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Web development is evolving at a fast pace. New options for database management have made it confusing for some developers to choose the best option. In this article, we will draw a comparison between MySQL and NoSQL. So let’s get started with the introduction of MySQL vs NoSQL.


MySQL was released by Oracle corporation in 1995. It has been available since, free of cost under GNU General public License. MySQL is a relational database management system. Precisely, a relational database structures data by organizing it in one or more data tables. The types of data in these tables relate to each other. SQL stands for ‘Structured Query Language’. You can easily and effectively use SQL to insert, update, and delete database records.

Both big and small corporations can utilize MySQL to arrange and manipulate data in a scalable format. It runs efficiently on all popular operating systems. Additionally, MySQL database can run along with other languages such as C++, PHP, Java, and Python, etc.


NoSQL is an acronym for non-relational databases. It has been in use since the 1960s. However, the name NoSQL was first used in 1998. The data arrangement in the non-SQL database is dynamic. For instance, it may use structures such as key-value pairs, graphs, and wide columns.

The NoSQL databases do a good job in case of big data and real-time web applications. Furthermore, the feature of ‘eventual consistency’ makes data changes reach all nodes within a small amount of time.

Comparison: MySQL vs NoSQL

Now that we have introduced you to MySQL and NoSQL, let’s have a head to head MySQL vs NoSQL.

1. Nature:

MySQL is a relational database management system. NoSQL is a non-relational database.

2. Standardization:

MYSQL databases employ structured query language and have a defined method for structuring data. NoSQL databases utilize dynamic methods for unstructured data.

3. Load Management:

You can scale a NoSQL database horizontally. It means, the server can manage the increased flow of traffic through sharding. Sharding is a practice of breaking one piece of data into smaller chunks. Those chunks can then be distributed on a multitude of database nodes. MYSQL database, on the other hand, is vertically scalable. In other words, the server can handle the additional load easily if you add objects like CPU, RAM, or SSD.

4. Design:

The basic design model for MySQL is the table. The basic design for NoSQL is ‘document’.

5. Model:

In NoSQL, you don’t need a model in place before the creation of the application. However, MySQL requires a detailed database model prior to creation.

6. Flexibility:

When it comes o flexibility, NoSQL has a much more flexible design. Contrarily, MySQL has a rigid design that gets affected when you add new fields or columns.

7. Reporting Tools:

MySQL has an edge when it comes to reporting tools. You can use a good number of reporting tools to gauge the application’s validity. In the case of NoSQL database, there is a dearth of reporting tools. Thus you cannot analyze or run a performance test.

8. Performance with big data:

You might face an issue with performance in MySQL database if the data is too big. Essentially, you can optimize the queries for better results. For NoSQL databases, the big dataset isn’t a problem. Therefore, MongoDB (a NoSQL database) is good at performance with large data.

9. Usage:

By an estimation, 146,404 tech companies use MySQL. This number includes giants like Twitter, Microsoft, and Netflix. NoSQL also has its share of popularity. Its databases are used by Amazon and Adobe.

10. Community:

MySQL is more widely used in the development community. On the other hand, the NoSQL community is relatively small.


In this MYSQL vs NoSQL, we saw that both have their own uses and applications in the world of web development. For instance, if you want your data to perform in isolation then use MYSQL. If you want the database to read and write data at a fast pace then use NoSQL. You cannot use a screwdriver in place of a hammer or a hammer in place of a screwdriver. Likewise, the demand decides the use of a database.

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