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When it comes to design there should be no afterthoughts or assumptions. Every element should be considered and have a purpose.

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The website plays an important key role in the growth and development of the business. Your website is an identification of your business that’s why it should be updated and following new web design trends.

The web design trends keep changing and improving with every passing day. The fundamentality of following the new upgraded web design trends for the development of the websites is really obvious.

As the year 2018 has left with almost a few months and everyone is talking about the new trends that are going to emerge in 2019, we thought to bring up the web design trends for the year 2019. The latest website trends to look forward to the year 2019 are as follows:

1. Retro Style:

Web Design trends

When we talk about the website design and visualization, we are well known that these elements are the most important for the website. Right now the retro styling is trending speedily, whether it is about the website or any other trend.

The retro styling usually includes the mixing of old traditional style with the new updated version. This style has been seen in clothing and fashion in the early year of 2018, later this was trending in product packaging. Now, this retro style is most likely to be seen on the business websites.

If you are planning to update your website or develop a website then keep in mind to follow this latest trend. Retro styling will not only give your website colors but it will also attract new audience and visitors.

2. Attractive Background:

Web Design trends

This is another trend in website development and designing. The visualization of the website plays a vital role to attract most of the audience and this trend has to be observed on most of the websites.

The huge colorful backgrounds on the websites are seen to be trending from past couple of weeks. The backgrounds are mostly in the form of an image or the video related to the product or the service the website is talking about. These backgrounds play an important in making your visually attractive and beautiful.

3. Videos and Images:

Design trends

The visual appearance of the website is the most important element of the website to attract most of the audience. The trend of playing with the colorful images and videos on the website was outcast for the recent years but the year 2018 has been the years of colors for most of the websites.

The trend seems to be followed throughout the upcoming year 2019 too. The videos and images about the product or a service surely play an important role in providing more in-depth about the specific aspect.

4. Minimal Buttons:

Web Design

The websites are usually overcrowded with the different buttons all over the page and this is another reason this website trend is reducing. Nowadays the latest websites are being developed with the presence of the minimalistic buttons.

The one main reason for this purpose is to actually highlight the important content rather than just putting a button for each and every tab. The minimal buttons also give the sleek and neat look to the website. So follow this latest website trend for the development or redesigning your website.

5. Responsive Webpage with Micro Interactions:

Web Design trends

Whenever you take a small action on a website and it shows a specific response to it, it is kind of a micro-interaction. When you refresh your page on twitter and you get a beep sound that is also an example of micro-interaction. The micro interaction is getting popularity among the website developers and this trend can be seen all over the latest websites in the year 2019.

Micro-interactions make sure to alert the website user for every little action he takes. This is another way to keep your audience engaged with the website.


Websites are the most important part of the businesses. The website determines the fate of the business by leaving an impact on the audience. Businesses always want to get a positive impact on their businesses and for that purpose, their websites should be updated and latest. In this article, we have discussed some of the latest trends that should be followed by all the website developers and the business in the year 2019.

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