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Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies for Businesses
Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies for Businesses- vizzwebsolutions

Cybersecurity attacks are becoming increasingly common. Organizations are struggling to protect their data from the hands of criminals by employing emerging cybersecurity technologies.

The threat of cybercrimes has always been here since the advent of the internet. Nonetheless, now hackers are using new tactics to break into the system. We have shared numerous moments in history when popular names faced data breaches. This shows the gravity of the situation. That is to say, if giants like Yahoo could not save themselves what about small businesses?

Technological advancement has taken cybersecurity to a new level. Now we have blockchain technology, machine learning and AI and, 2-FA systems to help us protect our own data and that of our users. Nonetheless, the hackers are also getting smarter. They know how to exploit the loopholes of technologies. Therefore, businesses need to keep optimizing their cybersecurity measures with the latest inventions.

Top 3 Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies:

The Covid-19 pandemic is upon us. It has forced businesses to operate in cyberspaces as social distancing measures are put into place. Work from home is a new reality. Resultantly, small businesses have a huge amount of data online. Consequently, cyber-attacks have the potential of causing massive damage. Hence, innovative measures for cybersecurity are now indispensable.

Let’s take a look at the three emerging cybersecurity technologies and see how they can change the cyber landscape in favor of small businesses.

1. Blockchain Integration:

Blockchain technology has great appeal for businesses. It provides a distributed ledger of record keeping. The blockchain ledger is well-kept and immutable. Multiple companies are now integrating blockchain to protect themselves against fraud and data theft.

Data manipulation is very easy when data is stored in one place. Hackers can simply attack the storage place, manipulate the particulars, and cause damage to the owners. Blockchain, on the other hand, has a decentralized storage system. All the nodes (or computers) in the blockchain ledger have a copy of the data. So, unless malicious actors gain access to a significant amount of computers the attack is far less likely to cause any data loss.

The conventional companies ask customers for their personal information before offering services. This information then stays in the company’s database. In the case of a data breach, the customer’s identity is exposed. As a result, the reputation of organization is at stake. Blockchain rules out this threat by providing proof of identity system. Companies can simply verify whether a person is who he says he is with a universal decentralized identity system.

Hence, blockchain can manage data vulnerability efficiently on the internet. It can secure data in storage and transmission through encryption.

2. AI and Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence and its subset machine learning are buzzwords in the technological industry and rightfully so. AI can manage tasks with much more efficiency than humans. It can step-up the game of cybersecurity for businesses.

The complex cybersecurity attacks like obfuscation and polymorphism are hard to identify through traditional security checks. Employing AI can not only help in pin-pointing the abnormality but also counter-attacking with minimum human intervention. Besides, human analysis is carried out with precision through AI. It analyzes the behavior of individuals. AI alerts the system when a bot or any other malicious actor comes in contact with the operations of the company.

AI also helps in minimizing the cybersecurity workforce. It automates mundane cybersecurity tasks. The abnormalities are identified beforehand. Moreover, AI has no downtime. It executes tasks and stays watchful 24/7.

The tech giant Gmail uses Machine learning to block 100 million extra spam messages. Other big companies like IBM are also employing AI for cybersecurity. In 2021, the need for AI-powered cybersecurity solutions will further increase. So, if you haven’t shifted to it yet then what are you waiting for?

3. Multifactor Authentication:

Multifactor Authentication puts an extra layer of security on the user sign-in process. All companies from banking to healthcare now use 2FA (2-Factor Authentication). It adds another touchpoint beyond the usual username and password. SMS verification and YubiKey are an example of tools for 2FA.

Embedded hardware systems are also a means of additional authentication. In order to protect the data of the customers and minimize the threat of identity theft, multi-factor authentication is the needful step.


Businesses around the world are increasingly investing in cybersecurity technologies. It is the need of the hour. The pattern of attacks is changing and so are the types of technologies. We have shared the top 3 emerging cybersecurity technologies in this article. You can choose from either of them to protect your business in cyberspace.

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