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Top 13 Latest Trends in E-commerce
Top 13 Latest Trends in E-commerce- vizzwebsolutions

Technology has penetrated itself in every field of our lives. Our leisure activities, work, and businesses are finding ways to incorporate computers. The business industry has profited massively with tech innovations in lead generation.

Today the buying/selling and practices of lead generation look a lot different. Essentially, the journey of customers starts online. Often times, they never physically interact with product sellers at any stage. The business model of buying and selling things online is known as Electronic Commerce or E-commerce.

E-commerce has helped retailers increase their reach. Additionally, technological innovations like AR and VR have effectively improved the experience of customers. So, both buyers and sellers are benefitting from technology in the middle.

Here are some of the latest E-commerce trends which are gaining ground in 2020.

1. Use of Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is a splendid innovation. It helps customers visualize the product. Prior to AR, customers were unable to see how clothes would look like on their body or how the furniture would look like in their houses. However, now the product owners facilitate their potential clients with visual presentations. You can see whether the sofa will complement your paint color or not. Similarly, you can try clothes on your body. It is as if the product was in your hands. This also helps in lead generation online in a much more helpful fashion.

2. Online Product Customization:

This is a new trend seen in shopping portals. It allows potential customers to customize the products in order to suit their needs. For instance, you want to buy a pair of sneakers. You will go on a business site and select a prototype.

Subsequently, you will have the liberty to choose different colors, styles, and other features. After satisfaction with the design, check out and the product will be on its way. Nike allows its consumers to design their own shoes.

Customization gives a touch of uniqueness. Therefore, this trend is on the rise in E-commerce.

3. Image Search:

Artificial Intelligence helps businesses meet the customers’ demands with precision. Indeed visual search is another piece in the puzzle of perfect online branding. A potential customer can take an image of a product user likes and then find the retailer selling product.

Nonetheless, the great quality portfolio is important for this to work. Additionally, retailers should update the site regularly with images of new products. Subsequently, customers will be able to make buying decisions instantaneously.

4. Landing Pages:

Almost all popular brands use landing pages to collect leads. Relevant to the business and aesthetically pleasing landing page makes it easy to help the interested people come in contact with the business. Therefore, companies pay extra attention to landing pages now. New styles for landing pages will be trending in E-Commerce in the coming years.

5. Partial Lead Generation:

This is one of the tech solutions businesses look forward to. Imagine a scenario in which a potential customer comes to your website to enter his details but doesn’t check out. Now, you would want to know the details for follow up.

That’s where partial lead generation comes into the picture. There are plenty of software applications that allow the collection of partial leads. Resultantly, businesses can pursue interested individuals through emails or any other contact point. Netflix collects partial leads for email marketing.

6. Incorporation of Multiple Channels:

The journey of customers is no longer linear. You can find the people interested in your products from anywhere over the internet. That’s why the incorporation of multiple channels is necessary. Lead generation can happen for a business through Facebook, Gmail, or any other site.

In other words, potential customers don’t necessarily have to come to your site for making buying decisions. You should reach out to them through multiple courses both offline and online. This particular E-commerce trend has been in use for quite some time now. We will see more businesses adopting it in the future.

7. Social Media Shopping

This trend is linked to the previous one. Social Media is the favorite channel of businesses these days. Previously, brands would use social media like Instagram to introduce their products. But now, users can make the instant check out while on social media.

The pictures of products are posted with the price and all the necessary info. People just need to swipe to place the order. Essentially, both marketing and lead generation happens efficiently through Social Media Platforms.

8. Digital Advertising:

Digital advertising is another trend we are watching for the past couple of years. However, now businesses are revamping the ways of advertising in the internet world. The needs of digital media are different from traditional mediums. Brands have to create unique ads and approach audiences on digital media from a new angle.

For example, companies like Skillshare rely on youtube celeb’s endorsement rather than on mainstream celebs. Likewise, companies incorporate keywords for online advertising. Thus the trend of digital advertising with creativity will remain on the surge in E-commerce.

9. Communicating Values Online

In order to build a reputed brand, it is necessary to communicate the values of your organization. It is very important today for people to know where a certain business stands with societal values. For instance, racism, patriarchy, and Islamophobia are some of the prevalent issues in American society.

Businesses and Organizations speak frequently on those and communicate their values actively in online spaces. Furthermore, popular brands also let followers know how they are dealing with issues in the workplace. In Ecommerce, the trend of communicating values helps in building goodwill.

10. Speedy Delivery:

One of the downsides of online shopping is that you don’t get your product delivered instantly. While when you go to stores, you pay price and come out with the product in hand. Businesses around the world have realized this issue.

Hence, now we see companies struggling to ship products as fast as they can. The new trend emerging in E-Commerce in this regard is same-day delivery. Amazon’s Prime Air has already made it possible to deliver products within 30 minutes through drone technology. Similarly, other business ventures will also incorporate drone technologies for faster delivery.

11. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is a very old phenomenon in E-commerce. However, it is likely to be revamped in the coming years. Businesses that employ personalized email marketing tactics are more likely to get revenue through there endeavor.

Furthermore, effective techniques going beyond the usual use of the first name will have an impact on the customers’ experience. So, personalized email marketing will be another E-commerce trend in the coming years.

12. Google Shopping:

Google Shopping is a service provided by Google LLC. Consumers are facilitated with the opportunity to browse through products of different retailers. They can compare prices across brands without ever having to visit the brick and mortar stores.

Additionally, buying decisions can be made right the next moment. Google shopping will certainly introduce whole new trends in E-Commerce.

13. Innovations by Amazon:

Amazon has turned into a giant in the field of E-Commerce. It has introduced new electronics, database management systems and even incorporated Artificial Intelligence to reach the top in Internet marketing. Therefore, we can pin hope on Amazon to disrupt the whole E-Commerce industry.


From digital advertising to the use of robots for the delivery of products, businesses are competing with each other to stay alive and relevant in the world of E-Commerce. The trends we see today in the E-Commerce industry are evolving at a fast pace. The business community has a lot of enthusiasm for incorporating tech for their own benefit. Likewise, consumers will have much ease and control with the introduction of new E-commerce trends. Therefore, if you are selling any product or service then it’s time to adapt to a new environment.

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