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Technology is transforming every industry. Healthcare is no different. The need for medical software has surged over time. Software development in this field is helping in fast & efficient care delivery. Routine work and emergency services get streamlined. Besides, it enhances accessibility, productivity, and scalability.

Medical professionals, patients, and hospitals, all benefit from medical software development. However, while building software like user needs are the primary concern. Applications with excellent user experience will provide convenience and reduce costs. For that matter higher a competent software developer with a proven record of success in this field.

Vizzwebsolutions can help you in this arena. We have worked with the medical industry for building effective medical software. Our expertise range from building a brand new website or app to revamping old one with additional features and expansions that client demands. Have a look at our portfolio to see our completed medical software projects like medicare on video & Healx Nutrition. Fill up the form on-site to learn more.

Medical Software development

Medical Software Development

Today, the world is facing unprecedented times. With Coronavirus disease looming on our heads, we all need medical aid from a distance. This is escalating the demand for medical software. Therefore, here we will discuss the trends in medical software, their beneficiaries, types, and how to develop an effective one.

What is Medical Software Development?

Medical Software is a piece of computer programs that solve medical practitioners’ problems. It eradicates human error, manages tasks diligently. It usually does the following tasks:

  1. Diagnostic
  2. Research
  3. Lab reporting
  4. Medical record management
  5. Management of practitioners’ duties
  6. Quality Control

Many subfields of medicines use their own software. For example, there are stand-alone software for oncology, cardiology, radiology, and pharmacology. This way the unique needs of the department are fulfilled with efficiency.

The software can also work as medical equipment or part of medical equipment. Furthermore, patients’ medical history is sensitive data. Healthcare professionals employ cybersecurity measures to rule out the possibility of data theft. Subsequently, areas of tech and medicine intersect at multiple points.

Let’s look at the recent trends in medical software development.

Medical Software Development Trends in 2020:

The field of medical software development is all about transformation and innovation. In the past, developers have focused on ease of use for medical professionals. However, now trends are shifting towards improved patients’ outcomes.

Furthermore, quality of care and data security are among the prime concerns. That’s why cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain integration are finding their way here. Below we have enlisted some of the common trends for medical software that we will see in 2020:

1. Patient-Centered Softwares:

With increased health awareness, people now take self-care seriously. Therefore instead of illness, wellness has taken priority. This has given rise to patient portals. These portals allow customers to get in touch with medical aid providers as well as access their medical data & reports on the forum.

In this way, patients are actively involved in their own healthcare. Some software even let patients register appointments with clinics, sign papers, and do payments.

2. Use of Blockchain:

Blockchain technology is gaining popularity in the field of medicine. It has promising features. Doctors can secure, transfer, and share data with the use of blockchain. It creates transparency, collaboration, and trust among healthcare practitioners.

Additionally, patients have permission to protect the data themselves. They have control over who can access their medical information. This builds a robust digital healthcare system.

Many hospitals and clinics are using software with blockchain integration. The trend is likely to surge in the coming years.

3. Telemedicine:

Telemedicine has brought transformative changes in healthcare systems. It has reduced the patient’s waiting time. Moreover, it provides services of diagnostic, treatment, and even access to specialists.

With software providing telemedicine service and electronic document sharing, consultancy for illness becomes a fast track. Junior doctors can also benefit from it. Telemedicine is a life-saving facility for rural areas where hospitals and clinics are far away.

Telemedicine is widespread in the US. With COVID-19, governments around the world are speedily adopting it.

4. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has great potential for disrupting traditional work in every field. Medicine is no different. Use AI-powered software will make next-level care delivery possible.

It will help in diagnosing patients, testing illness, and monitoring conditions over time. These tasks are priority handles by humans. However, with AI chances of error will be eliminated. Additionally, it will be a time& resource-saving option.

Types of Medical Software:

Here are the most popular types of software used in the field of medicine:

1. EHR Software:

EHR or Electronic Health Record software keeps a record of the patient’s information. This may include, personals info, medical history, and medication, etc. only authorized persons can have access to the data. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Patient Record (EPR) software are a type of this category.

2. Diagnosis Software:

Specialists share and exchange findings of patient examination through this software. It enables collaboration among doctors from different fields working on the same patient. Thus disease of a certain patient is identified with accuracy.

3. Clinic Management Software:

Clinic or hospital management software is most effective for keeping the workflow smooth. Administrators specifically use it for assessing the quality of services. Additionally, higher authorities can monitor doctors’ timings with the help of this software. Moreover, it also helps in streamlining different operations and managing finances.

4. Appointment Scheduling:

This type of software makes it possible for patients to get an appointment from a doctor online. It is an efficient and time-saving way of scheduling appointments. Besides, both patients and doctors can keep a record of visits. Additional features may include, availability of specialists, cancellation of appointments, and rescheduling.

5. Billing:

The medical billing software helps keep records of transactions. Hospitals can correlate payments with the patient’s medical history. This software is widely used in the US. It helps in preventing miscalculations and fraud.

How Vizz Team Can Help You:

As mentioned earlier in the article, vizz team is experienced in software development. We have happy clients for whom we built excellent medical software. Our approach for making medical software is this:

  1. Develop an Interactive Display.
  2. Make navigation on the website (or app) easy for everyone.
  3. Integrate smart features for efficiency.


Medical software makes it easier to access health data. Besides, the efficiency of health professionals increases. With streamlined work in electronic form, specialists have more time to spend on patient care. Therefore medical software development is a field of constant interest in tech. We hope that the future will bring more innovation and transformation in healthcare.

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