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Managing time in any organization is the utmost crucial skill that anyone can develop. The ability to manage time efficiently is critical to success, in any business or industry. It is always very important to understand the best practices of time management and implement those practices practically at the workplace. the most important tips to enhance your time management skills are discussed in this article. 

Developing The Plan:

It is very important to develop the plan of tasks you have to do in office.The plan can be developed for the single day or even for a week. It is easier if plan has been made for weekly bases as it will help in cutting the time on daily bases, to develop the plan, an individual can use various ways, make a plan, using to-do list so that is will be easier to know that what has been done and what has to be done in order to save maximum time and complete all tasks in given time.

Prioritizing Your Tasks:

It is very helpful for an individual to complete important and difficult tasks first as the difficult tasks tend to take more time compared to other routine tasks, so to manage time, it would be helpful to carry out the difficult task on time and give remaining time to other routine tasks.

Avoid Unnecessary Workload:

Learn to say no, it is very important to complete your own assigned tasks first, if your colleague or boss is pressuring you to take extra work just make them clear that you are busy with your current assigned tasks. First, complete your own work and then take extra work to utilize remaining time.

Eliminate Distractions:

It is very important to understand the things distracting you while you are doing your important work. Distraction can be in various forms; your colleague might be distracting you, just politely tell them to complete assigned tasks first. Distractions can also be in the form of social media or smartphones as they seem to be very addictive. One should complete his work first in order to not to waste time.


Sometimes it is alright to take help from your colleagues in order to save your time and complete your tasks on time, if you think that the tasks assigned to you are very difficult to be completed in given time, and your colleague is done with their work, then it is not a big deal to ask them to help you and assign your task to them, it will help you in cutting time.

Avoid Multitasking:

Multi-tasking at the workplace is not always a good idea as it confuses an individual to jump from one task to another. Multitasking is more time consuming and less productive. It is very important to focus on one task at a time and complete it. After completing one task, go towards another and finish it with concentration. It will save time and also will be more productive. As if a person is concentrating on one task, the outcomes of that task will be astonishing.


It is very important to understand the value of time and work smarter and manage your time properly. If you arrange your work carefully it can result in maximum productivity in minimum time. Time managing is a skill itself and is very beneficial if used properly.

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