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A website is an important aspect of business and it is incorporated with several elements. There are various categories of a website that includes, products, services, clients’ testimonials, contact us and about us page.

There is a page about every category of a website and every page is important on it own way. A website can never properly function if any of these pages or categories are missing. In this article, we are going to discuss the important features of the about page that your website should have.

about page

About Us, page of a website determines the fate of the website as it most observed and visited a page on your website. The About page of your page should be simple but it must contain all the important elements. This page carries the crucial details about your business, the contact information, your story, your mission, and your team members. It can really help your customers to get in detail about the company’s authenticity and recognition.

These are the important elements and features that should be contained on your About Page:

Company’s Mission:

about page

This is the most important element of the page. Company’s mission carries information and description about what your company is all about and what it tends to achieve. The mission of your business should be well defined and easily understandable by the visitor.


This section should also contain the history and the background of your company. The information should be clearly defined and followed by the mission of the business.

Our Story:

web development

This is another important feature of the about page. Our Story contains the in-depth details about the history of your business and company. Our story includes the details about how your company started, where it was founded, who started it, who gave the idea about this business and what is the inspiration behind your business. This section motivates the audience to be a part of your business and be your loyal customer and client.

Team Members:

web services

Your team represents your business and it is foremost to share the profiles of important team members of your company. If you are showing your team members with your clients it will help you in gaining trust and positive image. This section will also add more value and authenticity to your business and your website.

You can display the images of your team members along with their names, their areas of expertise and other important main aspects. The provided information should be properly given with the social links of each member so that anyone can follow them on social media platforms.

Call to Action:

Team members

Last but not the least, the most important element of the about page on a website is a call to action. There should be a separate section of the call to action on a website but this section is also added on the page so that the visitor can easily connect with your business after exploring through your about page.

Call to action should contain the proper contact information, address, phone number, email address, social media links. If your page does not contain any contact information then your visitor will not be able to reach you and he will leave the website without digging into more details.


The website is the face of the website and it is the most important element for the growth and development of the business and the company. There are various features of the well functional website that includes several categories and the most crucial element is the page of the website. This article includes the important features that should be included in about page of the website to make it more user-friendly and functional.

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