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Key Points:

  1. Introduction to Amazon One Technology
  2. Advantages of Palm Recognition
  3. Security Concerns

Amazon is no longer a small book store that we all knew. The company has grown massively over the last couple of years. It is now a synonym for innovation in the world of tech and eCommerce. Recently, Amazon has come up with Amazon One, a palm recognizing technology that will make the payment process contact-free.


Amazon has announced a computer vision technology that scans your palm for recording payment. The company calls it Amazon One.

The journey of the customer with this technology will involve no contact with representatives. Experts consider it a plus as contact-less shopping is the need of the hour. The customers will simply enter a store, buy stuff and pay by simply putting their hand in the air over a scanning machine. The computer vision technology will scan different recognition points of the palm for confirmation. Subsequently, payment will reach the vendor. The customer will move out of the store and go home.

Amazon One
Amazon One

The signup process is fast and convenient. It requires a mobile number and credit card only.

Currently, the technology is available at two Amazon Go stores in Seattle. However, the company plans on selling this technology to other businesses as well. Palm recognition can be an alternative form of identity recognition at offices, concerts, and other places for entrance.


  1. The contactless payment is the biggest positive point. It will decrease the odds of contracting coronavirus from a salesperson.
  2. The need for tickets and IDs will diminish with the widespread application of this technology.
  3. It is more secure than other forms of payment like direct payment through the hand.

Security Concerns:

Experts have always raised concerns about big corporations collecting user’s intimate data. In addition, when the data is physical then there is more trouble. You can not let someone just scan your body. Furthermore, Amazon says that data will be saved in the cloud. So, the daunting question here is how the company will protect data if hackers reach into their cloud.

The security and privacy concerns attached to this new technology are real. It works like magic. But, it is less likely to replace old methods in the near future as of yet.

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