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3D product Customization is changing the world of E-commerce faster than we can grasp. Businesses around the globe are embracing this new technology. It helps in giving a better experience to visitors on the website and delivers brand value.

Custom products let users change the colours, graphics and other features of the products in an effortless manner. You can conveniently put personalized engravings, embroidery and prints on the customizable product. Moreover, you can see how the end product will look like in real-time. Virtual Reality (VR) plays a key role in this type of business model. Merchants and product creators are increasingly incorporating VR in e-Commerce.

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The Surge of Product Customization:

In the early 20th century, capitalism brought a wave of economic prosperity. The GDPS of countries expanded improving people’s buying power. Resultantly, more people were able to buy new clothes, shoes and cars. In order to meet the needs of people, retailers and merchants had to be more efficient. Greater number of products needed to be manufactured in less amount of time. This would ensure cost reduction and deliver on time.

Thus, we ushered into the era of mass production. Businesses’ practised the technique of ‘one size fits all’. It effectively catered to the needs of people at the time.

Today, consumers are more conscious of their wants and needs. They want to personalize the experience with their possessions. Besides, the things people own are not just their belongings. These are a reflection of their personality. Therefore, customers are willing to wait extra time and pay more for customized products. The suppliers who adhere to customers needs are quicker to develop a loyal client base. Big brands like Coca Cola and Nike are already into the customization game to improve customer’s interaction with their products.

Here is how you can begin customizing your services for visitors.

Start With Personalization:

Personalization involves giving users a special experience based on their interests, usage history, demographics, and other information. You can personalize your e-commerce website with the following features:

  • Personalize the costs, visuals, product descriptions, discounts and promotions for users.
  • Show users pop-ups, order bumps, cross-sells and upsells based on demographics. For instance, you can share some special offer that is only valid for female visitors.
  • Share local announcements, perks and bonuses in the announcement bars.
  • Give recommendation based on the user’s interests. The recommended products can be displayed automatically based on the browsing history of the visitor.

Phases Of Personalization:

Every organization or business can personalize their products with small changes in its approach. Personalization in e-commerce goes through the phases of creating a road map, collecting data and analytics, defining and predicting customers’ behaviour, installing algorithms or other artificial intelligence solutions, and lastly implementing the plan on the website.

Businesses need to give a personalized experience to users in order to keep a competitive edge. Those failing to do so will lose the appeal. The time to personalize is right now. You can hire a web development company for assistance as well.


Customization involves alteration in the product features. Users become part of the creative process. It is a great way for them to express themselves. The thing that the user designs himself have sentimental value. According to research users are willing to pay as much as 20% more for customized products. Moreover, the conversion rate is also higher for a business that offers a customization feature.

The build-to-order products take a long time in development and shipment. However, customers are willing to wait for this luxurious experience.

E-commerce businesses can have a custom product builder for the mass production of customized goods. Users can design, preview, and submit the product for printing on the website. Nothing builds more strong client-based than paying heed to customer’s demands. Hence, customization is equivalent to more customer and eventually, more money.

The installation of a custom product builder on the website may require some investment and time at the start but with high returns, it is totally worth the wait.

Types of Customizations:

There are multiple types of product customizations. Here are the top three of them.

Customized Color Schemes:

The customized colour schemes is a simple yet effective customization technique. It allows customers to choose colour or pattern for the accessories, attires and other stylish products. The users can visualize how the product will fit into their life. For instance, the colour of the cup and pattern of the blazer will allow the customer to see the place of these things in their kitchen or their wardrobe.

While launching your product, limit the choice of colours. Take clear photos of available options and put them on your website. Let users order the product in their colour of choice. Specify the time and cost of building the product with customized colours.

Customized Embroidery, Engraving, and Screen-Printing:

This type of customization is in line with personalization. You might be familiar with customized paperweights, monograms and other items with personalized engravings.

Some businesses are built around this model. However, you can offer product customization in existing stores as well. Start small and keep adding new customization features. Essentially, see your product from the customer’s standpoint. Feedback can be a good source for this as well.

Deep and permanent personalization like engravings can be a big turn around for e-commerce businesses. Nonetheless, the retailer must keep its competitive edge along the way.

3D Product Customization:

3D product customization is the latest trend in e-commerce. However, it is gaining a stronghold in the market due to its appeal among customers. Some brands are already ahead in the game with 3D product configurators on the website. Your business can also take advantage of this new trend.

How to Start 3D Product Customization?

The revolutionary feature of the 3D product configurator can be installed on the website using software like Shopify. You can do install the configurator yourself or hire a team of developers to do so. Vizz web solutions have completed several projects involving the 3D product customization builder.

Give your customers a three-dimensional experience with products in the following ways.

3D Modelling:

First, you have to do the 3D modelling of the product. Digitize the entire catalogue with the help of developers. Add the details and measurements. Furthermore, put eye-catching animations that let the customers view products from all sides.

Setup Products:

Setup your products on the business website and add product categories, types, attributes etc. in a visual workflow. You can create rules without coding.


The last stage is integration. Integrate your product catalogue with an e-commerce platform utilizing fully RESTful API.

The augmented reality feature will allow users to see how the product will look like in their personal space. They can scan the product, zoom in on different features, and look at the texture.

Benefits of 3D product Customization:

According to statistics, 3D product customization results in 50% increased lead conversions, 75% more customer engagement, and 35% increased customer satisfaction.

The product customization feature on the website gives your business a unique advantage over other eCommerce businesses. Nobody knows what the customer wants better than the customer himself. Hence, give the power in their hands.

Once you have prototypes of customized products then you will be able to develop a persona of your customer base. You will know what kind of individuals are attracted to your business. Eventually, you can target them in a better way.

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