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Web Development

We’ll pair you with a well-suited consultant to help you with IT-based issues. We are infused with certified performance consultants. 


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Our Expertise – Your Success

Make the most of the Linux operating system’s reliability, security, and flexibility. We leverage this well-known open-source platform for our Linux web hosting, giving your website and apps a strong base.
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We provide a wide range of Linux web hosting services that are certain to satisfy your requirements. Our lightning-fast SwiftServer platform hosts them all. Even better, compared to those rival Linux hosting choices, you can opt to host on our Turbo Servers, which offer up to 20X quicker page loading.

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Azure DevOps Services Vizz Web Solutions Provides

We can assist you in reducing risk, eliminating process duplication, and producing high-caliber software that satisfies your company’s requirements thanks to our proficiency with DevOps automation technologies and industry best practices. Furthermore, our emphasis on ongoing feedback and improved teamwork guarantees that your software is adaptable and agile, enabling you to react swiftly to shifting business needs.


Linux Server Setup and Configuration

Enabling customers to configure and set up Linux servers according to their requirements, guaranteeing best practices, security, and application compatibility.

linux admin

Linux System Administration and Maintenance

Providing continuous maintenance for Linux systems, which includes routine upgrades, tracking, troubleshooting, and system optimization to guarantee security and seamless functioning.


Security Hardening and Auditing

Implementing strong security measures to ward off possible attackers, auditing systems to find weaknesses, and applying security updates and procedures as needed.


Migration and Integration Services

Helping customers migrate their systems or applications to Linux-based environments, guaranteeing a seamless transition and integration while minimizing downtime and maintaining data integrity.

Industries We Serve


Regardless of your industry, we have you covered. Our area of specialization encompasses a broad range of business sectors. We want to provide you with a superb development plan that is tailored to the particular needs of your company.

Our Process For Linux Hosting Services

At Vizz Web Solutions

To speed up the software delivery process, our Linux methodology makes use of the best CI/CD procedures, instruments, and practices. The essential components of our Linux methodology, which we apply to every project, consist of:

Discovery Review

Evaluation and Scheduling

We evaluate the IT infrastructure and organizational procedures as they stand today and provide a thorough automation strategy.

Discovery Review

Automation of Infrastructure

Testing, staging, production, and build servers are all configured by us, and the entire architecture is automated.

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Ongoing integration

Every time a team member modifies version control, we combine code changes into a single repository and do automatic builds and test runs.

Web Application Design
Web Application Programming

Ongoing Implementation

As a premier provider of Linux services, we run modifications through the CI/CD pipeline to avoid any errors or delays and deploy complicated applications to the required infrastructure.

Web Application Design

Safety Procedures

As the top Linux consulting firm, we incorporate robust security procedures from the outset of projects and use cutting-edge technologies to automate security testing and compliance procedures.

Web Application Design

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Since 2009, Vizz Web Solutions stands as a preeminent global IT company, we have a proven track record with 1200+ cutting-edge software services delivered.

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As a leading global IT solution provider company, we have delivered 1200+ successful projects worldwide. We provide web and IT solutions to startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs.


Tech Stack We Use


Vizz Web Solutions’s team of experts leverages the latest technologies to develop outstanding software for your business. We ensure to choose the right tech stack that covers all the aspects of your software product!


Vizz Web Solution’s Expert

Linux Hosting Team

From our worldwide talent network, we assemble teams of the best software engineers, designers, project managers, and product managers that are tailored to your company’s demands and operational procedures. Each candidate is chosen based on their years of experience working in managed teams and their subject matter competence.



senior programmers, coders, and architects knowledgeable in a wide range of technologies.



A wide spectrum of illustrators, animators, and other designers who are experts in UI, UX, visual, and interaction design.


Project Managers

Having proficiency in a variety of PM tools, frameworks, and approaches, including digital and technical project managers, scrum masters, and more.

Product managers

Product Managers

Scrum product owners and digital product managers with experience in a range of sectors, including e-commerce, finance, and healthcare.


Our Projects

Football Prime

Football Prime

Football-Prime is a web portal centered on Man of the match®. It's a database where are stored player's and team's profiles. It provides information...

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Why Choose Vizz For Linux Services


For your Linux services, employing Vizz Web Solutions guarantees a smooth and effective development process. Our approach involves prioritizing comprehension of your business requirements and utilizing techniques such as Agile, Scrum, and Sprint-Based Development to ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery. We stand out for our dedication to efficient communication, self-organization, and quick delivery, which makes us the perfect partner for your Linux projects.

