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Bounce rate is an important element that determines the fate of your website. It is very important to understand if your website bounce rate is high.

if your website doesn’t perform well in searching on the internet then it must have a high bounce rate. The high bounce rate means that you are not attracting and targeting the right visitors.

If the visitors on your website are visiting the website and leaving it on the same page without clicking on any other page on the same particular website it means that your website has the high bounce that can happen due to various reasons.

It is crucial to understand the factors affecting the bounce rate of a website as well as the methods to reduce the bounce rate. In this article, we are going to discuss the important factors that can be implemented in order to decrease the bounce rate of your website.


  1. Responsive Design:

The design is the first thing that adds value to the website but the website design should be responsive enough to support all the devices. If your website is not user-friendly on all the technological gadgets, that’s; Apple devices which include iPad, iPhone, and other Android devices and phones excreta.  If your website is not responsive enough then the visitors will leave your site right after clicking on it.

To improve the responsiveness of website you have to dig up all the small elements, change designs, add plugins, change themes. These all elements will help you in creating a responsive website.

2. Content Management:

bounce rate

Another important element that affects your visitors is the content on your website. It is very important to take a look at the content of your website. Sometimes the visitors are not interested in the content your website is providing and they were in search of something else.

For example; the title of your content is very interesting but the description and all other content is not relevant to the title. In such a scenario, the website user will leave the website immediately and it will also affect your website in long-term as visitors do not like to visit such sites with irrelevant content.

To make your website useful for the visitors you must hire a content management team to take care of the content on your website. Other than that make sure that the titles and description of the content are relevant and matching.

3. Ads and popups:

404 error

This is the most obvious reason of the high website bounce rate. If the website user is reading an important update or blog post on your website and all of sudden the advertisement starts popping up the website, covering more than half of the content then the website user will leave your website without exploring it any further.

To improve this element, you should prevent the addition of advertisements on your website. The popup messages are really irritating and that can make a user leave your website immediately.

4. Page Speed:


The speed of your page matters. If your page is not loading quickly then it might be a problem for you. The longer your page takes to load the more chances occurred that the visitor will leave the website.

Websites are believed to be quick and fast in order to provide specific information the visitor is seeking. If the website is taking too long to load your visitor will lose his interest and leave. In order to improve your website speed, you must work with the website developers, work on what’s lacking and improve the speed of the website.

5. Readability:

If the visitors are visiting your website and they are getting the content they’re searching for but they are unable to read it then it is of no use. It is very important to take professional help when it comes to the content of the website. Your content must be readable so that the visitor will read it completely and explore your website more.

Try to take professional help on this matter, improve the write, use easy writing language and avoid making it hard for the users to read your website.

6. Technical Problems:

seo bounce rate

This is another reason for the visitors leaving your website. If your website constantly gives errors to the users they will leave your webpage. Not only they will leave your website but also they will never visit it again. So make sure to keep your website free of all technical problems.


7. Website Security:

web services

The Internet gives a solution for all of our problems but sometimes the internet is threatening especially when it comes to your personal important details.

You will never visit a website with no security, similarly, no one would like to visit on your website if there is no security provided. This might be another reason your website is not doing good. You have to take care of this aspect if you want your website to do well.


The websites are important for the growth of our businesses but it is not always easy to get a perfect website. Websites come along several issues and the main issue that has been discussed in this article is a high bounce rate. In this article, we have discussed the reasons for having a high bounce rate and also how a person can improve their website accordingly.

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