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Web development is the most searched discipline for a long time. It has emerged vastly in recent years and now it has become one of the biggest ecosystems around the web. Web development has not only taken place amongst professions but now even an individual from any other discipline has understood the importance of web development. In recent years, the scope of web development has also taken great place. In the present article, we are going to talk about most popular web development trends in the year 2018.

Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are the web-based applications that are systematic web pages or websites, but they can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile applications. The application type attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience. These applications are trending as the most popular social media platform Twitter uses Progressive Web Apps.

Static Single Page Website:

Single page websites are trending and are in demand. These websites allow users to review each and everything in one go, these websites are mobile-phone friendly and provide extreme easiness for the user. Many companies now increasing their interest towards static single page websites as these websites provide the in-depth review of their websites on one click. These websites are highly in demand and giving great scope for web development in the year 2018.

Motion UI:

Motion UI is the technology that helps to make your website visually very appealing and engaging to the user. This technology consists of animations, usually, this technology has been used for smartphones but now this technology has gained a lot of importance with regard to websites. Many companies are focusing towards this technology for their business websites to create more engagement with their users. This technology will be used vastly in designing websites in the year 2018.


Chat-bots is the technology which allows the conversations between users of the webpage and webpage handler. In chat-bots technology, instead of a real human, the system replies to the webpage user. The best example of chat-bots technology is SIRI in Apple iPhone. The chat-bots technology is arising with regard to websites as this technology keeps webpage user engaged with the website. This technology seems to enjoy vast scope in web development as it is highly in demand, website developers are paying attention to add this feature to new websites and upgrade their existing websites with chat-bots added a feature.


Web development is increasing on large scale and it has a great scope in future. We have discussed in this article the most recent web development features. These features carry a great importance amongst web developers as they help to keep websites users more engaged. These features are yet to be used by most of the websites and carry a great importance as well as scope.

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