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Best Tips for Hiring a Good Developer
Best Tips for Hiring a Good Developer- vizzwebsolutions

Only 4% of developers are actively looking for a job. Here are best tips to hire a developer. Suffice it to say that going through traditional channels to distribute your ad is a more than risky. Even non-productive approach to recruiting a developer. The best thing is to directly contact potential candidates that you have previously unearthed on social networks or that you have met at events related to the sector.

But beware, if you have managed to obtain a long list of names, do not be tempted by the ease of Mass Mailing. It is absolutely necessary to personalize your request. And to make an even better impression, take the time to study your developer candidate’s profile and CV before sending them a message. The latter must reflect the interest you give to the person who will read your email: knowledge of their background, winks at their achievements, etc.

We Forget The Phone For The First Contact With A Developer

Yes, the telephone is direct. Yes, we immediately have someone on the phone (and they still have to answer) and we are quickly fixed. But now, tell yourself that you are not the only one who wants to hire a developer and that the candidates you have selected are certainly in high demand, even overwhelmed with receiving untimely calls.

How do you react when people constantly call you at home or on your cell phone to offer you a service or a product you don’t care about? Because yes, for the most part, the developers don’t care about your proposal, since they already have a stable jobs. And who says job, says “I don’t spend my time answering personal calls”. So the best thing is to send an email, a private message on LinkedIn, or even an SMS. The SMS channel will be ideal for quickly explaining that we have hooked up with the developer’s profile and that we would like to discuss a job opportunity with him. It is also an opportunity to propose a telephone meeting to be able to exchange calmly and effectively.

It’s Not Just Diplomas That Count!

In the world of development, there is one thing to remember: 90% of developers believe they have learned a lot on their own. Therefore, to hire developer based only on the diplomas displayed on his CV could well make you miss a motivated person who certainly does not have the academic level you wanted, but who already has good experience. Provided. Devs also feel more valued if they are flattered with praise for their achievements or performance rather than for the fine diplomas they have obtained.

Listen and Adapt to the Needs of the Developer

“Tell me what you want and I will do what I can”. To hire a developer, you have to be able to meet their expectations. It is often enough to ask the right questions to understand a person’s aspirations and seduce them. Knowing this, you can show him how your company can fulfill his desires.

Perhaps your interlocutor would like to move to your region? In this case, insist on your location and praise the merits of your city. If teleworking attracts him, why close himself to this provision if it allows you to hire the developer of your dreams? Tell him then that you are open to remote work. He wants more responsibilities, talk to him about the possibilities of evolution within your company… In short, use all your charms to seduce him.

Show Yourself in Your Best Light

A good job is good, but for a developer who receives a proposals, you still have to be able to make him want to leave his job to join your team. So now is the time to take out all your recruiting assets. Before discussing the description of your mission, talk about your company: the good atmosphere, the autonomy you grant to your employees, the flexibility of schedules, your customers, and the training possibilities

You will then understand the importance of having a neat employer brand in order to attract profiles to you, and not the other way around!

Speak the Same Language as Developers

Too often, recruiters or recruitment firms are looking for talent to contact them without really knowing what they are talking about. Most of the time, they have no idea of ​​the languages ​​(C / C++ / C# / Java / PHP / Ruby / Python / Node.js / Scala…) on which the developer they want will have to work. We are, in fact, too quick to make shortcuts by telling ourselves that if he is good in a particular area, he will be good everywhere. So try from the start to have the same vocabulary as him so that he feels that you know his job and that you haven’t found him just by typing a few keywords into a search engine. In this regard, we have provided you with a document that includes 33 essential IT terms to know when you want to communicate with person to hire developer:

We are in a Hurry to Recruit

Tech is an area where everything is going very fast. If you want to be sure of successful developer hiring, you need to speed up the selection process. It would be totally counterproductive to multiply interviews with candidates who, on paper, correspond to the profile you are looking for. Tell yourself that you have a trial period to check his skills. On the other hand, if the person you have in front of you is ultra-competent, making them wait exposes you to the risk that they will finally go elsewhere, where we decide more quickly.

Well, now that you know how to hire a good developer, all you have to do is start looking for your little programming genius. And if you need help, at Happy to meet you, we would be very happy to be able to support you in this perilous adventure of hiring a developer!