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Websites play an important role in the growth and development of business as they reflect the company and the business. The homepage of a website portrays an impression on the website’s visitors. If the website homepage is not created well then it will leave a negative impression on the visitor and the business might end up losing their future customers.

The homepage of the website contains various elements and in this article, we are going to discuss the most important features a website homepage should contain.

1. Navigation:

First and foremost important characteristic of website homepage is proper navigation. Proper navigation helps the website visitor to reach the content he’s looking for. The navigation should be simple and easy to understand for the visitors. If your website is incorporated with heavy content then you must add the search bar on top of your homepage so it would be easier for the visitor to add keywords on the search bar and search for the needed content.

If the navigation on the homepage of your website is not well managed then the visitors won’t be able to find out their desired content and they won’t visit your website again.

2. Logo:

The logo of your business is an asset to your company and it should be clearly presented on the homepage of your website. Your logo gives an identification and recognition to the business and adds value to the site. So, don’t forget to add your company’s logo on top of the homepage of your website.

3. Social Media Links:

As we all are aware of social media and its value among the internet users. All businesses have social media accounts and they help the business to grow more. The social media appearance of a business shows that the business is legitimate and open for the customer feedback.

The social media links should be given on the website homepage to make it easier for the website visitors to check out your social media business profiles and follow your business everywhere. The social media integration on your website will also help you in gaining customers loyalty and positive brand image.

4. Clients’ Testimonials:

Online reviews and feedbacks from actual or former customers of a certain product or brand carry a lot of impact on consumer purchasing behavior. The homepage on your website must contain the testimonial section in which you can present the feedback and testimonial of your clients. Let your customers know what people think about your services on the basis of true outcomes. Testimonials will help you in getting more potential customers.

5. Contact Information:

The contact information of your business is very essential and it must be easily findable by your potential customers. The contact information contains the business email address of your company, company’s contact number as well as your office address to show your location. The contact information is vital to gain customers’ trust that you are a legitimate business and do not fear about sharing your contact information. This information will also help the customers to reach you out immediately increase your business growth.

6. Images and Videos:

Your homepage gives the first impression to the visitors and it should be incorporated with quality content, images, and videos. You can add videos and images related to the products you are offering or you can add images of your company and its ambiance. Images and videos will bring a life to your homepage and it will trigger the customers to explore more and visit all pages of your website.


Businesses are growing rapidly with the help of their websites and social presence. As a website is able to change the fate of business it is really very important to understand how to carry out a website with the proper homepage. The homepage of the website is the first impression of the website visitors. This article is incorporated with the crucial elements that should be added to every homepage website to add more value to the website and the business.

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