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Web Design

When it comes to design there should be no afterthoughts or assumptions. Every element should be considered and have a purpose.

Android App Development

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Web Development

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Internet Marketing & SEO

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Should I Convert HTML site to CMS ?

Should I Convert HTML site to CMS ?

Some peoples think that it is hard to covert their HTML website into any open source CMS, and a lot of questions came into their mind that : Will their website ranking will get a drop? Would they be able to manage their content easily? What about their current page...

PHP & MySQL – Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition

PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition is a hands-on guide that will help you build your first database driven website. In the fifth edition of this best-selling book. THE EASY WAY TO BUILD YOUR OWN DATABASE DRIVEN WEBSITE You’ll learn how to use PHP (used on...

7c’s of Website Design

7c’s Design elements of Customer Interface Context: Sites’ layout and design Content: Text, pictures, sound and video, that WebPages contain Community: The ways sites enable user to user communication Customization: Site’s ability to self -tailor to different users or...

The Benefits of Being Stuck

You know what you want. You have a vision and a plan. You try to implement that plan but for some reason you can’t. You are officially “stuck” You feel like you can’t move forward, but can’t discern why. You say to yourself “Okay,...

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