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Development Stacks: What are they and how to Hire Developer
Development Stacks: What are they and how to Hire Developer- vizzwebsolutions

Choosing the right stack and to hire developer for your software product is crucial to the success. And profitability of your business. Thinking about this, Vizz Web Solutions tell you everything. You basically need to know about development stacks and how to choose the right one for your project.

What are development stacks?

Stacks are software packages that comprise the back end of a site. Including the operating system, web servers, APIs, programming frameworks, etc.

By being able to bundle all of these components together. They become easier to download and deploy simultaneously. The components of a stack can range from general. Such as the Mac OS X operating system, to very specific, such as a particular PHP framework.

Your choice of the stack may be determined by the need for vertical scalability, or because your development team is specially trained with a programming language. But below we will see how to choose the right component for your project and other important factors when to choose or change a stack.

Types of Development Stacks

These are some of the most popular development stacks right now.

MEAN Stacks Development

MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js) is an end-to-end javascript stack Vizz Web Solution providing mean stack developers. It uses a single language throughout the package, so you have the opportunity to reuse code throughout the application, which reduces unnecessary reimagining. Its technology is free and open source, its applications are very flexible, ideal for development in the cloud, and it can be easily implemented since it includes its own web server.

Also, the database can be scaled on demand to accommodate temporary spikes in usage. For types of use that include calendars, maps and location search, and news aggregation sites, these packages are outstanding.

MERN Stacks Development

MERN Stacks is very similar to MEAN, with the difference that instead of Angular, React is implemented. And since React uses the Virtual DOM, changes can be easily implemented. In addition, React uses JSX, which is a modification of JavaScript, which allows the smooth work of the components. Also, React is a very good framework for building high-end single-page applications with interactive user interfaces.

With all this Vizz Web Solution providing mern stack developers, MERN is a good candidate, but it should be noted that React is more of a library than a framework, so developers end up turning to third-party services.

MEVN Stacks Development

It uses Vue.js instead of Angular as the UI framework. It is a very popular framework for being a lightweight solution compared to Angular.Vue.js offers basic functionality out of the box but offers the ability to extend with third-party services.

In short, it combines everything great about React and Angular to provide great performance and a rich set of tools.

LAMP Stacks Development

It is a classic stack with a proven track record. It incorporates Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP and remains one of the most common ways to deliver web applications. Lamp Stack was one of the first open-source software and is still one of the most popular today. Popular open-source CMSs like WordPress and Drupal use LAMP and choose it over others for its stability and power.

LAMP is the first choice many think of when it comes to developing custom web applications. It helps to manage pages efficiently and dynamically. As we already said, it is open source, so you can choose the components based on your business requirements.

Instead of using Linux as the operating system, it allows you to use Microsoft Windows to form a WAMP stack or MAC OS to form a MAMP stack. PHP can also be exchanged for Perl or the increasingly popular Python language.

How to choose the stacks

To make a good choice, you must first think about the future; these are some of the considerations to keep in mind.

What is your minimum viable product (MVP) and how much do you see it grow?

Your MVP is the basic set of products you need to implement your website: the highest ROI against the lowest risk.

Regardless of the parameters you have for your website or web application, focusing on the MVP to choose a stack is a good start; then you can grow from there.


If your site or application is growing, it is best to choose a solid stack to have a solid foundation. Growth can be vertical, with more programs and processes included in your application, or horizontal, which requires it to run on more machines.

Go for solid code and a solid foundation; but if your growth is future-proof, then choose a stack that can accommodate a lot of growth without collapsing.

What are the strengths of your development team?

Choose a stack that has the languages ​​and programs that your development team is well-versed in.

If your team has worked with PHP, you can choose a PHP-based stock, such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) or one of its variants. This can save you a lot of time automatically.

Which platform is best for your project?

There is no such thing as “the best platform”, in fact, whether it is the .NET platform, the Java platform, or Node.js, each platform has its own strengths. Choose the one that has the strengths that match your project, and thinking about this consider:

How important is speed to your stock choice? Node.js is a great option for its speed and scalability. Platforms like LinkedIn have moved from Ruby to Node.js. Also, Node.js allows developers to build more complexity with less code upfront, but it doesn’t include a compiler, so you’ll need an experienced developer to make sure your code is clean. Vizz Web Solution providing facility to Hire Developer.

How important is the cost? The cost is an open factor and difficult to predict, it includes development hours, future maintenance, etc. In that sense, .NET code can take longer to write, but it’s easier to debug in the future if problems arise.