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There are various tools that can help you in doing time management, some of the best time management tools to increase your efficiency at the workplace have been discussed in this article. When you are working at a workplace, you have to be productive with the work and the outcomes you are providing. Your work carries a great level of importance not only for you but it also contributes to the company you are working for. In this article, we will help you to identify best time management tools to maximize your performance in minimum time. 

As being productive at workplace includes a vast number of skills, time management at the workplace is a skill itself.Time management not only helps you in saving a lot of time but also helps in fulfilling most of the responsibilities on time and even saves extra time to be more productive and work on more tasks. Time management is a skill and it requires a lot of smartness and intelligence.

Best time management tools to increase your workplace productivity are:


Trello is web-based project management application, it has a variety of uses including managing real estate, software management, lesson planning, school bulletin boards and law case management.

A strong API, as well as email-in capabilities, enable amalgamation with the enterprise systems or with cloud-based integration services like Zapier and IFTTT. Trello acts as a great multitasking tool and helps in organizing your tasks, tracking the tasks. It helps in managing group tasks as well as individual tasks, Trello shows all of the different tasks and projects from the entire team in one place.

Trello is a free app and easy to use, it makes everything handy from assigning the tasks, monitoring them and to discard them. This is the best most effective tool for time management and has been used by various companies and individual employees. Companies such as 9gag, Kickstarter, Braintree, Chartio, and BullGuard are using Trello as a time management tool.


Evernote is an application that specifically works for taking notes, organizing and managing tasks, and archiving. It was developed by Evernote corporation and is popular with its time management feature all over the world.

The app allows the user to create notes in the form of formatted text, a webpage, webpage excerpt, voice memo, photograph or even a handwritten inked note. The note can also be in the form of a file and can be saved into a notebook, tagged, annotated, given comments, exported, searched and edited.

Evernote is free of cost with monthly limitations that can be expanding with paid plans. This app supports android, ios, Microsoft, windows, and MACos. Evernote is very easy to use and anything can be easily filed with the use of this app. It helps you take notes in most effective and professional manner and saves a lot of time.

There are various companies using Evernote, such as Affinity Research, Spinthought, Barcelino Continental and The Factory Gastrobar.


Toggl is a time tracking app, it is operated by Toggl OU. The app offers online tracking of time and reporting services through their website. Toggle provides the web and the mobile based applications and tracks time through an interactive task timer or through manual entry.

A Toggl is a tracking tool and it is extremely easy to use, it helps to track time and stay alert about it and complete the task in time. It is the special tool that has been specially developed to improve your time management skills and work productively. You can export timesheets and share them along with your professional reports to your boss or employees so that they will be known for giving a specific time to the task.

Toggle has been used by various popular companies to manage time, such as; Netguru, Sizebay, Valudio, Cityliv, code-craft, and Rentrocket.

Google Drive

Google drive is a file storage and synchronization service which has been designed by Google, this service allows the user to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices and share file. It is the most popular service and used by almost everyone. In addition to a website, a Google drive also offers apps with offline capabilities for Windows, IOS, Android, and MACos.

Google drive incorporates Google docs, sheets and slides, and an office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets drawings, forms, presentations and more.
Google drive along with the Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet makes the documents and files to be stored easily. You can also edit stored files easily. One of the best features of Google drive is that you can reach to your files through any device that means you can follow up your important document on one click from anywhere on your business trip or your office.

This is the best service to control and monitor your documents and save time. Google Drive allows you to quickly invite others to view, download and collaborate on the all files you need without attaching files. It also allows team members to work and share notes from within the files, large small enterprises use Google drive as a time management tool. it is easy to use free of cost application. The companies that use Google drive include; Whirlpool, PWC, ASICS, and Salesforce.


Grammarly is tool specially designed to improve your professional documents, it is an English language writing-enhancement service developed by Grammarly, Inc., it has detection ability and can detect if there is any mistake in writing or grammar or spellings, it can fix over 250 types of errors instantly.

It is very handy and easy to use free of cost software that most of the companies use to manage their document on time with less effort and more productivity, however, if you want to upgrade the more advanced version of Grammarly then it will cost around 29$ per month. Grammarly does not only detect your mistakes in writing but also detect plagiarism and proofreading. It also gives a suggestion for corrections, so that it is easier to alter text without any hassle or efforts. 

Strides (Habit – General)

Strides is a new Habit and goal tracking app designed for iOS, iPad, MACos, and windows. It is the best app to track pretty much everything you’d like to do. It uses a very robust set of tracking systems, so it’s easy to see exactly how well you are doing with the routine based habits.

This app allows you to choose a habit/goal from preloaded ones within the tool, or you can also make up your own. Strides is a very economical app and costs only $4. It is an easy to use software and has been casted-off by various small-medium companies as a time management tool. Strides can also be used by an individual to track down his routine based tasks or habits. This app can be helpful in managing time and stay alert about every goal.


Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their tasks. This web-based software works to improve team collaboration. It is easy to use software and allows users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email.

Asana includes various useful features like project management, file storage and collaboration across team members. This app helps you in organizing your tasks into projects, for roadmaps and timeline, reviewing the teams’ progress, getting notified about the projects and breaking your work down into tasks assigning it to team members. Asana is most easy to use the app with a simple layout and costs. It is free of cost for teams up to 15 members. Its premium price starts from $8.33 per month.



Clarizen is project management software and collaborative work Management Company. This tool uses the software as a service business model. It contains several features like; attaching CAD drawings to a project, moving between project view and design view and an email reporting feature.

Clarizen can handle an unlimited number of projects, it provides with automated and repeatable processes alerts and workflows. It also provides a feature of social collaboration, it can track your budget and helps you management expense. Clarizen is easy to use software and costs $60 per month.


Timecamp was launched in 2009, it is a time management application. Usually, freelancers and project team members use this software to track working hours. This tool helps in invoicing the employees work based on an hourly rate. It helps in measuring work effectiveness and project management.

Timecamp uses time-tracking software for billing clients, measuring projects profitability or paying employees at the end of the month. It includes features, such as; automated billable and nonbillable time tracking, integrated payment getaways, powerful reporting, and mobile as well as desktop apps. Timestamp also helps in calculating income based on time worked. It costs $6 per month, for a one solo user.



Scoro is a software-as-a-service solution for professional and innovative services. It is a time management tool and combines features such as; project management, team management, sales billing and professional automated services. This app can track the actual and billable time and the hours and the hours then transfer to an invoice and also automate late invoice reminders, and recurring invoices. 

Scoro helps in managing clients extensive projects, reporting on work, reviewing sales performances and managing budgets. Socoro helps in managing all your business processes in one place, as it provides time tracking combined with project management and CRM that helps a business to enhance collaborations. Scoro costs $22 per user each month.


Time management is an important skill to be developed at a workplace. There are various tools to manage your time and contribute to your work. These tools help an individual, team or businesses to manage their time and be more productive in their working hours. These tools can provide the greater level of help in enhancing your working abilities in less time.

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