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MEAN Stack Development Solutions

We provide Industry’s leading MEAN Stack web development services to multiple business verticles. MEAN Stack is a popular technology stack used by developers for building dynamic, reliable, and scalable web applications.

Our team of MEAN Stack Developers is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that meet your specific needs. We can create applications from scratch and provide custom development, maintenance, and support services. Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

Our MEAN Stack development solutions are designed to be cost-effective, scalable, and reliable. We strive to ensure innovation and high-quality coupled with on-time delivery.

mean stack dev

Mean Stack Services Include

We specialize in the following MEAN Stack development services:

Software Development


MongoDB is a powerful and popular NoSQL database used to store and manage dynamic data. Our developers have expertise in MongoDB installation, configuration, and integration.

Build Test


Node.js is a fast and powerful JavaScript runtime platform. Our developers have expertise in building custom, feature-rich, and secure web applications with Node.js.

Code Inspection


By utilizing Express, our developers can create fast and powerful APIs for web and mobile applications. Responses, cookies, and request endpoints are available on a simple interface.

Quality Assurance


Angular is a client-side framework that facilitates the transfer of JSON documents. We leverage this technology to create dynamic and intuitive user interfaces for web and mobile applications.

MEAN STACK Development Services

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends in web and mobile application design. Our MEAN Stack development solutions are tailored to help organizations grow and achieve their desired goals.

Software Development

MEAN Stack App Development

Vizz Web Solutions delivers secure, scalable, and high-performing mobile applications. Our developers are proficient in MEAN stack app development. We craft a tailored app for your business within the given time and budget, using MEAN stack technology.

Build Test

MEAN Stack Migration

We assist businesses in migrating existing web applications or solutions built on different platforms to MEAN Stack. Our developers can smoothly and seamlessly migrate applications from LAMP Stack or any other technologies to MEAN Stack.

Code Inspection

MEAN Stack Web Development

MEAN stack web development services help you build fast, secure, and feature-rich websites. Our team understands the importance of timely updates and maintenance of web applications. Therefore, we ensure that your website is secure and up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Continuous Integration

MEAN Stack Maintenance & Support

Our MEAN Stack experts provide 24×7 maintenance and support services. We ensure optimal performance and full-fledged, round-the-clock availability of your web or mobile application. The updates are deployed while maintaining the security of the system architect.

Quality Assurance

MEAN Stack Customization

At Vizz Web Solutions, we recognize the unique requirements of every business. Our team of MEAN Stack Experts has the skills necessary to customize applications as per your needs. We provide full-featured solutions that meet all your requirements.

MEAN Stack VS MERN Stack

MEAN Stack and MERN Stack are two popular frameworks used by developers today, but there are some key differences between them.

  • MEAN Stack uses MongoDB as the Database whereas MERN Stack uses MongoDB, MySQL, and other databases.
  • MEAN Stack uses Express as the Back-end whereas MERN Stack uses Express, Redux, and Flux.
  • MEAN Stack uses Angular as the Front-end while MERN Stack uses React.
Mean Stack Development
Mean Stack Development

MEAN Stack Vs. LAMP Stack

MEAN Stack and LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Stack are two of the popular web development frameworks available in the market. However, both frameworks have their share of advantages and disadvantages.

  • MEAN Stack is a full-stack JavaScript Framework that utilizes MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. On the other hand, LAMP uses Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • MEAN Stack is more secure and has better performance. LAMP Stack is open source and more accessible, making it easier to use for developers.
  • MEAN Stack is the better choice for developing modern and dynamic web applications. On the other hand, LAMP Stack is better suited for traditional web hosting solutions.

    Benefits of Choosing MEAN Stack

    There are multiple tech stacks available today for building your web or mobile application. But when it comes to MEAN Stack vs LAMP Stack or MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack, the former takes the lead due to some key advantages.

    Open Source

    Reliable Development

    MEAN Stack is an open-source technology that makes it freely available for developers.

    Full-Stack JavaScript

    Faster Time To Market

    MEAN Stack utilizes a full-stack JavaScript framework and is used to develop high-performing web applications.

    Easy to Develop & Maintain

    Enhanced Quality

    MEAN Stack is an integrated technology stack that makes it easy to develop and maintain web applications..

    Highly Scalable

    Customer Satisfaction

    MEAN Stack-based web applications are highly scalable and can handle heavy workloads with ease.



    Customer Satisfaction

    MEAN Stack is an affordable option for businesses looking for cost-effective development solutions.


    Hire Remote MEAN Stack Developers

    At Vizz Web Solutions, we have a team of experienced and certified MEAN Stack developers to provide remote development services. Our developers are proficient in creating custom applications from the ground up and provide reliable maintenance & support services.

    Our remote MEAN stack development services include:

    • Web & Mobile App Development
    • Customization Services
    • Architecture & Infrastructure Consulting
    • Database Design
    • Quality Assurance

    You can hire a remote MEAN Stack developer as per your demand, i.e full-time, hourly basis, or project basis. We leverage advanced technology and modern methodology to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.


    Why choose us for MEAN Stack development services?

    Vizz Web Solutions provides top-notch MEAN Stack development services. Our team has expertise in creating secure, scalable, and high-performing web applications that are tailored to meet specific business requirements.

    What are the steps for MEAN stack development?

    The steps for MEAN stack development include:

    • Defining the scope and requirements of the project.
    • Designing the user interface.
    • Developing the application
    What is MEAN Stack in Javascript?

    MEAN Stack is a full-stack JavaScript framework that uses MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. It is used to develop high-performing web applications.

    What is MEAN Stack in Node.js?

    MEAN Stack in Node.js is an open-source software stack used for developing web applications. It includes MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js.

    What is the Cost MEAN Stack Web Development Service?

    The cost of MEAN stack web development services depends on a few factors such as the complexity of the project, the number of developers, and the timeline. Our MEAN stack experts provide an accurate estimate for the cost of development after understanding the project requirements.