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In this article, we will discuss how businesses are being transformed by cloud computing in 2021.

Companies are increasingly transferring their businesses to online space. The remote culture, which was a rare happening up until 2019, has become the new reality for both small businesses and big enterprises in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic. The surge in work from home brought new challenges that need tackling. How can businesses work entirely in cyberspace with tons of data? Cloud computing technology is the answer.

Cloud computing has been used by individuals and companies for decades. Let’s dig a little and understand what is cloud computing?

How Does Cloud Technology Works?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud is a term used in internet space for anything that connects users. In cloud computing, you can share data, resources, and software over a network with other nods/computers. The information is stored at one place from where the individuals can access it using an internet connection. In cloud computing, the storage space can consist of both physical and virtual servers managed by providers like Amazon AWS etc.


The cloud computing has three main types based on services.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): It involves web-based applications like Microsoft 365.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS): It involves internet-based access to computing power and storage like Rackspace.
  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS): It allows developers to build and host web using different tools. The example of PaaS is salesforce.com

Working of Cloud Technology:

There are two ends of cloud computing. The front end and the back end. Computers, tablets and mobiles are front end of the cloud which access the back end (storage) through the internet connection.

Cloud technology allows you to access or download data from storage at any given time using internet connection. In addition, two or more users can edit information at the same time. This increases efficiency and facilitates teamwork even when the employees are sitting in different places.

There are three delivery models of cloud computing.

  1. Public: Companies like Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud platform give the public access to their users. Anyone can utilize the web-based storage capacity by putting in the login credentials. Google Drive is an example of cloud storage available free-of-cost op to 15GB.
  2. Private: Private cloud computing needs some infrastructure. The IT staff of the company is usually to make the private storage available. It is made secure with restricted access.
  3. Hybrid: Hybrid is a combination of both public and private models. The information is made secure yet publically accessible to users in case the private storage ditches.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in 2021:

Cloud computing is indispensable in 2021. Both small and big businesses need it to function while the world suffers from COVID-19. Below are the benefits of using cloud computing technologies.

1. Flexibility:

Cloud services create a flexible work environment. Employees from different places and multiple time zones can come together and work at a single task at the same time. It requires no special arrangement. Having an Internet connection can do the magic for you.

The managers can monitor the work of employee remotely and give suggestion on the spot.

2. Efficiency:

Multitasking and automation are possible with cloud computing which leads to efficiency. For instance, engineering firms can speed up simulations with the help of cloud computing. Additionally, different software can integrate with cloud computing and streamline the work.

Businesses can also utilize the automation feature of cloud technology to execute repetitive and redundant tasks like creating multiple copies of one data set.

3. Collaboration:

Employees can share progress on projects, collaborate with each other and make the timeline of tasks together on the cloud. Moreover, it also facilitates timely feedback. This leads to increased productivity of the team.

4. Secure:

Cloud service providers make sure the security of the system. Data breaches are prevented by putting in different cybersecurity measures in place. Businesses owners commonly consider clouding a more secure solution than physical servers. You can also create backups in the cloud at different places & stay safe in case of data loss.

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5. Cost-effective:

The physical equipment and tools are expensive. Moreover, they require periodic maintenance. On the other hand, the cloud is a cheap solution for all your problems with a one-time cost. It doesn’t have any physical presence so you can easily maintain it. Thus, cloud computing is a cost-effective way of streamlining your work with access points at multiple ends.

How Businesses Use Cloud Computing:

Cloud services range from storage of essential documents to testing of projects. Here is a brief overview of how businesses are using cloud computing services.

Data Storage:

This is the most obvious use of cloud computing technology. All types of data, information and files can be stored in a cloud. You can restrict the access to ensure the safety of documents. Additionally, the owner can buy or add more capacity as the business grows and the amount of data quadruples.


Another use of cloud computing by businesses is for data backup. In case of a disaster like fire or flood, all your onsite physical data storage systems can get affected. However, the cloud can survive this. It is away from your location and keeps everything protected. Companies can later access the documents from the cloud. Furthermore, the data can be shared with the team to get back on track.

Financial Management:

Managing finances is the bane of the company’s administration. It is monotonous and repetitive. With the help of cloud computing, you can manage financial matters in an efficient manner. All data is secure and in one place. Higher management can review everything at any given time.


Cloud computing business solutions allow you to do rigorous testing of any software before it sees the light of the day. Engineers can especially add data sets on cloud and run programs to check the functioning. This helps in identifying faults beforehand.

Cloud-based IT Services:

Cloud computing business solutions also involve cloud-based IT services. A dedicated network is granted to the businesses with delivery on-demand service. The company can go along paying as they use different services ranging from application development platforms, server storages to virtual desktops.

Cloud computing, with its extraordinary potential, is helping small and large businesses in a multitude of ways. We will see the use of cloud technology grow in the coming years.

Is Cloud Computing the future?

Cloud computing in 2021 will continue to assist businesses in operating remotely. It underpins the growth of the global economy. Organizations can increase scalability, accessibility and flexibility with the help of cloud technology. Additionally, with growing enterprise complexity you are in absolute need of cloud-based IT services.

The global pandemic accentuated the need for cloud adoption. It represents a cost-effective solution for business continuity in unprecedented times. Moreover, the digitalization is paving the way for business transformation in-line with cloud services.

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Mobile-First approach is need of time. Cloud computing in 2021 facilitates the access of essential documents through hand-held devices. For instance, you can work on G Suite apps, Microsoft 365 apps, and Dropbox using a mobile device. An employee no longer needs to be in front of the desktop computer to access work documents.

The global wave of cloud computing in 2021 and beyond will break the barrier in workplace communication. The collaborations among employees and customers will be streamline and frictionless. The automation of supply chain with computing technology will make it easier for customers to track every progress on their order.

Business enterprises will usher into an era of frictionless task delivery and improved collaboration with cloud computing as the core of every matter.


The digital transformation is spiking in the world of business. Day-to-day operations are dependent on multi-cloud computing infrastructure. Businesses are adapting to this new trend by migrating their storage files, backups and software to remote clouds. We are in the middle of the cloud technology revolution. And your business cannot ignore it.

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