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Join Vizz Web Solutions at Japan IT Week Spring 2023


We are all set to go and meet industry peers in Japan IT week from April 4th, 2023 (Tuesday) to April 07th, 2023 (Friday). Vizz Web Solutions choose this conference to exhibit innovative IT services that the company provides to its clients around the globe. Our booth will also showcase the groundbreaking projects and Startups along with engagement models of the company.


Japan IT Week gives people the chance to experience the latest IT technologies and products from Japanese vendors. It is held annually during the first week of April, near Tokyo. The event has over 4,000 exhibitors and organizers say over 160,000 people will attend this year.

The Japan IT Spring Week features a range of activities, including conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, and product demonstrations. The event also includes a number of networking and business opportunities, including networking events and business-matching services.

Main Shows of Japan IT Week 2023

A few of the recurring shows happen every year in the exhibition. Some prominent ones are:

  • Software & Apps Development Expo
  • Sales Digital Transformation Expo
  • Embedded and Edge Computing Expo
  • Data Center and Storage Expo
  • Information Security Expo
  • Digital Marketing Expo

In the last two decades, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence made their mark on the world. Japan IT week gave the stage to these areas with:

  • Cloud BPR Expo
  • IoT Solutions Expo
  • AI & Business Automation Expo

With the growing popularity of Metaverse, organizers have decided to add Metaverse Expo to the list of shows this year.

Who Can Attend Japan IT Week?

You are eligible to enter Japan IT week Spring 2023 only if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are over 18 years of age.
  • You either have a visitor/exhibitor ticket or can pay 5,000 JPY.
  • You have a purpose of purchasing/installing IT solutions.

Students or people under 18 are not allowed entry at the exhibition. It is a purely Business to Business (B2B) event.

How to Register for Japan IT Week 2023?

You can register as Exhibitor on Japan IT Week using the following Link: https://www.japan-it.jp/spring/en-gb/gbs/sales/ex.html?co=smatechredirect

For a visitor ticket, go here:

Exhibitors have to contact Show Management after filling out the form that requires the company’s information.

Visitors have to enter their personal and professional information that makes them eligible for entering the exhibition.

Both Visitor and exhibitor passes are free. However, the organizers will decide whether you are eligible for entry or not. Moreover, Japan IT week doesn’t provide any Visa support to its visitors. Hence you have to figure that out on your own.

Japan IT Week Venue:

Dates: 4th April – 7th April, 2023

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

We look forward to seeing you there. Vizz Web Solutions will be at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan from April 4th to April 7th.

Pakistan at Japan IT Week Tokyo

Japan IT Week Spring is the largest IT exhibition in Japan. It attracts visitors and exhibitors from the best IT hubs on the globe. In total 11 companies from Pakistan are attending Japan IT week on sponsorship of P@SHA. The list includes:

  1. Vizz Web Solutions
  3. Visnext Software Solutions
  4. Vaival Technologies
  5. Systems Limited
  6. Qbatch
  7. Aciano Technologies
  8. Trillium Information Security Systems
  9. Tkxel
  10. Futurealiti Company
  11. Pioneer Logics

Benefits of Attending Japan IT Week 2023

Attending the Japan IT Week will give us the opportunity to:

  • Get a firsthand glimpse into the latest trends and technologies used in the Japanese IT sector
  • Meet potential clients, partners, and vendors
  • Establish networks with industry professionals

We wanted to bring more value to the exhibition by introducing our suite of services under the brand name of Vizz Web Solutions. Our services include web development and design, mobile application development, AI solutions, and digital marketing.


Attending Japan IT Week is a great way to learn about the latest technologies, trends, and products from the world of IT. With an extensive range of activities, and exhibitors showcasing the latest products, Japan IT Week offers great networking opportunities and business prospects.

Vizz Web Solutions will be exhibiting their innovative Outsourced IT services at the conference, and visitors can browse the latest products and technologies at the event. Anyone looking to attend the conference will need to meet the requirements set by the organizers. We look forward to your attendance at Japan IT Week Spring 2023.


What is the cost of the Entry Pass?

The entry passes are free, but you have to fill out the registration form first.

What is the agenda?

The agenda includes conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, product demos, networking events and business-matching services.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, visitors should be 18 or over.

Is there going to be a Language Barrier?

Most of the shows and expos are in the English Language. However, there are a few conferences that will only be held in Japanese. As a non-Japanese speaker, you will benefit from the event nonetheless.

Why Japan’s IT Industry is important?

Japan’s IT industry is the largest in the world, and it is important for businesses to be aware of the latest technologies, trends, and services being offered in the country.

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