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In this digital era, people trust Google to seek answers for their urgent queries. Google plays an important role in how people know about brands and services at their location. If you’re a local business, you may have heard about Google My Business listing. But, do you know about google my business benefits? Let me ask you a question.

Which of the following is a benefit of registering your business in online local listings?

  • Discounts for paid marketing.
  • Increased visibility, traffic, and leads. 
  • More social media followers.

The correct answer is increased visibility, traffic, and sales. If you didn’t know that, don’t worry, we bring you loads of useful material on Google My Business Listing. 

What is Google My Business?

Before getting into the details, it is important to know what is google my business. In simple words, it allows you to display your business on Google. Google my business(GMB) is a user-friendly and free tool that helps businesses manage their online visibility. By using this tool, businesses can increase their online presence, in their local area, by optimizing their Google my business listing. 

When people make a query on Google, using your brand name or niche, the search result will showcase all the information, regarding your business, including, your company’s reputation(rating), directions, and frequently asked questions. So, the main perks of google my business are:

  1. Allow Easy interaction with reviewers.
  2. Display vital information about your company.
  3. Free publicity.
  4. Navigate towards your business location.

To cut a long story short, it is an invaluable resource that brings huge perks to any kind of business.  Given below is an example of what a google my business listing looks like:

The Importance of Google My Business Listing

Almost everyone begins looking for a service or product in their local area, through Google. 40% of search queries result in no clicks at all. This can mean the users find what they are looking for, on top of the search page, perhaps a phone number of a local firm.

Also, another research reveals that 44% of Google my business listings are unidentified.  If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, sorry to break it to you, but you are missing out on several googles my business benefits like tons of local traffic, greater ROI, and better website rank. Besides, it is a crucial part of the local SEO strategy.  

By using Google my business listing, brands can easily manage reviews, answer people queries, and interact with their potential customers. It allows you to write compelling descriptions and content that convince people to make a purchase.  It also helps in enhancing other online marketing channels results.

Google My Business Benefits

If you still do not believe that GMB features can help you take your business to the next level. Here is a list of most compelling google my business benefits: 

Google’s 3-Pack

Many years ago, Google used to showcase seven results in the local results. Now, the number is reduced to three. Google’s 3-pack is a technique, used by Google, to display the best three local businesses, tailored to the user’s query.

For example, if a user searches for the nearest gas station, it will display three gas stations, closest to the user’s location. A picture of what it looks like is given below. 

Businesses that appear in Google’s 3 pack get a mighty 700% uplift in clicks than brands who don’t. This figure is persuasive enough to take measures for showing up in Google’s 3 Pack. 

To put the ball in your court, here a few simple steps to ensure your business visibility in this special pack:

  1. Fill out all the information(description, contact number, etc) in your Google+ local page.
  2. Get lots of positive reviews from your past customers. This will boost your ratings on Google ‘s 3-pack.
  3. Make sure all the information is correct.
  4. Foster standard, applicable links to improve visibility. This can be done by creating extraordinary content for your customers that solve their problems.
  5. Maintain a robust social media presence. You can achieve this through effective social media marketing. 

Digital Influence

In today’s competitive world, people make a straight away decision whether to make a purchase or not, based on the reviews from your past customers. One prominent feature of Google My Business is that it delivers original customer reviews.

If you provide great customer service, your ratings will hit 5 stars in no time. According to a study, 88% of people trust online reviews more than a suggestion from their family or friends. 

A few retailers fear that asking their customer to leave a review online will impact negatively on their service. However, that is not a case, asking for feedback about your product and service savor an essence of professionalism among your customers. There are a variety of methods to ask for feedback.

You can ask for on-site reviews by setting up software like Kiosk Mode on the tablets. Email marketing is another effective way to get reviews. Just send a follow-up email, after a customer makes a purchase to know their reviews about your product. Also, attach a link or a guide for anyone who doesn’t know how to add a Google review. 

In addition, you can leverage these reviews to publish on your social media accounts to get even more leads. Recently, Google launched its marketing kit which offers to create social media graphics, based on the reviews from your google my business listing. 

Free Marketing

Google Ad is the shortest route to rank higher on the search engine. But, you require a great deal of money to run google ads. The other way to hit the top is through effective SEO strategies, which are mainly content-oriented. We are not saying that SEO is not worth time and money, it surely is an effective way but it requires time to boost ranking.

On the other hand, Google My Business listing delivers a quick and free form of publicity on the world’s most reliable search engine. You don’t need to spend even a single penny to claim your GMB listing. Also, it is less time-consuming and does not require brainstorming to come up with a strong paid marketing campaign. 

With that said, Google My Business is an additional feature in online marketing. But, you shouldn’t run SEO and paid marketing, side by side to get long0term benefits. 

Rank On Google Without many efforts ( Local SEO)

The simple trick to get in Google’s good books is to produce quality and accurate content. The easiest content you can provide Google is your correct business information. For that reason, you will have to optimize your business profile. This is not only limited to your business description, but also to name, contact number, website link, business category, logo, and product images.

Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in Google’s business profile. This will be incredibly useful in boosting your local SEO.

Website Builder Tool

Did You Know?

In 2017, Google launched its website builder, inside GMB, as an attempt to aid small corporations to easily make a website for their business. If a consumer wants to know more about your business, they probably will head towards your website.

Unfortunately, due to lack of budget, many companies fail to create an engaging website for their brand. But now, through Google’s user-friendly website builder, anyone can create a professional website, without any coding skills. Also, you can add a custom domain to your site and integrate Adwords for simple advertising. 

A Great First Impression

There is a saying that the first impression is the last impression. And, this is extremely right for Google My Business listing. The first look of your google my business profile highly impact the buying decision of your lead. By adding images and videos into the profile, you will send a positive vibe towards your consumer. Here is a list of more content that you can add up on your profile:

  1. Product images.
  2. Team 
  3. Business location.
  4. Testimonials and reviews

A golden rule is to add up to 10 images into the profile to close a deal. The more your content is engaging, the more it is better for your business. 

Greater ROI

Local search contributes to delivering a better return on investment. Keeping up with google’s ever-changing algorithm is difficult, moreover, it takes time to rank your website on the top results. Therefore, the easiest way to get more clicks and leads is through Google My Business listing.

For instance, a tourist goggles for the nearest coffee shop to visit, if your cafe appears in google my business listing, then there is a higher chance to get a customer. Moreover, GMB is a key component in building local SEO and driving clients to your business. 


Google algorithms are becoming more complicated, day by day. To earn an edge, you should avail google my business benefits to generate revenue easily and rapidly. So what are you waiting for?

Set up your Google My Business listing now!