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Multitasking at work is useful as it saves a lot of time but it is only helpful if it is done correctly. It does not only save time but also help to fulfill all the responsibilities and save extra time to contribute more to your jobs that are beneficial in long-term. Multitasking is not about working harder, it is all about working smarter. Following are the useful tips to multitasking smartly:

Establish Your Goals:

First of all, you have to plan about the tasks that have been assigned to you, the most difficult or important task should be started first and followed by other tasks. If the proper plan has not been developed, you are more likely to confuse yourself and stress out and that will result in complete disaster and failure. Set your goals and start working accordingly.Establishing goals does not only mean to develop a plan but this also means to work according to that and achieve the most profitable outcomes. It is significant for you to understand the outcomes to be executed of the tasks you are appointed to do. You should work to achieve those outcomes not to just complete tasks, developing goals for your tasks will give you a direction for your work and it will make easier for you to plan ahead for your tasks.

Stay Focused:

Multitasking might be helpful for you as it allows you to have extra time. Sometimes it is very difficult to stay focused while doing various tasks, all the same time. Try to keep yourself focused and more inclined towards the task you are doing on hand. This will help you to stay concentrated and you will complete your task on time. It is necessary to understand the nature of the task you are doing at the moment and give it proper time instead of rushing towards completion of the task or thinking about other tasks you are doing at the same time. If you are not keeping yourself determined towards the task you are doing on hand, you will never be able to complete in on time and even if you complete it you will fail to achieve productive outcomes out of that task and you might have to do it all over again that will end you with the great time loss as well as your performance.

Plan Ahead:

It is a crucial stage of multitasking, planning ahead refers to the allocation of time given to each task. Dividing time while multitasking will not only save you extra time but also help you stay clear about your tasks. You will be clear about what to do first and what needs to be done at last. This is important not only to improve and develop your multitasking skills but also to perform effectively at the workplace. Planning ahead means combining all your related tasks and schedule them to do at the same time. Planning your tasks will help you to give a clear picture of what to and what shouldn’t be done. Properly planning for the tasks will help you with the multitasking skill and managing your tasks to be completed on time with the most efficient manner.

Avoid Distractions:

When you are working at the workplace, is it very important to avoid all types of distractions. While multitasking, avoid talking to your fellow colleague, avoid the use of social media, avoid the use of internet or smartphone. These distractions will divert your focus away from your work and you will end up with all incomplete tasks. Complete your tasks before doing anything else. The idea of over-thinking at the workplace is obnoxious, it will not only lead you towards long time stress and anxiety but also destroy your performance. Over-thinking can be a great distraction and you can simply avoid it simply by focusing on the task you are currently doing. Give your all time to the assigned work and make sure to do it in the most productive manner and achieve maximum goals. If you are planning to master the multitasking skill you have to learn, managing all the distractions at a workplace.

Eliminate Tasks:

If you think that multitasking is giving you stress and pressure then eliminate few tasks that are complex in nature, as these tasks require little more attention and time, do these tasks in extra time. Multitask with the work that can easily be handled and does not require a lot of time. Try to schedule tasks that are related to one another and do them at the same time. This will help you to manage your tasks.


When you’re multitasking, you are more likely to go back and forth to the multiple tasks, such as checking emails, reading a blog, watching a soccer game and so on. Instead of flipping of one task to another, just focus on one task at a time. Concentrate on one specific task and move towards. This will not only help you in completing one task at a time but also increase your productivity. This phenomenon is known as shrewd unitasking. The people to master this skill are more productive and complete their task before time.

Make Use of “Cheats”:

It is important to keep your information up-to-date about the tasks you are assigned to. You can be efficient in information if you do routine base tasks repetitively. These routine based tasks will be easy for you to be maintained when you are using your multitasking skill. Compile and save the information about the tasks you think you will need at work. Make a cheat sheet out of it and use it to help you with your multitasking. There are various tools that can be helpful for this purpose, Google canned response is one of them. It allows you auto-response your emails, to the same questions you’ve gotten asked over and over again. You just have to write a response and save it to the Google canned responses. Then you just have to click on send option next time you get the same question. This saves your time from typing long response over and over again. These small cheat tips can really help you with your multitasking and improve your productivity at workplace.

Bundle Related Tasks Together:

If you are doing one task say, making a presentation and the other task, checking finance accounts. These two tasks differ from one another and it would be very difficult for your brain to get back to the tasks and work accordingly. Your brain requires some time itself to adjust according to the task you are doing in order to work efficiently. If you are doing multiple tasks but they all are related, it will be easier to work more quickly and you will be able to complete those tasks on time. Compile the tasks that are related to one another and schedule them to do at the same time.


Multitasking is a beneficial skill that can help you to perform maximum productivity in minimum time. Multitasking can give you extra time that you can utilize for creating extra productivity and performing well. Setting proper goals for the tasks is the most crucial step. In order to give maximum outcomes while multitasking. It is very important to stay focused, plan your tasks, and avoid distractions.