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If you just started your own venture or think of increasing sales in your existing Software Development Company, this guide is for you. 

Whether you own a fortune 500 company or a start-up, upgrading your services by integrating technology into your business will help you to thrive in the market. Nowadays, technology has a huge impact on customer preferences.

Due to this, businesses need custom software development to gain a competitive advantage and increase profits. This leads to a tough decision on whether to hire a software development agency or freelance developers. The choice you make will greatly influence the success of your company. Now, how to make the right decision? 

In this article, Vizz Web Solutions provides you a comprehensive guide on how to find a reliable, skilled, technology partner based on important factors like technicality, maintenance, core competencies, and offered services.

Freelance Developers

A freelancer works remotely and offers his specific skills to clients as a service. Freelance developers work in three modes ( freelance, contract, or full-time). They are temporarily hired for a particular project and mostly sign contracts for many projects simultaneously.

This split their concentration, and they might give less attention to your project. Hiring a freelancer has its pros and cons; let’s discuss them in detail.

Benefits Of Hiring A Freelancer

Lower Wages 

Freelancers deliver services at a comparatively lower rate than in-house developers. However, when it comes to selecting a reliable developer, you must always pick the one with several good reviews and a 5-star rating. And such experts usually aren’t cheap to hire. 

Easy To Find

As the demand for freelancers increased, so did the number of freelancing websites; Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and many more. Just visit any of these sites, search for your required category and plenty of freelancers will pop up. 

Highly Skilled in One Specific Field

Freelancer’s area of expertise lies in one particular field. If you want to get some certain technical tasks done, then hiring a freelancer will be beneficial for you. Usually, freelancers showcase their best work on online resources such as GitHub. 

Work With A Flexible Schedule

Freelancers are willing to work even after working hours. They deliver the work faster as they dedicate both day and night to their work.  

Drawbacks Of Hiring a Freelancer

Work Quality

There are some risks associated with the quality of work you receive from freelancers. Many freelancers are just into earning some good cash and delivering the project. Your company’s success is not their priority. 

No Further Support Or Maintenance

It is typical for freelancers to finish a project and leave. You will need to hire another freelancer to fix errors and provide further maintenance. This is only possible if the developer you hired wrote a readable code. Otherwise, you will have to pay to start the project from scratch to avoid ending up with awful heritage code. 

Privacy Concerns

Enterprises, especially with classified data, may face confidentiality issues with freelancers. To steer clear of any risks or data leakage, it is essential to sign an N.D.A.(non-disclosure agreement) with freelancers. 

Established Software Development Company

Hiring a reliable software development has its perks. It gives end-to-end services, from consultation to product maintenance and support. Unlike freelancers, who only tackle development of a project, a software development company has on board a professional team of designers, developers, requirement analysts, project managers and quality assurance analysts. Once you discuss your project idea with them, a project manager takes care of all software development processes.

Benefits Of Hiring A Software Development Company

Diverse Team

Team members with diverse expertise bring creative, innovative solutions to the table. Brain-storming and problem solving becomes effective as a whole team of professional work on a single project. However, it is important to pick a software development company like Vizz web solutions with good feedback and reviews from previous clients. To check out what our clients say about us, click here. 

Software Development Company

End-to End Services

A professional software development company offers full-fledged software solutions such as consultation, project idea evaluation, business analysis along with development, designing, testing and maintenance. They work side by side with clients and propose suggestions to add value to their business. They even help you in figuring out a business strategy while developing your project.

Post-delivery Maintenance

Software maintenance after its delivery is significant to enhance performance, productivity and other factors. Software development companies want to build long-term relationships with clients. Hence, they offer constant support, together with fixing timely bugs and modification of functionalities

Drawbacks of Hiring A Software Development Company

Higher Costs

Since they provide a complete package of services, their rates are slightly higher as compared to freelancers. Also, these companies are known to hire experienced developers who take bigger paychecks. But, prices of software development firms vary from region to region. For e.g Pakistani companies are well-known for their reasonable rates. 

Freelancers Versus Software Development Company (An Outline)

Criteria Freelancers Software Solution Providers
Costs Lower Rates Depend Upon The Size of Project
Services Complete Software Solution Deployment and Development
Confidentiality Risk of Data Leakage NDA incorporated in contract
Maintenance No Yes
Project Size Small to Medium Perfect for medium to enterprise-grade solutions
Additional Guidance No Yes
Technical Expertise Experienced In One Particular Field Team With Variety Of Skills
Location Freelancing Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Proper Offices
Reliability Might Disappear Guaranteed Delivery

Software Development Company

Why One Should Prefer A Software Development Company?

Hiring a custom software development company is much more convenient as compared to freelancers. Let’s assume you approached a talented freelancer but you cannot expect him to know everything. On the other hand, a development company with its team of versatile individuals will bring forward brilliant software solutions to the table. For Vizz Web Solution, team work has resulted in delivering award-winning software to 200+ companies worldwide. Listed below are few compelling reasons to hire a software development company:

  1. Analyze your business requirements and, then leverage latest technologies like artificial intelligence to make your business grow.
  2. Offer a pool of professionals which collaborate to achieve a common goal. 
  3. Project management to streamline the development process.
  4. Put together a team of right skills and expertise, tailored to client’s needs. 

Wrap Up

To stand out, it is significant to employ the accurate talent which delivers what was promised. This is only achievable through a dedicated team with diverse expertise. Luckily, software development companies relieve you from all headaches related to the development process.

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