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Going down the rabbit hole of developer hunting can be a daunting and overwhelming task. I admit that it’s easy to discover highly skilled developers that know the right stuff. But, skimming through thousands of proposals, while looking for that one application that will catch your eye is hectic. To hire WordPress developer, you need to look for the right tactics before getting them on board. But what are the tips to hire WordPress experts?

Let’s cut to the chase and jump right in. Shall we?

If you already know about WordPress, feel free to jump into the latter section. Here’s a breakdown of what we will cover:

  • WordPress definition
  • Why hire a WordPress developer?
  • Pros 
  • Cons
  • Steps to hire WordPress experts

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most famous content management system that built around 37% of all websites. The system facilitates any website’s customization, from a feature-rich website to a simple blog. In fact, the tool is quite well-known for its tons of eCommerce plugins. These plugins offer features like shopping cart, rating, category view, and so much more. 

From a technical perspective, WordPress is an open-source tool, licensed under GPLv2. This means the software is free for anyone to use. And you don’t even need to have any coding skills. Isn’t that cool? Wait, there’s more!

There are dozens of free and paid themes to select from. You just need to install the theme, followed by a content importer plugin. And that’s it. Your website is all set up. Just change the dummy content with your own. And you’re all set to launch. Oh! That kind of rhymed.

Why Hire WordPress Developer?

If technology isn’t your cup of tea then hiring freelance WordPress developers will be a smart move. Although WordPress doesn’t require coding skills, it still has some technical aspects which need to be understood to get ahead in the game. Sometimes, pre-build themes slow down the website. You might risk losing your customers if your website takes several minutes to fully load up. Also, data security is vital for your business. When you hire WordPress developer, he will take the best initiatives to safely store data on the server. 

Google Analytics helps you keep track of your website’s activities like visitors count, bounce rate, etc. However, you need to install it on the website. A WordPress developer will easily take care of the process. As a result, you will see a huge rise in ROI and customer engagement. 

Benefits of Hiring Freelance WordPress Developers

Developing a website that maps with your brand strategy is crucial to get fruitful outcomes. And, you will only get it when you hire a freelance WordPress developer. Other perks of hiring a WordPress developer are listed below:

  • No need to master WordPress by watching tiring lengthy tutorials.
  • Get customized functionalities and features like order process, video integration, etc. 
  • Get hands-on a unique website that stands out. The website isnt similar to others.
  • Enhanced site performance, speed, and optimization.
  • Support for error handling and bug fixes.
  • WordPress theme customization.
  • Plugin development and installation.
  • Time-saving.
  • Security management

Drawbacks of Hiring Freelance WordPress Developers

When you hire WordPress experts, there is a great deal of grey area as well. Let’s ponder upon it:

  • Website development costs will increase.
  • Miscommunication might hinder the efficiency of the website.
  • No assurance of good quality.
  • May have to depend on the developer for the site’s maintenance.
  • They might disappear.

How To Hire A WordPress Expert?

To improvise the odds of getting an ideal candidate, follow the below steps:

Should You Hire Freelance WordPress Developer Or A Development Company?

The answer relies on the below attributes:

  • Budget. A freelancer is less expensive than a development company. 
  • Risk. freelancers tend to disappear after taking on a project. On the other hand, companies are more reliable.
  • Other tasks: A development company possesses a huge team of experts. Let’s assume, you need a unique design for your website and don’t want to use ready-made designed themes. Then, a company can help you out. You can get a design made, as you desire. 

Analyze Your Requirements

If you’re not developing the website, yourself. Even then, before you hire freelance developer, you should have a clear vision of what you need. Your good communication skills can drastically increase the success rate of your website. I am not saying, you should know about the design concept of the website. But a general idea on its purpose and content will do the job. Consider your site’s main goal, number, and types of pages, specific features and functionality of the website.

hire wordpress developer

Expertise To Look For In A Developer

Before you hire freelance WordPress developer, you need to evaluate his skills and command over WordPress. Otherwise, your website will go downhill. You will make a perfect decision if you follow the guidelines below:

  • Rate per hour: be careful,  usually, the freelancers who charge lower rates have a lack of experience.
  • Reviews and ratings: Get in touch with level 1 or level 2 sellers on freelancing websites, as they mostly have good reviews and portfolio.
  • WordPress development experience: test their expertise by asking them queries, regarding WordPress. You will easily find a lot of questions on the internet.

Experience with theme and plugin development: it is vital if you need someone to build the website from scratch, instead of utilizing page builder tools.

 Schedule A Meeting

  • Now, you have shortlisted a couple of potential candidates, it’s time to ask them a bunch of questions. You should ask them about:
  • Recently completed projects.
  • Additional services.
  • Knowledge about the latest WordPress development.
  • Their time frame to complete the website.                                     

These questions just warm-up for your research. Do thorough research and add more questions to your notebook. After this point, you will be ready to hire a WordPress developer. 

Bottom Line

If you’re tight on a budget or need a simple website, then hiring a freelance WordPress developer will not be a sensible decision. You can easily make the website on WordPress by leveraging its drag and drop functionality. However, if your project requires tons of customization, and extra features, then hire WordPress developers. They are not hard to find. You can get your hands on a freelancer WordPress developer, in no time. But, don’t forget to sign a binding contract with him for quality and accuracy. 

If you have more questions on whether to hire WordPress experts or not, contact us.

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