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Progressive web apps are the regular web pages or websites but they can be used as native or traditional mobile applications. These web apps are traditional but are enhanced with modern web technologies enabling them to deliver a more app-like experience.

The term “progressive” declares that these apps are positively enhanced with modern web features. These apps work with old browsers even if the browsers don’t support new features but they have better functionality with more modern browsers.

Progressive Web Apps VS Native Apps:

  • Web apps are more efficient than native apps.
  • The work-on-demand are always accessible, without taking up your device’s memory or data
  • It requires less data
  • Web apps can be listed in app stores for easier discovery and installation.
  • The progressive web apps are more economical
  • They are faster to build and update
  • One version of progressive web app can display seamlessly and identically on all devices
  • Web apps are unified to work on browsers that are common to all devices
  • They cost less to develop than a native mobile app


Features of Progressive Web Apps:

  • Progressive– Works with every browser
  • Responsive– These web apps are responsive and work with all kind of devices
  • Connectivity independent– PWA works without connectivity or internet connection
  • App-like– PWA navigate and process just like regular apps.
  • Fresh– Easy to up-to-date.
  • Safe– These apps use servers and are very safe and secure to use.
  • Discoverable– Easy to search with search engines.
  • Installable–Easy to install from all app stores.
  • Linkable– Easily shared via a URL and do not require complex installation.

PWA are the advancements of existing web technology. As such, these apps do not require distribution or separate bundling. Publication of a progressive web app is as it would be for any other web page. PWA are supported by the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, and more browsers are looking forward to using these apps in future.


These web apps are trending and web app developers should take a note of these apps. These traditional like apps are very useful in nature and easy to manage. This article has highlighted some of the most important features of these apps. This article gives a little comparison between progressive web apps and native apps.

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