate is the most important element of a website that describes the security level of a website. SSL certificate can help you with securing admin panel, secure data transfer, and overall secure website. So, now we know the importance of choosing right web hosting server for your website.

2. Two Factor Authentications:


Two-factor authorizations help in preventing hacking with regard to any confidential details. In the case of websites, it is crucial to add this feature on the Login Page of the website. It will allow the user to provide login details for two different components.  These two components might be a regular password with a secret question, set of different characters, a secret code or any special symbols. You can also use the Google Authenticator app to secure the login on your website. Google authenticator will send you verification code on your smartphone so that no one will be able to login into your website.

Two-factor authentications work very well with the anonymous logins and prevent almost all type of hacking.  Remember that you have to put up strong passwords in order to extend the security measures first and foremost.

3. Add a Firewall

Wordpress security

Firewall is another way to protect your website from getting hacked. Firewall is the filter between your website and the rest of the internet world. It will recognize the fake browser or the unsecured network from accessing your website. When such insecure shady website won’t be able to get to the website the chances of your website to get hacked will become zero. The firewall provides an ultimate security measure to the website and keeps it secure and safe by preventing the hackers and the viruses.

4. Use Reputable Themes and Plugins

Wordpress websites

This is another way out to prevent the unwanted hackers and viruses from your website. Always download the themes and plugins from identified source. Always do a little research before you start working with a specific plugin or theme. It is also very crucial to stop working with the themes and the plugins that are no longer supported. Also, try newer versions of the themes and the plugins as the new versions are updated with the security measures.

 5. Rename Login URL

There are high chances to get your website hacked if your login page is accessible through wp-login.php, to prevent this you must have to change the login and rename it. If the hackers are aware of the direct URL of your website then they will easily get into it. To avoid such hazards to happen, just rename your login URL so that no one will guess the correct Login URL and creep into your website. This will help your website to stay away from hackers accessing your account.


Every business has a website nowadays and it is crucial to understand the important aspects of website development. Level of security of your website is the most fundamental subject while developing a website. If your website is not secured from the hackers then there is no need to create a website at first place. In this article, we have discussed the key points that can help you in increasing the security of your website.

These can help you in making the website secure and safe by preventing hackers to poke into your website. This article is a great help if you are looking forward to increasing the security measures of your website.

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