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It is very crucial to understand the key features of responsive websites. This article discussed key features that can help a website to be more approachable by the customers and visitors.

Websites users are now increasing in number as there is an immense emergence in technology, the rise in advanced gadgets has also increased the number of web-users. People are now, aware about the use of websites than ever before. For this purpose, the websites’ developers are also working rapidly for the improvement of their web pages and making their websites effective and most responsive. There are several important key features for responsive websites, but in this article, we are going to talk about few. If your website is not getting enough customers then you can follow these important features to make your website work better.

1. Simple Homepage

The homepage of the website should be simple. Do not incorporate cluttering or unorganized content. It should be very easily understandable; it should provide with the projects, the websites are working on. The content on the webpage should be clear and up to date. The homepage must use proper headings and subheadings with the proper keywords. The expertise and the recent popular product launches should be mentioned on the homepage of website. The homepage should be indulged with all of the important basics about the company. It should be incorporated with the contact information of the company in order to make it easier for the user to contact to the website handlers if needed.

2.    Well-Designed

One of the key features of any website is its astonishing web design. Website users mostly rate websites on the bases of its design. The design of the website should not use overcrowded images or content. Proper colors according to provided services should be used, proper logos and description with every product should be mentioned in order to make the website more accessible and approachable for the user.

Design plays an important role in presenting your business as a professional and giving the competitive edge. A well-designed website helps in appealing the search engine ranking. Most of the people now use different gadgets like mobile phones, ipads and tablets to visit websites and they are not only limited to the computer systems. It is important to avoid using flash or JavaScript as websites designs that use JavaScript are not very much mobile friendly especially for iPhones and iPads. These designs can cause problems with crawling/indexing and view various computing platforms.

3. Easy Navigation:

With the most attractive design of your website it is also very important to focus on your navigation feature. A website is useless without a proper and clear navigation. Make sure to use easily understandable and logical names for the various pages on your site; contact, about, FAQ, etc. If you use the critical navigation on your website the user is most likely to leave the site immediately after clicking on it.

To create an easy to use useful navigation system, it is important to first understand the nature of your website, and what consumer wants to see on your website, is it an online store? Is it work as social media page? Is it selling services? Whatever is the nature of your website, you will get website user according to that. Make sure that your website contains all of the features and website users can easily access those features. The visitor should be able to find the information they are looking for without much hassle and frustration.

The site navigation buttons should be properly placed together. If image links are used, text links also should be provided for the users who have turned off the images on their browser, or for those who are using an older browser that does not support images. Easy navigation will help you to generate more websites and more website users. This is the first and foremost feature of any website that developers should take great care of.

4. Social Media Integration:

There are various social media platforms out there, such as; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snacpchat, Google+, Tumblr and many related social media sites. Social media platforms are trending and carry a great importance to promote and market your brand. It would be a great idea if you promote your business on these platforms. 

Integrating these social media platforms to your website will increase your traffic, search engine optimization and improve your business overall. As social media sites are social sites and used by unlimited people all over the globe. These sites will help you to grow your business and make it known all over the world. Sharing your social media sites on your website will help you to share your content with a large amount of audience, and will increase your website users.

5. Mobile-friendly

As this is an era of technology, people use electronic gadgets as a solution for their every problem, one of the most advanced technological advancement of this time is a mobile phone. People now do not only use mobile phones to make calls and stay connected to their loved ones they use it for every other issue.

Smartphones and tablets are causing a great number of web traffic, and the amount is just increasing as there is an incredible increase in users of smartphones. Designing of the website is not only limited to the computer systems but now website designing is about designing a site for the internet, as websites can be used from any electronic device, laptops, tablets, iPads, mobile phones etc.

It is important to understand the seriousness of this issue and create responsive websites, use fluid widths, it will help your website layout it will be adapted to the screen on which it’s being browsed. The layout of the website can be adjusted and the images, contents are scalable to make the better experience with myriad devices. 

6. Fast Loading:

The increase of internet usage has given rise to users with the slow internet connection. The speed of wired connections hasn’t increased drastically but the number of users has been increased and keeps increasing by every minute. The website’s users are in demand of WebPages that load very fast in no time.

Users are more likely to leave the site unexplored if takes more than a minute to load. As the websites are mostly related to small or large businesses, every second is most important and worthy of them. Amazon grew their sales by 1% for every 100 milliseconds as they improved the loading speed of the website. 

Fast loading websites generate a great number of visitors. It is important to make your website load faster on every gadget; mobile phones, tablets, computer systems and laptops as people search and visit websites for every possible gadget and prefer websites that load within seconds.

7. Security:

A secure website is very important not only for the user but also for the website handler. If a website is selling anything online, it should secure website with SSL certificate. If the website is not encrypted with the SSL certificate, it can cause the loss of sensitive data, credit card numbers or any other data to hackers.

When a website is using SSL certificate, the information becomes unreadable for the anyone except for the server. Internet users are most likely to visit websites that have strong web security. Visitors avoid doing online shopping if the website is not safe enough. It is important to check if the website begins with “https” instead of “http” in the url for security concerns.

Website developers should focus on the security of the website before launching it. A website will not generate traffic if it is not secure enough. 

8. Crucial Business Information

It is very important to take note about the bases of your business while designing and creating a website. As your website is the presentation of your business it should not be overfull with the extra unnecessary details. The business information should be top the point and easily understandable by the website user.

If the given information is giving all details about the business, it is more likely to generate traffic and visitors. Give details for the products by using images, clear description of the product and mention price. The correct information leads a website with a large number of visitors. Whereas if a website is lacking basic information about the business, it will not get many visitors or traffic.

9. Useful Content

The website is not only about giving information and selling specific products. An effective website works with a lot more than that. The website should provide information about different topics related to the services they are providing.

The best way to provide useful content is blogs. Many websites use this feature and write blogs incorporated with useful relevant content about different topics related to their websites. The useful content helps in generating traffic and increasing the number of visitors to the websites. The useful content also helps in gaining an actual potential customer for the websites.


The responsive websites are most important for the businesses and the companies. The effective website generates a large amount of traffic and increases the importance of business. This article has discussed some of the key features to make your website more responsive. 

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