  • Take advantage of our extensive expertise and experience with Linux techniques, which guarantees the best possible cooperation between the development and operations teams.
  • Our agile methodology guarantees adaptability, openness, and timely project delivery to help you achieve your business objectives.
  • We use the Scrum framework to help our teams become more self-organizing, capable of handling change, and rising to new challenges.
  • With our sprint-based development strategy, which is designed to understand better and meet the specific needs of your project, you may prioritize timely and effective project delivery.
  • Throughout the Linux process, our dedication to transparent and efficient communication promotes teamwork and guarantees a thorough grasp of your business requirements.
  • We employ best practices for cutting-edge Linux solutions, putting your projects at the forefront of innovation with our emphasis on timely and well-organized delivery.

Let’s Get Started!

We comprehend the nature of your project and your sector! Give us the details of your project, and we’ll respond right away!

  • Briefly describe your needs.
  • Obtain a unique proposal.
  • Begin your growth process.

Linux Hosting Methodologies Vizz Web Solutions Offer


Vizz Web Solutions leverages its experience to strengthen and optimize your Linux services, guaranteeing effectiveness, consistency, and manageability through the development cycle. Using key techniques, we streamline processes and make work easier. As a Linux service provider, we are dedicated to fully understanding your company’s needs.


Agile Approach

Our Agile methodology ensures a transparent and cooperative development process by promoting efficient communication between the Linux team and stakeholders.

Sprint-Based Development

By implementing best practices for state-of-the-art Linux technologies and prioritizing quick and efficient delivery, we can better grasp your project’s needs and adopt Sprint-Based Development.

Framework Implementation

By putting the Scrum methodology into practice, we help our teams become more self-organizing and capable of accepting new experiences and changing with the times.

Our Linux Hosting Hiring Models

We provide three different recruiting models, each suited to meet specific project objectives and organizational preferences, as part of our commitment to provide customized solutions. Vizz Web Solutions is prepared to advance your Linux ambitions, whether you’re looking for a committed team for continuous collaboration, hourly hiring for flexible scalability, or a specialized engineer for focused knowledge.


Dedicated Team Model

Employ a dedicated team of Linux engineers who work exclusively on your projects, ensuring consistency and in-depth understanding of your organization’s needs, and fostering seamless collaboration.


Hire-an-Engineer Model

Opt for the hire-an-engineer model to bring in individual Linux engineers based on specific project needs. Offers flexibility and targeted expertise without committing to a dedicated team, suitable for shorter or task-specific engagements.


Hourly Hiring Model

Engage Linux engineers on an hourly basis, providing flexibility to scale the team according to project requirements. Ideal for projects with fluctuating workloads or short-term assignments.

With Our Linux Hosting Services, You Get

  • scaleable_softwaresmooth cooperation between the teams working on development and operations
  • ui_uxAgile project delivery for transparency and adaptability
  • qualityScalability to accommodate shifting project needs
  • dilieverySprint-based development enables quick deployment
  • timelyEconomical methods that maximize the use of available resources
  • domain_expertImproved security protocols at every stage of the development process
  • 24/7Constant integration leads to more dependable and high-quality code
  • 24/7Effective automation to improve processes and tedious activities
Q: What are services in Linux?

A Linux service, often known as a daemon, is a background-running software. It constantly scans for incoming requests and responds by sending a message in response. A process is an application or script that runs in the background or the foreground; in contrast, a service runs in the background.

Q: What is a Linux Service file?

To put it simply, service files offer a standardized method of incorporating daemon processes into the system’s management structure. They enable consistent and dependable control, configuration, and monitoring of background services across various Linux distributions, such as RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc., for Linux administrators and developers.

Q: What is a server manager in Linux?

A contemporary init system and service manager, system has become widely used in several Linux distributions, such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. In addition to many other characteristics, it is intended to offer parallelization and on-demand service activation.

Q: What is SSH command in Linux?

Over an unsecured network, the ssh command establishes a secure encrypted connection between two hosts. In addition, file transfers, terminal access, and program tunneling may all be done over this connection. Applications for Graphical X11 can also be safely executed remotely using SSH.

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Since 2009, Vizz Web Solutions stands as a preeminent global IT company, we have a proven track record with 1200+ cutting-edge software services delivered.

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Boost your project with professional automation, teamwork, and infrastructure management by hiring a knowledgeable Linux engineer from Vizz Web Solutions.