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An API (application program interface) is a set of tools, tasks, protocols for building software applications. API species that how one application will interact with another application. It specifies that how software components should connect. API helps to develop a program in the easiest way and minimal effort as it provides all the building blocks.

A developer is well-known of the importance of APIs. API helps in converting the ideas into apps. API provides data from different web services and manipulates it for your website or app. You can also create mash-ups by using overlapping data from multiple APIs.

This article has discussed some of the most important APIs that should be used by every web developer.

Full Contact:

Full contact is an important API. It provides you information about the person behind an email address. That information can lead you towards the full details of that individual. You can know about his name, age, gender, location and even also his social networking accounts. This API also accepts input for Facebook ID, Twitter Username, and other social accounts. So, that you will get from not one email id but every single email address.

This API is useful for the sales as it gathers all the important information about the person behind the email. You are more likely to know about his interests. This also prevents you from scammers and fraudulent. This API is used by several web developers and it comes out to be really beneficial API.

Google Map:

Google map is one of the most used API by web developers. It is widely used for the growth of the business. It provides the most reliable location information at any part of the world. Millions of websites use Google Map API as it gives the best experience to trace the location services of website users. the website can display the content according to the location they are present. It is also helpful in securing your website. it is also helpful if a website got hacked and it can control various other security concerns.

Google map API also greatly helps in improving the search results. It allows you add paths for multiple points that can be used in future. Google Map API creates interactions between fronted code and the map. It can show you anything from anywhere. You can trace any location by using this API.


Stormpath is one of the most useful APIs. It provides you with the security management software for your social media accounts. So if you are planning to perform any kind of registration on your site, drop the idea and get this API. If you want an independent social identity for your business website Stormpath is enough for you. It is better and easy to handle. It helps you in maintaining your profiles, handles forgotten password flow and allows for authorization roles.

This API supports Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Github. Stormpath really helps a business website to stay connected to social media. It also helps a website to be easily manageable with regard to social media platforms.

Facebook API:

Facebook is the top social media platform and does not need any introduction. With the Facebook API, the developers can integrate a more customized and personal social experience. Website handlers can market their website using facebook API as it gives like and share option with every post. This API helps the website to stay connected with numerous business apps to experience endless possibilities. Facebook API works as a useful tool for every business. It helps you to increase customer engagement, advertise their products, target right audience and seek maximum attention with minimal efforts.


Salesforce is the most crucial API for the websites. This is one of the leading CRM solutions and helps businesses to gain important information about potential customers. Salesforce helps immensely with CRM providing limitless functionalities. Business websites can customize their salesforce experience to assist even the most critical and unique business processes for a smooth workflow. This API also provides the prebuilt applications that can easily fit with any business website. salesforce induced with a number of features, including Rest API, Bulk API, SOAP Web Services API, Apex, Visualforce, and Metadata.


Shutterstock has almost over 162 million images, more than 8 million video clips. It is incorporated with astonishing search tools to assist creative projects. Shutterstock API provides a huge range of images that can be really helpful for the website developers. Decorate your website or be creative with the graphical content, this API is going to be useful for you. Shutterstock works with both, Facebook and Microsoft’s ad platform repositories.

Adobe API:

Adobe provides a wide range of APIs for all Adobe products. These APIs help to create mobile, web and desktop apps. This API provides various helpful integrations to assist design workflow. Programmers and developers all around the world drastically use Adobe APIs. Most important adobe APIs are ActionScript, AdobeHR, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition and Adobe CEP. Adobe APIs are widely used by almost every web developer. It helps in managing numerous tasks and helps in improving basic functionalities of the website.


Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform. This API helps every, the people who watch videos get entertained or gain knowledge about some aspect. The people who share videos advertise their products or enjoy their popularity as a youtube star in few days. Youtube helps immensely the businesses to grow. People introduce their products, talk about their brands. Youtube is the most reliable platform as it allows video sharing and videos give more in-depth about any aspect.

Youtube API is very helpful for the business websites to stay connected with their consumers. Websites can share videos about the product or service they are offering. Youtube provides great feasibility to the programmers as it provides with the tools like YouTube Data and YouTube Player API that allows great flexibility and control over videos’ content and functionality.

Amazon S3:

When you are running a business website, you are more likely to run out of storage. Websites run on heavy software and apps, you have to store your important data and files about related to your website. Amazon S3 is one of the best APIs. It provides handy features including letting users upload files directly to your storage bucket. It also provides the options for versioning and replication of files. This API is very useful for the programmers and developers as keep most of the important data safe without any storage problem in the easiest and simple way.


The APIs are the most important to improve your websites’ functionality and performance. In this article we have discussed some of the most important APIs every website programmer should take care of. These APIs are handy and simple to use and they can improve the overall productivity of your website.


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