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WordPress is a Content Management Sysytem that has been used by several wordpress developers all over the world. This wordpress themes system is widely used due to its amazing features and countless xcharacteristics.

One of the best attributes of WordPress besides it being free of cost is that it is incorporated with a number of free themes and plugins.

WordPress plugins and themes give the new stance to the website by adding up the life to the web pages. Once you have developed a website on wordpress your next step is to work with the themes and the plugins to give your website a proper shape and aligned structure.

While there are more than 42000 wordpress themes available to anyone, it is often difficult for the developers and bloggers to select the proper theme and work with it accordingly.

In this article, we are going to talk about the latest wordpress themes that should be considered in the year 2019. These WordPress themes have gained as a lot of popularity in the year 2018 and thus they will be prominent themes of the year 2019.


As wordpress is mostly used for the purposes of blogging and content handling, our first wordpress theme is Cenote. A cenote is a simple to use a theme for the bloggers and it makes the content management easiest and simplest. This amazing theme makes your webpage fits any device’s screen providing the best user experience.

The one main element of the website is the good search engine optimization and cento serves the WordPress websites with it in the best way. This theme provides you with an awesome documentation styling that can help you in making your blogs standout.

  • The prominent features of cenote are:
  • It provides the best user experience for all the devices
  • It has cross browser compatibility
  • It is incorporated with the best quality of providing 4+ widgetized area
  • It provides sticky menu support

A cenote is one of the best themes of 2018 and it will remain favorite in the year 2019 as well.

Ocean WP:

Moving towards the second best theme in our list, we have ocean WP. This amazing theme is absolutely free of cost moreover it provides free import extension that helps you in building a detailed and well-functioning website.

Ocean WP also focuses on high SEO optimization that helps your website with good search results on Google.
The important features of Ocean WP are:

  • Free import extension
  • Highly optimization speed for the best user experience
  • Woocommerce plugins
  • Inbuilt support for the users and the developers


The third best theme on our list is premier. It is free of cost WordPress theme that helps the businesses to start their online shopping website. Premier is one of the best themes that provide the integration with Woocommerce to give the most favorable outcomes with regard to your shopping website.

This theme helps your online shopping store to look more functional and productive. This theme is incorporated with the most important features such as:

  • Font Picker
  • Color Picker
  • Slider
  • Integration with WooCommerce


Spencer is a multifunctional wordpress website theme that offers you to manage your business website with different layouts and home pages. It has the feature of dragging and dropping your favorite widget onto the website. Spencer is an easy to use, fully functional and simple wordpress theme to work with.

  • The most prominent features of Spencer are:
  • Full-width page template
  • Custom widgets for social media
  • Content discovery features
  • Live customized and support for all of the builder plugins


The last but not the least, Tracks wordpress theme is the best blog theme for the wordpress website. This theme provides an extremely interactive, graceful and classy interface for the users.

It allows the bloggers to publish their articles without any hassle and difficulty. It has a grid layout that provides a unique and beautiful appearance. Tracks provide a good user experience on almost all of the electronic devices.

The most important features of the Tracks wordpress theme are:

  • Clean and responsive blogs
  • Customization
  • Social Icons
  • Contact Forms


WordPress CMS is one of the best management systems to develop a website. It has more than 40,000 themes and the confusing thing for everyone is to select the best theme out there. In this article, we have discussed the top 5 WordPress themes that have enjoyed the popularity in the year 2018 and these themes are to be adopted in the next year as well.

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