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In this guide, we will list down small steps that can help your local business rank higher on google search engines.

A good ranking on search engines gives businesses a solid ground to stand on. It spreads brand awareness that goes a long way in successful business models. Knowing how to reach potential buyers is crucial for local business owners.

Today, 63% of purchases start online. Therefore, the online presence of small businesses can cause a surge in sales rate. However, before going down that road bear in mind that responsive sites have better conversion rates. A static site, where only facts are thrown on visitors, will cause more harm than good.

In the ensuing pointers, we will discuss the sources of website traffic. The traffic comes on a business website in the following ways:

  • Direct: People who directly interact with the company may navigate the site.
  • Social: A social media post may bring traffic to the site.
  • Referral: Another website may refer the audience to your site. Hyperlinks play an important role in this.
  • Search: People search for their needs and wants on search engines. The business website may appear as a result of those searches. This can bring an interested audience to the website.

Search’ is the most effective tool among all four. Traffic that comes through a search engine is 71.6 % more likely to convert. They are people with the intent to interact with your business. Nevertheless, showing up when people search for the product or services you offer is essential. Given this, you should take guided steps for ranking your local business website higher on search engines. Here we will discuss this process in detail.

The go-to search engine these days is ‘Google’. 92% of all the searches on the internet happen through Google. There are rules for ranking business sites on google. The algorithms deal with a ranking of business sites when people search for certain products or services. Essentially, the local business website developer should keep the following points in mind:

1. Create a ‘truly great’ website:

‘Truly great’ means a site with expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (aka. E.A.T). It is the overall reputation of the website. The content on the business site should be written by people with expertise. Someone who is talking about medicine should have something to do with the field.

Authority, on the other hand, is about how some content has validity with authoritative names. For example, if Washington post endorses the website’s claim then there is an authority in content.

Trustworthiness comes with ratings or words of people. If Google knows that a certain site is trusted by people then it will rank it higher. Along with that, a valid contact page with all necessary information also builds trust.

2. The Keywords:

Keywords are maybe the most stressed upon in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They help in engaging and bringing the audience too. The content creator should know people’s vocabulary

What do they type when they search for answers? The vocabulary shows intent. For example, people with medicals needs in Seattle may be typing: ‘The best hospital in Seattle’. The website of hospitals offering this service must pick up the words. These words should be used in content for the site. As a result, the site is optimized.

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Heads and subheads make a difference as well. The keywords should be carefully researched for headings. Let’s consider the above-mentioned example. Words like ‘Best’, ‘Hospital’, and, ‘Seattle’ in headings are more likely to grab the attention of the audience. The more clicks on the link the higher the ranking.

3. Focus on User Experience (UX):

Local business websites must give excellent User experience in order to catch traffic. The work of programmers is important here. The site shouldn’t take extra time in loading. It must be both PC and mobile-friendly. Easy navigation patterns will hold the attention of the viewer. Google crawlers lookout for such things. Sites with better UX get optimized to a higher rank in the index.

4. Images and Visuals:

Images and Visuals can thrive in the local business site performance. As the saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Visuals can make information digestible. Images on the other hand are a powerful tool for the presentation of products/services. High-quality pictures complete the job of providing all information in one place.

Image search is also increasing on search engines. It is likely to poise off in 2021. Good quality fresh images will optimize the site. You should locate the image in the center or upper part of the content for better results.

Video snippets can also be used wherever necessary. The how-to-do content will perform better with videos. The ease you provide to the traffic will generate better leads for you.

5. Keep updating

Making your site rank high on a search engine is not a one-time job. You have to keep updating the content. Google prefers are recently updated the site on an old one. Besides, Zombie pages (one with no traffic) can drag down the overall site ranking. Hence it is imperative that those pages are re-optimized or deleted altogether.

Keep up with the competitors along with your marketing edge. Search for keywords that are performing better. Look out for shout-outs and endorsements. Develop a social media strategy that may bring more traffic to the site. Local businesses have a small market. It is good to be on
your toes.

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Lastly, get in touch with your customers. Know their needs and address them on the website. The comment section can be the best source for analyzing the audience’s thoughts on the content. Read comments, reply, and do adjustments where necessary.


This guide has succinctly described methods for making a local business site rank higher on google search engine. Websites live on traffic. Don’t let that drop. Make fresh, engaging, and relevant sites. Give all the information in a discrete section. Be honest and approachable towards potential and current customers through the site. It will not only surge traffic on site but also increase the conversion rate.

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