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The real estate business is cumbersome. It demands a roll up your sleeves attitude whenever a potential buyer hits you up. The tired agents with a plethora of files on their desks won’t be able to get many leads.

Hence it is important for people in real estate to have an organized workflow. If you want to be a productive real estate agent than there are a good number of apps that can help you.

However, before picking one you must go through their features. Lucky for you we have concisely described the features of the top 7 real estate software applications down below. Note that we choose software applications on the basis of ease and simplicity.

Real Estate Software Applications Use
Follow Up Boss Bringing all Communication at one place
Cloud Attract Creating landing pages for Site.
Spacio Collection of leads at an open house
BombBomb Creating marketing videos
Magicplan Making floor plans
BoxBrownie Real estate photo editing
DocuSign The virtual signing of documents

1. Follow Up Boss:

Real Estate Software Application

It is the best app for the organization of all your communication with clients. It is available in web app, Android, and IOS versions. You and your client will have to connect your Gmail account with the Follow Up Boss app. After that, the record of all your communication on call, text message, and email, is made available on the app. The interface is just like Gmail with all the messages on the right side. Whenever you click on one it opens in the middle of the screen.

Follow Up Boss creates convenience for both dealer and client. All the messages are in one place so you can see a history of communication at any time. Nonetheless, this ease comes at a price. Follow Up Boss is available at $69/month per user. But, you can have a 14-day free trial to check the performance of the app before buying it.

2. Cloud Attract:

Real Estate Software Application

A real estate website is incomplete without a landing page. Cloud Attract will help you create beautiful landing pages for collecting data. You can customize the templates to meet your specific needs. This app comes only in the web version.

Select from 16 excellent professionally looking templates. Add the type of information you are meaning to collect. For example, sections like email id, address, and phone number can be included. The app will automatically generate a Desktop and Mobile friendly page. You can optimize it with the use of keywords and other SEO techniques. The whole exercise will take around five minutes.

The best part of using Cloud Attract is that you can also track partial leads (people who didn’t complete the signup process) as well.

The fee plan of Cloud Attract is $149 per month. However, you can also have free 30-day trial services.

3. Spacio:

Real Estate Software Application

In real estate, it is important that you collect all the information you can get on a visitor. Spacio app helps you create a special open house sign in form. This helps in collecting up to date information in one place after every open house.

As a real estate agent add your property to the web and mobile application of Spacio. Launch sign-in forms with default fields or add customized questions. Additionally, you can automate follow up emails based on visitors’ responses to questions. Spacio also creates a complete profile of people who fill out forms. The profile includes links to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.

Spacio helps you in getting to know your visitors better. You can get insight into their lives through social media accounts. As a result, you can build on lasting relationships with them.

Spacio provides a 30-day free trial to the users. It charges $25per month for individual plans.

4. BombBomb:

Your personalized interaction with leads can increase the chances of conversion. According to a survey, 73% of homeowners said that they will more likely list with an agent who uses videos. Notwithstanding, the number of agents who create marketing videos is at a whooping low of 9%.

If you want to have an edge over the rest of the real estate agents community then BombBomb is here for you. BombBomb lets you create, upload, and track your marketing videos. You can produce advertisement content for the property. Show the houses and offices you are meaning to sell. This exercise will increase your conversion rate. Furthermore, the number of leads you get will also increase.

BombBomb has two pricing plans. The Individual pricing plan is at $49 per month whereas for Individual plus you will have to pay $69 per month. Some discount applies if you opt to pay the yearly fee at one time.

5. Magicplan:

Does your buyer want to visualize what the furnished room will look like? Well, good news for you there is an app which does just that. Magicplan lets you draw floorplans on your smartphones or tablet devices within minutes. The app works on IOS and Android operating systems.

Download the app on your phone. Open it and move around your room to capture every corner and measuring the lengths of the walls. Once you complete, a floor plan will form. Now you can change the thickness of the walls, add or remove objects in the room to see the look of the furnished room. Besides, you can also create a free form room and then import the image of a plan and trace it. Magicplan allows you to export these plans in JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, and DXF formats. Subsequently, you can send them off to clients for assessment.

The recent update in magicplan app has brought new features for Apple users. Magicplan 8 lets you do scanning of the room in 3D. The app automatically recognizes and measures windows, doors, & cupboards.

You can use magicplan for individual floor plans at $2.99 per plan. For annual billing, it comes at $8.33 per month. However, users can avail a 14-days free trial.

6. BoxBrownie:

What is Seen is Sold. If potential clients can see effective imagery of property then they are more likely to buy. Nevertheless, real estate agents struggle with taking beautiful photos of the structures. But don’t worry. Box Brownie can help you with enhancing your pictorial marketing.

BoxBrownie is basically a photography tool specially designed for real estate. Take your photos and send them to this app. The assistance of photo editing can range from color enhancement, Floorplan redraws, virtual standing to renders. Furthermore, it only takes 28-48 hours to edit your images.

BoxBrownie gives free of cost enhancement for up to 3 images upon sign up. However, the pricing plan is different depending on the services you require. A simple image enhancement costs only $1.60. While the following rendering can charge $280.


In a digital world, you can virtually make deals between buyers and sellers with the help of DocuSign. It is the best real estate software application for the signing of documents. DocuSign operates on Web, IOS, and Android systems.

Simply drop the files in the app from dropbox or your computer. Select the number of people who need to sign the document. Additionally, you can include checkboxes or fields as per your need. Make the form read-only for protecting the constituents of the deal. After your file is ready, add content in the subject line and message sections. Send it off at this stage. The individuals who need to sign will receive the document in DocuSign. Everyone gets a notification on completion of the signing process.

DocuSign is available at $10 per month for one person. However, you can have a free sample with 3 sign requests to check the functionality of this app.


Real estate apps development is a growing business. Technology is providing a good number of solutions for the problems of real estate agents. The above-mentioned apps are the best from many software applications available out there. Additionally, you can build your very own personalized application or cms system from scratch.

Here at vizz web solutions, we have an experienced team of developers. You can check our portfolio to see some of the excellent real estate software like Red Apple Apartments and Residential Settlements. You can contact us for mobile and desktop applications. We also provide services for revamping the existing applications.

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