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Market research is the key to running a successful business, whether that database business is a multi-million dollar corporation or a local grocery store.

It’s all about knowing who your customers are, what they need and how you can best deliver it to them. The better acclimated you are to your customers, the better your chances of increasing profit and keeping your business afloat.

In today’s economy it is even more urgent for businesses to have a carefully thought out, well targeted marketing approach. And database design needs to be about more than just crunching numbers.

With finances tight, consumers are looking for a reason to spend, and that’s where a carefully crafted database comes in. By paying particular attention to your customers needs you can be sure to give them exactly what they want.

The first step in crafting a database is performing thorough, quality market research. By using various resources, including online and direct surveys and website analysis, you can build a multi-layered profile of exactly who your customers are.


Using indicators such as geographic location, various demographics such as age, gender and income and psychographics, which give you an idea of personality traits, you can organize your data to your best advantage.

Once you have a handle on just who your customers are, you can create a database design which helps you target those customers for optimum profit potential. It’s all about positioning your business to get the most out of your target audience and that begins with a carefully crafted database.

Not only can good market research let you know who is most likely to be interested in your product, it can help you to identify trends so that you can put together a database which gives you the clearest possible picture of your customers. And that kind of thorough research is just good business sense.

A database design which includes purchase history, response to previous offers and customer satisfaction can help put you a step ahead of the competition. But that can mean compiling and organizing a large amount of information so that you can access it and read it quickly and easily. Simply put, a database is only as good as the information put into it.

That means staying on top of your data, relying on experts in the field of market research and always keeping one eye on the bottom line. No matter how you choose to compile your data, always remember that the ultimate goal is to increase your business. Keeping abreast of your target market can not be emphasized enough.

A successful business starts with an effective database. Take the time to design your database right and you’ll see the results in increased profits and satisfied customers. And when it comes to business, large or small, that’s what really counts…

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