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Discover Collision Event Canada 2024
Discover Collision Event Canada 2024- vizzwebsolutions


Individuals with a keen interest in business and technology, tech enthusiasts, and creators eagerly anticipate events that showcase cutting-edge technologies. However, Collision remains one of the most significant events in North America. The 2024 premiere of Collision is scheduled in Canada, and is designed to unite industry titans, the most recent technological advancements, influential speakers, and exclusive networking opportunities.

Meet the Vizz Web Solutions Delegation In Collision 2024

Vizz Web Solutions, a technology company that is always inventing new concepts, will also be present at Collision 2024. Members of the delegation include Mudasser Abbas (CEO), Beenish Kiyani (Co-Founder), and Saad Bin Riaz (Business Analyst). Great individuals with experience working together and extensive knowledge of business and IT start-ups make up this team. You may meet up with them at the Collision conference and brainstorm potential collaborations and new ideas. Vizz Web Solutions is not only offering its services but also a program to assist new companies in getting off the ground.

  • Mudasser Abbas

    Mudasser Abbas (CEO)

  • Beenish Kiyani

    Beenish Kiyani (Co-Founder)

  • Saad Bin Riaz

    Saad Bin Riaz (Business Analyst)

Event Details: Venue and Dates

Collision 2024 will take place at Toronto, Ontario’s Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place from June 17th to June 20th. Enercare can accommodate thousands of international attendees as it is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and facilities. The Enercare Centre has hosted numerous international conferences and events and has all the contemporary amenities necessary for organizing such a gathering.
Here is the link to register yourself  Register

What is Collision?

Technocrats from the most prominent corporations in the media, finance, and technology industries attend Collision, an internationally renowned event. Paddy Cosgrave directed Collision, which has earned its place as a global platform for technological progress. Many people often refer to Collision as the “Olympics of the technology sector” because it has a structured format, engaging atmosphere, and stimulating sessions.

Why Canada?

Canada, a global leader in the knowledge-based economy, particularly in the technology sector, is the perfect host for Collision. Its Tech-friendly government policies, diverse and progressive population, and high-quality education system all contribute to a thriving technology sector. With technologically advanced major metropolitan areas like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, Canada provides an ideal environment for the development of novel concepts and collaborative ventures, making it the perfect backdrop for Collision 2024.

Collision 2024- Key Aspects

     Cutting-Edge Tech Exhibitions

Large portions of Collision 2024 will be devoted to showcasing the most cutting-edge technologies yet to be invented. A comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning, blockchain, IoT, and quantum computation, will be available for attendees to observe personally.

    Influential Speakers

Although the Plans continue to be the primary focus of attention throughout the preparations for Collision, it is important not to forget that the speakers at this event are equally exceptional. This year, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, influential businesspeople, and thought-provoking speakers who are shaping the latest trends in the IT market. Past speakers have comprised notable individuals, including Al Gore, Sophia Bush, and Brad Smith.

   Networking Opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of Collision is the opportunity for attendants to network with so many individuals. The thousands of people who attend represent over one hundred countries, making it possible to build business relationships and work together. Significantly, regardless of whether one represents a start-up company seeking investors, a software developer seeking partners, or an executive interested in collaborations, Collision offers a variety of avenues for engaging with these individuals: roundtable discussions, networking sessions, and even huddle sessions.

    Start-up Showcase

Start-ups form the foundation of Collision. The event’s start-up program provides an opportunity for nascent businesses to showcase their products to potential investors and business partners. A consistently anticipated segment is the PITCH competition, during which the stars are given the platform to exhibit their innovative creations. Not only are the victors of Businessweek’s awards publicly recognized and exposed, but they also gain access to additional financing from serious investors, many of whom are willing to serve as mentors in the management of the capital they have invested.

    Workshops and Masterclasses

Collision offers a wide range of lessons and courses for people who want to improve their skills. The topics covered in these sessions range from design thinking to programming, business and marketing strategies, and team building. These webinars, which are conducted in real-time and led by subject matter experts, center on the practical application of concepts and case-based discussions.

   Interactive Experiences

Collision 2024 will have more than just booths and talks. It will also have live demos, hackathons, and displays like a technology playground. People can get hands-on experience with new tools and think about how they might be used to solve problems in the future through these kinds of events.

   Women in Tech

Collision’s mission helps the group and its member communities accept and value variety in the tech industry. So, the Women in Tech track will have workshops and groups led by and for women working in technology. These will include talks and conversations about problems and successes that aim to change the way people think about gender diversity in technology.

Collision 2024: Why Should You Go? 

Everybody who shows up gets a front-row seat to the inner workings of cutting-edge innovation and the opportunity to shape the future of technology on a global scale. The event features:

  • Acquire ValuableInsights: Learn how expert meetings and workshops can enhance your understanding of your industry.
  • Networking: Build contacts with other key persons in your industry, potential clients and partners, and technology lovers.
  • Inspiration: Potential friends who can motivate you are those who are contributing to and innovating in your line of work.
  • Opportunities: Look for investors or joint venture partners by placing an advertisement for your company.

Exploring Toronto 

There are lots of things to experience during your stay in Toronto. Toronto is famous for its super large number of tourists and numerous cultural attractions, such as museums and galleries, restaurants and shopping centers. The CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the St. Lawrence Market are all must-sees.


The Conference of Technology in Canada is planned to be a truly amazing event that will show growth and unity. Many people will attend this conference, and you will be amazed whether you work in tech, are in business, or are just curious about tech. Please mark the dates on your calendar. You are going to have a great time learning about the latest technology that will change the world.

You are welcome to come as our friend to find out more. Do not miss this great chance to participate in the event. Vizz Web is looking forward to seeing you at Collision 2024!