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Advancements in web technologies are increasing drastically with time. From computers systems to laptops, from telephones to smartphones, we use technology everywhere in our life, for every little task we rely on a technology. From shopping to health care to cooking, technology plays a vital role in every aspect of our life. With the passage of time technologies are improving and emerging more rapidly. This article has discussed some of the latest web technologies:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

internet of things

Artificial intelligence can also be referred as machine intelligence, it is an intelligence displayed or show by machines. Some of the major companies, such as; Google, Facebook and Microsoft are launching their own (AI). This technology has already been used by Google to improve search engines. Wikipedia also uses this technology to improve incorrect articles or false information. It is believed that AI is going to be used by many web developers in future as it is the most important trend and brings a lot of improvement in websites, as it improves the functionality of search engines and it can also be helpful in diagnosing false information.

2. Virtual Reality:

augmented reality Virtual technology is a computer generated technology that gives a realistic experience. This computer-based scenario enables the user to enjoy real life like experiences. Virtual reality technology has already launched as augmented reality systems that include virtual reality headset that can be attached to the camera or smartphone. This technology is in demand to be used by web developers in future to give unique experiences to the users. Google and Mozilla have already started developing sites using VR. 

3. Internet Of Things:

virtual reality

Internet of things is a technology that enables to send and receive data from non-internet connected objects simply by providing these objects network. These objects can include anything from your routine life to complex business assets to diagnose any problem occurring in the object. Web developers are most likely to develop applications that will help the users get information about the certain object of their interest. Xively and Buglabs have already started working on API that will be helpful to get connected with IOT objects.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Latest Web Technologies

AMP is the new mobile phone-based technology allows any webpage to be simplified into a template web page on your smartphone that will be helpful for the user to understand and read the content more carefully and clearly. Google has already launched this technology. It is believed that this technology will be used by many mobile phone related sites to make them more user-friendly.

5. Angular 2:

Latest Web Technologies

Angular 2 is Typescript based technology that has been developed by the angular team at Google. It is an open source front-end web application platform. This technology is helpful in improving the applications as they are written in typescript and are more inclined towards well-defined structure. This technology is emerging vastly and in future, it will be more in demand.


Web technologies are drastically emerging and will keep updating in coming years. The most popular web technologies have been discussed in this article, and these technologies are up-to-mark and most in trend. Web developers are now focusing on these technologies to give maximum productivity to their clients. As it is crucial to stay updated with technologies advancement. The emerging web technologies should be adopted by web developers in order to contribute at maximum level in the internet world.

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