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This is a guide on things to look for while hiring software developer:

The tech industry is ever-evolving. Innovations come in, and demands of skillset change over the course of a few years. Selecting the workforce in this scenario becomes a burden. However, learning and evolving with new trends will bring out the right choice. If you are interested in hiring software developers for your business, then this blog is for you. It will guide you step by step.

How to hire software developers:

Hiring software developer is challenging. You need to have a full focus in the search of right cues for making an informed choice. Don’t be lethargic about it and complain later on. Simply going through their resume and inquiring about previous projects won’t work. You have to know exactly what your requirements are, and what the best candidate’s needs. Only then will there be satisfaction on both sides. Besides, you may also ask yourself, ‘can I hire an outsourced company for the job?‘ The answer is ‘yes, you can.’ But, there are certain things you need to know before you hire software developers or outsourced development company.

Do market research:   

Do some researches on the market before you advertise the vacancy of software developer. You will get an idea of the available options for recruitment (i.e., in-house or outsourced). Also, market competitive salary and expertise of the right match come to light.

Layout your demands after completion of the research process. State remunerations and perks you will provide. Mention all the aspects in detail within the advertisement. or you can have any other form of communication.  Target your potential candidate with precision. This whole process will attract the right talent. Consequently, you will not waste time skimming through multiple resumes.


While skill is an important consideration with hiring developers, talent is crucial too. Talent is about the smart and intelligent approach with handling problems.  A talented candidate will attract more talented people. He will become the face of your company. Make sure it is a good one. Besides, a talented person will think out of the box and come up with creative solutions.

Talented people are also able to solve real-life tech problems. Many developers with excellent coding skills end up stuck when it comes to some here and now issues. So, ask that looks-so-good developer, how he will solve a real-life tech problem. Inquire the time it will take him to do so. This simple exercise will help you segregate fool’s gold from the original one.


Hire software developers who have passion for work. According to state of stack survey conducted by netguru, and another by typeform concluded that many developers (out of 14,000 respondents), in fact, 85% of them said that they felt motivated by exciting projects rather than big paychecks. Results tell us that passion is already a big part of developers’ manufacturing.

Besides, passionate people are less often bogged down by challenges. They look for trouble. Resolving problems in the utmost creative way is their ‘thing’. Hence hiring enthusiastic and passionate developers is a great idea. They will acquire new skills readily. In the end, the quality of your company’s work will improve greatly.

Social skills:

Some companies ignore the social skills of candidates when hiring software developers. However, the developer won’t be working in isolation. He will communicate with teammates and coordinate with higher management. In addition, task completion will always require some level of social interaction. Software developers are expected to handle clients at some point.

Members of the elite few are consummate professionals who communicate clearly, effectively, and succinctly, both verbally and in writing.

-Hyam Singer (Vice President, Prominent Edge)

Hence best developer should have teamwork ethics.  They should communicate well. This creates a conducive environment at the workplace and leaves a good impression on clients. After all, nobody wants to work with a bad-mouthed person. The same goes for a shy person with poor communication skills. Groomed developers become an asset. They make excellent managers when promoted to the same role.


Money might not be the primary concern of developers. But, companies have to calculate the expenses before-hand. Bear in mind that the whole point of hiring software developers is about value-addition in the tech sector. Don’t go for cheap options. Saving money might seem attractive at the moment. But, poor skills can prove to be a disaster in the long run.

Therefore, look for the best at a suitable cost. Catch someone who is already skilled. Because training a beginner will cost you a plethora of money.


The flexibility of time and place will bring the best out of employees. It increases the productivity and on-time task deliverance. The office-based job provides a less distracting environment. On the other hand, working from home saves time and cost of the commute.

Hiring a software developers at work from home basis will give you a chance to engage him 24/7. However, if the candidate himself wants to work in-house, then give him that opportunity as well. Ultimately, it is the end result that matters most to you.  for you.

Feedback from previous employers:

References are given importance when companies hire software developers. Ask your candidate to surface reference letters. You can also contact the former employer yourself and ask for feedback. This will provide you insight into the candidate’s potential.

They say ‘old habits die hard.’ If a developer sucked at work in the past, then he is likely to repeat it in the current role. So, give due consideration to feedback even if the skill is impressive.

The fast-paced world of software development comes with perks. You now have multiple sources of getting the job done in the least possible time. So, besides hiring software developers at the facility you can also outsource tech geeks.

Benefits of outsourcing developers:

Many big firms opt for outsourcing their work. The software development sector is at the forefront of the outsourcing business. Here are some of the benefits attached to outsourcing developers.


Outsourced labor can cost as less as 70% in comparison to in-house hires. You save money on health insurance, commute allowance, and retirement benefits. Also, the income disparity helps in reducing cost when you make hires beyond borders.

That’s why employers favor outsourcing. Upwork and Fiverr are famous platforms for outsourcing. You can search there for hiring software developers.


The hiring process for an in-house job takes several days. However, outsourcing may provide you with the right candidate in a few hours. Platforms that provide outsourced labor are active 24/7. Hence it saves you loads of time.

Make the hire and sit back. No hustle or delay. Work is done within due time by someone else.

Availability of best talent:

Outsourcing developers will provide you access to talent internationally. If you can’t find the right pick locally, search for it globally. People with different ranges of expertise will show their availability. Select the skill within the specified range of money. Instantly, the best candidates at an affordable rate will pop up.

Short-term commitment:

Project-based outsourcing is more common than any other form. It is a short-term commitment between employee and employer. This saves time and money associated with long term contracts. Some organizations hire semi-skilled developers for simple tasks. Later on, they jump to professionals for expert-level work.

Outsourced web development:

Another perk of outsourcing is that you can outsource the website work only. The rest is done within four walls of the office. This step will help you focus on business while website work is taken care of remotely. You can cooperate with the developers and make sure on-time task delivery. So ask yourself this question ‘will web developers be outsourced in your next big startup?’

You can also use this platform for hiring outsourced labor. We provide all sorts of tech-related services at a low cost. So, expand your business and let vizzwebsolutions facilitate you in the process.

If hiring a single software developer is not solving your problems, then you can hire an outsourced software development company to fill in the gaps.

Hiring outsourced development company:

You can hire an onshore or offshore development company for the job. It will provide you with all the tools for doing a successful business. However, here are some specific things that you should look for:

  1. Look for a company that costs you less. For example, An outsourced development company from the third world will have lower prices for its products and services.
  2. Pick a company that possesses talent and with communication skills in your native language.
  3. The outsourced development company shouldn’t make you compromise on the quality of work.
  4. It must provide multiple services and save you the time of outsourcing numerous jobs.
  5. Hire a trustworthy company with the best reputation in the market. Here too, you can ask the previous benefactor of their feedback.


Working in the tech industry is complex in its own way, especially when it comes to hiring software developer talent. Above mentioned things can help you figure out what to look for when you are hiring software developer. Hire in-house or outsourced developers keeping in mind your unique requirements.

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