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What does a Native app developer do?


A native developer is a skilled professional who has expertise in designing, maintaining, and developing a mobile application, especially for a particular platform or operating system. These developers are proficient in crafting apps that are optimized for a precise platform such as Android or iOS. In their role, native app developers work closely with the app design and product team to entirely understand the project requirements and meet user needs. They utilize their expertise in the programming languages like Java, Kotlin for Android, Swift, and Objective-C for iOS to build the app’s core functionality and user interfaces.


How do Native app developers differ from other app developers?

Native app developers differ from other app developers primarily in their focus on specific platforms and their operation of platform-specific programming tools. Here are the key distinctions:

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Platform-specific expertise

Native app developers work on a specific platform such as iOS or Android. They have a profound knowledge of the platform’s guidelines, user interface elements, and design principles, allowing them to create apps that blend well with the platform’s native appearance and conditions.

Programming languages

Native app developers utilize platform-specific languages like Java and Kotlin for Android whilst they use Swift and Objective-C for iOS. This allows them to access device-specific features and optimize app performance leading to a seamless user experience.

User experience and performance

Since native apps are developed for a specific platform, they grab onto the device’s hardware and software capabilities more adeptly. This leads to better performance, faster load times, and a more responsive user interface compared to cross-platform apps.

Access to platform-specific feature

Native app developers can effortlessly get access to and utilize platform-specific features like camera, GPS, sensors, and push notifications enhancing the app’s punctuality and user engagement.

Development time and cost

While native app development may require a separate team platform, it often leads to a shorter shooter development cycle and lower maintenance costs in the long run due to improved performance and coherence.

On the other hand, other app developers, like cross-platform or hybrid developers, use frameworks like React Native or Flutter to create apps that can run on different platforms. While cross-platform development gives advantages in terms of code reusability and faster development, it may not fully utilize platform-specific features leading to slightly composed performance.


What is the best platform for a native app?

The best platform for native app development depends on various factors such as project requirements, targeted audience, and development team expertise. The two major platforms for app development are Android and iOS.

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Larger market share

Android has a larger market share making it an ideal choice to reach a larger audience.


Device diversity

Android devices come in various sizes and configurations, offering developers more flexibility for designing apps for different screen resolutions and form factors.


Open-source nature

Android is an open-source platform, which can be advantageous for developers who prefer customization and freedom in the development process.


Easier app approval

The app approval process on Google Play Store is considered easier than the approval process on App Store.



Higher revenue potential

iOs users tend to spend more on app purchases, making it an ideal platform for developers seeking a source to monetize their app.


Better use experience

Apple’s strict design guidelines and hardware-software integration result in a smoother and more consistent user experience across iOS devices.


Faster adoption of new features

iOS users typically adopt the latest OS updates at a faster rate, allowing developers to utilize new features and capabilities soon.

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Hire a Native app developer from Vizz.

When you hand-pick a native app developer from Vizz, you gain a trusted partner with a demonstrated track record of delivering outstanding apps that stand out in the competitive market. We are passionate about morphing your app idea into an actuality, and our developers bring their expertise, creativity, and dedication to every project they undertake. Experience the difference with Vizz and watch your app soar to new heights of success.

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Three Steps to Hire a

Native App Developer from Vizz!

Hiring a developer through Vizz is a simple and efficient process. Follow these three easy steps:

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Define your project

Fill out the Form

Briefly, tell us about your ideas and goals.

conduct an interview


We will schedule a consultation with you to understand your project requirements in detail. 

Hire a suitable candidate

Kickstart Your Project

Our resource will be ready to start working on your project.

How do we hire the top talent?

At Vizz, we follow a rigorous hiring process to ensure that we choose the best and most skilled professionals for our team. Here’s an overview of our hiring process:

Initial Screening

We start by reviewing resumes and applications received from potential candidates. We assess their educational background, work experience, and relevant skills to shortlist candidates who meet our initial criteria.

Technical Evaluation

Shortlisted candidates undergo a technical evaluation to assess their technical knowledge and expertise. This evaluation may include coding assessments, problem-solving challenges, and technical interviews specific to their domain.

Behavioral Assessment

Apart from technical skills, we evaluate candidates’ soft skills and attitudes to determine if they align with our company culture and values. We look for qualities like teamwork, communication, adaptability, and a passion for continuous learning.

Project Experience

Candidates with previous project experience are given preference. We evaluate their past work, contributions to open-source projects, and any relevant certifications to gauge their practical knowledge and achievements.


Interview with Team Lead

Shortlisted candidates have a one-on-one interview with our team leads or project managers. This interview focuses on their specific domain expertise, problem-solving approach, and understanding of industry best practices.

Client-Focused Approach

We emphasize our candidates’ ability to understand and prioritize clients’ needs. We evaluate their communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with clients and other team members.

Continuous Learning

We look for candidates who show a strong commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in their field.

Technical and Cultural Fit

A candidate must demonstrate their fit within our technical requirements and align with our company culture and values. We seek individuals who can contribute positively to our team’s dynamics.

Reference Checks

Before making a final decision, we conduct reference checks to verify the candidate’s professional background and performance.

Vizz Native App Developer hiring model

We offer various hiring models based on the specific needs, requirements, resources, and organizational structures

The choice of the hiring models depends on the nature of the project you offer such as budget consideration and time constraints.


Full-Time Employees

We offer a traditional model where you can hire our workers as full-time employees and let them be a part of your team with permanent positions whilst offering benefits and job security.


Remote or Virtual team

You can hire a developer from us to work remotely, leveraging technology for communication and collaboration.


Project-based Hiring

We also offer project-based hiring where you can hire our developers for specific projects and initiatives, providing flexibility and scalability as per project requirements.

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