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There are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins, they all provide great functionality and efficiency to your website. This article has discussed top 8 most useful plugins, they are useful for any type of site and improves the functionality of the website.

A plugin is a type of software that works as an add-on to a web browser and gives the browser further functionality. Plugin can enable a browser to show additional content that was not originally designed to display. Plugins are great tools to add and extend the productivity and functionality to WordPress.

WordPress is incorporated with plenty of plugins that can be used easily. There are various plugins for the same project, you have to choose the best one for your website. WordPress offers free plugins known as freemiums and premium plugins that require some cost. The free plugins are mostly upgradable to the premium levels for more advanced features and functionality.

1. Jetpack:

Jetpack is most popular and highly ranked plugin on WordPress. This plugin helps in simplifying managing WordPress websites, it includes several features like, security services, stats, helping you getting more traffic to your website and loading up images with great speed. It is freemium plugin that means it is free of cost and is used by a large number of websites.

The most common features of jetpack are:

• Share buttons
• Publicize your posts on social media platforms
• Subscription system to site monitor and site stats
• A management dashboard
• Security
• Image optimization
• Traffic growth and visitor statistics

2. Akismet Anti-spam:

Akismet anti-spam is another plugin for WordPress, it was developed by Atomattic, people working behind WordPress. This plugin enables to detect spam comments and provide the history for each comment so that it will be easily detectable for you to know that what comment was a spam. Akismet has caught more than 83 billion spam comments.

The most important features of Akismet are:

• Checking of all comments automatically to detect spam
• Monitoring the history of each comment
• Displaying of urls to reveal misleading links
• Displaying number of approved comments by the moderator
• Distracting of comments that are spam so that you have more disk space and your website is speeded up.

These features are highly vital for the websites, as comment spamming can cause malware, mislead your audience, lessening your disk storage, slower your website. Akismet anti-spam will help you to get rid of all of these basic issues that can be caused by spammed comments and make your website work fastly and hassle-free.

3.Yoast SEO: 

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress plugins, as it is a most powerful tool to makes your website highly engine-friendly. You can use this plugin to manage your personal blogging site or a professional website it works perfectly. It helps you in creating the content that is useful for the users, and improves your ranking in search results.

Key features of Yoast SEO are:

• Get more visitors to your website
• Internal link suggestions to improve your site structure
• Attract more visitors from social media
• Redirect manager to help you in saving time.
• Content analysis
• Robot meta configurations that enable you to show your best data on google index to improve search engine optimization


It is the easiest and simple to use a plugin, it is designed to set up an automatic backup schedule for your website. You can easily store all your data to the backup without any efforts and be worrying about important data about your website. This plugin is free of cost and can be used anywhere by anyone.

Key features of Backupbuddy are:

• Schedule backups, you can set your important data to be backed up at different time intervals like hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
• Customized back up, this feature allows you to store the data you want to store and neglecting away unimportant data.
• Backupbuddy has a feature of Instant email notification, to let you know if your data is completely backed up.
• It provides a feature of download backup zip files.
• This plugin has another feature that allows you to store backup files remotely.

5.W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache is a WordPress plugin that enables your website to load faster and improves its overall productivity and speed. Website users are more likely to leave the website if it is loading slowly. Your website speed determines your ranking on search engine search. If the website loads slowly then it is more like to be ranked at least but if it is a fast loading website then it will be in top ranking. The W3 total cache provides that speed to your website, it eliminates the download loading time, website loading time and provides the best user experience to your user.

W3 total cache important features include:

• Non-blocking JavaScript embedding
• Improves web server performance to provide your website with maximum speed
• Reduced page loading time so that user is more engaged with the website and visit it again and again
• Optimized progressive render to improve your website overall
• It provides various strong security features to keep your website secure and your data safe

6. Defender:

WordPress is used by millions of users to develop websites, this makes your websites more vulnerable to malware or viruses, and hacking. Anyone with little bit of hacking skills can get access to your website and you will not only lose authority to your website but you will also lose all the important data and business confidentialities. To avoid hacking or viruses, WordPress offers a plugin Defender that helps you to remain safe with your website data. If you are using Defender your website will not get any virus attack and it will prevent you from hacking. Defender searches your site for all the vulnerabilities and helps you stay away from hackers. If your site has been hacked in past, it will help you to clean up your site and improve its performance.

Defender’s most important features include:

• One click security tweaking
• WordPress file scanning and repair
• Unlimited file scans
• IP lockout notifications and reports
• It also allows 2-step Google verification code to make it harder for anyone else to get into your site.

7. Ultimate Branding:

If you are thinking to initiate your business website with WordPress then do not worry as WordPress provides you with the best plugin that will help you to present your website in the most professional manner in an effortless way. Ultimate branding is the plugin that helps you to replace WordPress logo with your business one, customize your admin bar, and it also allows you to add your company’s name.

The key features of ultimate branding are:

• Add custom logo to admin bar
• Add custom dashboard schemes
• Create custom admin bar menus
• Changing WordPress logo with your own
• Removing the word “WordPress” so that your website gives more professional look

8. Appointments:

If you are running a professional website, you must have to handle the clients’ appointments, consultations, meeting schedules, but you don’t have to hire an individual for managing your appointments as WordPress provides you with one of the most useful plugins, Appointments. This plugin helps you to manage all the meeting, consultations or any type of appointments in easiest way. This plugin even allows your clients to schedule appointments themselves. You just have to choose that the clients should make appointments free of cost or you have to charge them.

Important features of Appointments are:

• Google calendar integration
• Social media integration
• Customized plugin styles
• Widgets, add-ons, and short-codes
• Feature of scheduling with the staff or just getting services online


WordPress has been widely used all over the globe to create a website, it offers millions of plugins that can be useful to improve your website and enhance the overall performance of your site. This article has discussed most important top 8 plugins that can be beneficial for your website. These plugins can help you to manage basic tasks, improve security, storing and backing up your data and much more. If you are thinking to develop a website then you should keep these WordPress plugins in your mind.



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