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Some peoples think that it is hard to covert their HTML website into any open source CMS, and a lot of questions came into their mind that :

  • Will their website ranking will get a drop?
  • Would they be able to manage their content easily?
  • What about their current page ranks?
  • How they will import too many HTML pages into CMS etc ?

I know these questions are valid and very important during this decision, but just because of this confusion they change their mind, and could not utilize CMS.

CMS website benefit upon HTML website:

HTML websites keeps sites behind today internet business race, takes their more efforts to manage contents and always keep depend upon developers to change the contents and every section of the website.

Here you have to think of these advantages which a CMS can give you if you think that are required to must move there.

1- Content Management:

In a CMS you can easily manage the contents, and your content publication become fast, there would be so many plug-in and components of CMS which will help you to manage the contents, suggest the contents, Images, and videos available to add into pages.

Formalize your data and make the best presentation without anybody help easily, you want to add stores, blogs, or forums to your site is very easy.

2- Socialize Web Pages by Plugins:

Today it is very important that you socialize the pages, contents, services and your products, for that we get the traffic from social media, there are too many ideas to socials the contents, and in CMS there are many free plug-ins which do that job, share contents, getting comments from social media, links social media pages to your website etc.

3- Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization is very important factor, in HTML website changing meta tags, getting link juice, sharing contents with new contents all the required practices and continues efforts are very tough to manage.

All the famous CMS structures are made by keeping in mind the advance SEO and also the plugins available freely to do such kind of jobs. So, in summary, there are too many benefits to you after converting website from HTML to CMS.

Security Practices for CMS:
Lets say you take this decision and you are going to move on CMS, there are some problems you can face, so for you that if prepare your self that is good, one issue is that security. All the CMS structures are known by malwares. so if you do not follow some security practices they can give tensions.

Now the question will be what are these practices , lets start from installation , don’t use the predefined prefix , some peoples install the WordPress and keep the prefix WP, after that it is important that your files rights should be not full , some people give the 777 rights and then complain to hosting that someone overwrite their files.

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