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Privacy Policy

At Vizz, the security and privacy of the information provided to us by our esteemed clients, partners, and visitors are of the utmost concern. This Privacy Policy describes how we gather, handle, and protect the information in order to maintain openness and confidence in our practices. We value your privacy above all else, and we’re dedicated to maintaining the strictest guidelines for data security and moral behavior.

Information Collection

In order to make communication, commercial transactions, and service marketing easier, we gather many kinds of data. Among the data gathered are:

1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

Numerous data pieces that have the ability to identify an individual are included in this category. Names, usernames, identification numbers, and any other demographic data that may be linked to a specific person’s identity are included.

2. Contact Information:

Our ability to communicate and provide services depends heavily on having your contact information. Email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and other contact-related information required for communication and commercial transactions are included in this.

3. Financial Information:

Payment and credit card information are gathered for commercial transactions. To process payments and securely keep track of transaction records, this data is necessary.

4. Transaction Information:

Accurate documentation of company activities is ensured by gathering details on purchases, bank statements, and financial transactions. For billing, customer service, and accounting purposes, this information is essential.

5. Technical Information:

Technical information is automatically collected when you use our services or visit our website. This might contain IP addresses, browser versions and kinds, operating systems, device information, and login credentials. This information helps us make our website more functional, enhance user experience, and make sure cybersecurity safeguards are in place.

6. Profile Information:

Insights into user preferences are obtained from publicly accessible profile data, interests, preferences, comments, and survey responses. This allows us to better customize our services to meet the demands of our consumers. This data helps us improve customer happiness and tailor our services.

7. Usage Information:

Information on how our services and products are used might give important insights into the interests and behavior of our users. We can better fulfill customer expectations by utilizing this information to fix problems, improve our services, and customize our products.