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Technology is immensely advancing in recent years, the mobile phone is the most innovative and useful technology. Changes in mobile phones have been drastic, since the existence of mobile phone. Mobile phones use latest and up to date technology and offer astonishing opportunities to the business world. Mobile phones provide great user engagement and for that purpose, mobile phones should use the latest technology. With the greatest web development trend in mobile applications, businesses and customers enjoy a great experience. This article will cover the upcoming mobile app development trends. 

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

Accelerated Mobile Pages helps to create a mobile web page that is comparative more responsive and efficient. AMP users do not have to wait for the webpage to load, instead, the webpage can be displayed at the same time while it is loading. This is the most trending app development in the upcoming years as it helps in speeding up the performance of mobile apps when content is loading through the web.

 Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality (AR) is an experience which gives you live direct or indirect view of physical,  real-world environment, with augmented elements. The elements of these environments are augmented by computer-generated programs. These elements are created by perceptual information, across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory and olfactory.

This technology has already been popular amongst the mobile apps developments. According to Digi-Capital, the Augmented Reality will take over the mobile app development, completely by the year 2020. Today augmented reality has been used almost in every aspect of our lives, from retail business to health care. Augmented reality has shown its success in short period of time and it is believed that (AR) has capabilities to enjoy greater success in future. (AR) is going to provide the great experience to the mobile phone users, as they will be able to enjoy real life-world environment on one click.

Wearable Apps:

Wearable apps are another fragment of the new technological world in the era of mobile phones. Smartwatches and other wearable apps have given great scope to the technological advancement. The wearable apps are efficient and can be used independently from mobile phones as their own. But some highlighted features of these devices only work with the support of mobile phone devices. For instance; the previous versions of Apple watch needed iPhone’s network to make calls or networking. Wearable apps are contributing greatly in mobile phones technological development and tend to enjoy great success in upcoming years.

Cloud-based apps:

Cloud-based apps are the important feature in an any mobile phone,  this app offers online storage to back up, store and synchronize your important documents, contacts, pictures, videos, and music and text messages. This feature allows the user to save, access and manage all of the content on any of devices, on-the-go.

This feature is added to many of the devices, the most common examples of cloud-based apps are; Dropbox, Microsoft office live and cloud numbers. As even if we lose our smart gadgets, every one of us wants to restore our critical data. This feature carries a great scope in future apps development in mobile phones.

Internet of things (IoT):

Internet of things is the technology that helps the user to send and receive important information or data about the non-internet connected objects by simply providing them network. These objects can be anything from your routine base objects to highly complex objects. This technology detects monitor and solves problems accordingly. With the technology advancements, this technology is more likely to take the great place in mobile apps developments.

 Mobile Payments:

As technology is rising, it is also giving great rise to various other aspects to improve our lives. One of the greatest tasks for anyone nowadays is to manage their bank accounts, the mobile app developers have taken notice to this issue and started to work more on the creation and development of mobile payment apps and mobile banking. As these apps seem to carry great importance and scope in mobile apps development, there are great chances to see these apps emerging in future with great potential.

Location-based services:

Location-based service (LBS) is a software technology that uses location data to control features. This service is an information service and it has a number of uses in social networking, entertainment, and security. LBS uses interface that is easily manageable by mobile phone. This app carries a great importance and scope in future development of mobile phone apps.


With the rise of technology, the greatest technology of era ‘mobile phone’ is also advancing by every passing day. It is very important to understand the new app developments with regard to mobile phone industry. In this article, we have discussed the mobile apps with great scope for future.

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