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An ICO white paper is a document that states all the important details of your project. It states a problem, that why there is a need for launching a new project.

It contains a solution that includes the in-depth details of your project that has to be launched. The white paper is indulged with all the minor and major details about your project. ICO white paper is the way to attract your supporters and backers.

As it contains all the important details about the blockchain project you are going to launch, it should be written properly with all the minor details. The details should be relevant to the project you are going to launch. This article is going to give in-depth details of how to write an excellent white paper:

If you are planning to launch any blockchain project, you must know that ICO white paper is a very professional document. And it should be written in most technical and professional manner.

So you are not supposed to write an ICO white paper yourself if you are not professional enough. There are various online forums that can help you in writing a white paper. This article will help you writing a professional white paper for your project.

“Cryptocurrency is such a powerful concept that it can almost overturn governments.” – Charles Lee

How to create your own ICO white paper:


The introduction part of ICO white paper contains the outline of your project. A little background about your project. How it started. The significance of your project. Remember, you are going to write about your project in detail later, so be brief with the information in this part. If you explain each and every detail in the introduction part reader will lose interest in reading the full white paper.


This is a crucial part of a white paper. In this part, you describe the problem or the issue that triggers the launch of new blockchain project. The problem should be genuine enough and should not seem like self-made.  The problem can be any issue related to the current block chain projects or previous projects.

You can also mention problems that can occur in future related to blockchain projects. This part of ICO white paper should be concise enough. If the problem is not enough significant, your reader will lose interest in your project immediately and won’t read any further details.

“The future of money is digital currency.” – Bill Gates

Propose Solution:

After giving all the details about the problem, you are going to talk about the proposed solution. That solution will be the blockchain project that you are going to launch. The solution should seem like a solution and not like you are just marketing your own project.

In this part, you are going to be more comprehensive about your project but keep it associated with the problem. Breakdown your blockchain project, give all the minor details and mention that how your project is going to solve that problem. This is a part where your blockchain project will shine. Make it unique to attract the reader.

As you are proposing the solution in this part. It needs to include all the detailed market analysis to give an in-depth view of your project and how it is going to retrieve existing problem. The market analysis will also show the reader that how your blockchain fits into the preexisting marketplace. This part also includes the mockups or visual data to help investors understand your project more deeply and clearly.

Another important detail this part should include is development roadmap. This will give the reader the complete picture of your blockchain project. It will give an idea about your project that where it is heading, what is the future of your project. This part of your white paper should also contain the budget breakdown to reassure investors that your project is not a scam.

Remember, this section of your white paper should stand out. This part can impress and trigger investors to support your project.


This part of your white paper gives a detail of your ICO token issue. It contains all the details about your cryptocurrency tokens, their value and the platform you intend to issue them.

This part also includes that how many tokens are going to be kept by the pioneers of the project. This part should also mention the process of redemption if the ICO campaign fails to raise enough money for the project to be launched.

This section includes all the terms and condition of your project and should take into consideration. This part of your white paper should mention all the important security details to help the investor. As he will be able to know that your project is safe enough to be invested in.

If you have employed a specialist security firm to launch your ICO, mention that in this part. It is crucial for the digital token to be safe enough otherwise no one would like to invest in a project that doesn’t seem secure and looks like a scam.

Detail about ENTIRE TEAM:

In this section of a white paper, you should mention about the team behind your blockchain project. If you mention the profiles of different team members, it will be really helpful for the project to gain a lot of trust among your investors.

Investors of ICO campaigns are more likely to support the project who gives details about the team as the fraudulent is increasing with cryptocurrencies.  Mention the expertise of each team member in their brief profile. If any of your team members has already worked on the successful blockchain projects, mention that in their profile.

This part of the white paper is crucial as it can help your project to get most of the supporters. If your team members are not professional enough no one would like to invest or support your project.

Be very cautious while writing about the team, mention their background, and give details. Do not cover most of your white paper with this part. Keep this part relevant and to the point. Do not overcrowd with unimportant details about the team members.

“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” – Marc Kenigsberg


As the trend of cryptocurrency is increasing by every passing day. Many individuals seem to be highly interested in investing cryptocurrencies. ICO White paper is a crucial step in launching cryptocurrency or any other blockchain project but mostly this document gets neglected by the investors and even by the cryptocurrency startup firms.

This article gives general guidelines about ICO white paper, what is it about and what are the important sections this paper contains. What these sections must contain and how it should be written. This article will contribute to help the investors as well as the firms or individuals planning to write ICO for their blockchain projects.

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