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With web apps 2018 right around the corner and as each year bring new trends and ideas into the limelight. When it comes to business, progressive apps should be a central part of your strategy as website plays a vital role in its success.

Unfortunately, your business can fail drastically if you do not have a proper website. Therefore it is of the essence to follow the trends that are dominating web development and in the upcoming year, if you are planning to get better web design and app development then knowing some facts beforehand will be beneficial to successfully contend with your competitors.

Staying competitive in business you must have some quality tips in your pocket to learn about progressive web apps and how they will be extremely useful. For this reason, we have accumulated key trends that would have a major impact in 2018. Let’s get started!

Single Page Websites

Single page website is getting popular and has numerous favorable circumstances due to its simplicity and ease of use. Because of all content on one scrollable single page, it eradicates from any complexities and messiness such as various pages, multi menus and the bundle of content.

These single page site decrease website expenses as they are user-friendly. Such websites are not suitable for business but are favorable only for companies who want to showcase their projects and portfolio as entire basis data is on one page.

However, they can also be set up in product sites and apps or we can say that anything without heavy content. This is not time-consuming for visitors as they won’t have to navigate through multiple web pages. That’s the reason that single page website will be the mainstream in 2018.

Helpful Chatbots

Another web development incline for customer service is a chatbot that fulfills the requirement to respond anytime to an unlimited number of customers. This makes things easier for users with just one click. Latest chatbots are based on artificial intelligence and are able to understand live speech with constant learning.

It is believed that it will play an imperative role in coming years as 85% of customer interaction will take place without human assistance. Customer’s addresses their problems and they want to get a rapid solution so having a chatbot guarantee seamlessly communication with users, ensuring with better customer services, therefore, chatbot will be a fundamental component of every website.

This will be an amazing turn for future web development trends in 2018. Make sure that you have a chatbot so that to stay updated with advance trends.

Push Notifications

The most fundamental tool websites should incorporate is the use of push notifications as the work procedure is so simple. This web development trend will permit your users to stay in touch with every update. For instance, if any post is updated so users will be notified instantly so you can engage users without enormous endeavors.

Although several websites have adopted push notifications largely but not as much as it must be, it still seems to be inclined to a much bigger exposure. To outperform the competitors it is a required for businesses to adopt the most up-to-date web trend and stay ahead in 2018

Multilingual Website

A multilingual website is a requisite especially if you are targeting users globally. It is considered to be a massive advantage as it will not only attract people who are proficient in English but will also bring the audience who don’t understand English well.

As in highly competitors business realm losing customers and traffic is such unbearable loss so you must plan to build up a multi-language website as you can’t take a risk to lose customers and everyday traffic just because of the language obstacle.

Google (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP

Mobile internet has become common and a great ratio of users owning a smartphone browses websites on their mobiles so the foremost step is a mobile responsive website. However, if you already have that then optimizing your website for speed is the next step.


According to a research, it is considered that users will leave a site that fails to load within 3 seconds and there is more chance that they might even opt for competitor’s site. As a result, Google AMP will soon be a battleground as it gives a fair advantage over the websites in mobile search experience and moreover boosts the ranking as they are SEO friendly!

Progressive Web Apps Will Dominate

Because of the rapid increase in mobile apps, developers create a blend of web and traditional app behavior. Great strides have already started so in 2018 Progressive Web Applications are going to become the major competitor of native mobile apps.

PWA contributes a remarkable role in growing media time and it will be competing for native apps in the coming year ahead. These web apps appear to be native mobile apps as users are able to create a shortcut and save to their home screen as a result information is stored in the cache that will permit it to load instantly.

Yet, PWA technology is quite new and world await the publicity, as it seems to have a promising future.


Gradually there is a vast improvement in the online world so it is really important to keep an eye on latest trends and see how things will change in coming years. You should stay up to date with the latest trends. Feel free to contact Vizz Web Solutions to get exciting solutions. We guarantee to provide you with latest trends according to your website requirements that would make users wonder. You can also talk to us and share your ideas.

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