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Do you spend a lot of time writing blogs and other content pieces, but feel the results don’t justify your effort? Does your ROI lack after sipping several rounds of coffee? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Perhaps you forgot to factor in search engine optimization? Do you know about the importance of SEO?

Content marketing requires plenty of work. So, my hailstorm of questions might be bewildering. But, if you recognize the importance of SEO in your business, you will find yourself content with tons of organic search traffic and leads. Yes, SEO is popular for organic SEO services. But what other market values does it deliver? Why is SEO important?

In this blog, we will solve this huge mystery of what does SEO means in business. But, first, let’s grasp some essential concepts. 

What Is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It aims to enhance a website’s visibility and searchability. It involves optimizing content in a way that it is displayed on the very first page for a specific keyword. Let’s suppose, you wrote a blog on leather shoes, you want your target audience to read it. But for that purpose, your blog has to be shown as a top result to anyone who looks for leather shoes online. Because we all know it.  Nobody reads content on page 2 of google search engine. The top search results get approx 68% of traffic. We believe this figure is convincing enough to realize the importance of SEO. 

SEO does not only involve search engines. It’s about you and your audience as well. It is about recognizing your audience’s pain points, their search queries, and their reading preferences. The more you are able to connect with people, the more beneficial it will be for you. Therefore, it all boils down to mapping out your audience’s interests and writing content in a way that is easily understandable for search engine crawlers. 

Importance of SEO For Businesses?

SEO is a fruitful marketing source that drives tons of qualified leads to your website. According to legitimate resources, SEO provides better ROI than traditional marketing methods. Although paid advertisements contribute to driving traffic to a website. But, SEO is cost-effective. Research by BrightEdge shows that all websites get  51% of traffic from organic search, and only 10% from paid search. 

Search engine algorithms analyze various aspects of content and select the most relevant ones to show up for a search query. They determine the content rank based upon its quality. Informative content and an optimized website are a key to attract clicks and attention by positing one on the SERPs. So, if your website meets these factors, there is a definite to be properly indexed and boost rankings, within search results. That is why SEO is important. The SEO impact is enormous. Your company needs to invest in SEO to ensure that your brand online presence is not compromised. 

Reasons To Add SEO In Your Bucket List

 According to United Parcel Service, customers bought more products online than from stores, in 2016. Leading brands rapidly recognized the importance of SEO and market value for business growth, If you don’t, you will be left behind. So, what are you waiting for?

Listed below are the most significant reasons to analyze the importance of SEO for your brand. 

Your Competitors Are Stealing Your Traffic

Around 3.5 billion people search on Google, each day. So, if your website doesn’t rank well on Google. Then, you can guarantee your competitors are availing of all the opportunities. The good news is you can spy on your competitors and copy their strategies. A tool called A Href allows you to look at the list of brands that are competing with you in getting the top spot. Here is a screenshot from the tool: 

Importance Of SEO


Space is limited on the first page of a search engine. You have to fight hard to earn the first spot. Just like, all fingers are not equal. Similarly, only the first indexed website gets the most potential customers. Number 2 gets the remaining. Therefore, the importance of SEO is absolutely relevant for being the bigger fish in the market. 

Trust And Credibility

One of the major benefits of search engine optimization is that it contributes in building trust and credibility. Popular search engines like Google only showcase websites that are the best. If people will make a search query and find your website at the top. Then, the ball will be in your court. Moreover, your brand name and meta description can serve as a powerful statement for marketing aligned with your business goals. 

Our scholar friend Google is popular among the masses. Anybody with, even a slightest, thirst of knowledge starts typing on Google to look for information. To be successful, you need to gain customer insights; understand their likes, dislikes, and issues. Offer them solutions with your content that they crave. In this way, your credibility will boost in no time. It also enhances your chances of being chosen over your competitors. 

The Buying Cycle

As mentioned above, everybody uses search engines these days. You can put that to your advantage. By utilizing SEO and compelling marketing tactics like deals, discounts, you can easily attract your customers. Assuming that your brand is the only one people are looking at is a costly mistake. People google to compare prices, quality, and pretty much every aspect before making a purchase. In this scenario, the importance is SEO comes in handy. It can attract potential leads to your site by ranking number 1 in the search results. And, by offering them solutions they seek on search engines. Trust us, when we say that the Internet is a great source for boosting sales. 

Long-term Benefits

Search engine algorithms are ever-evolving. Take it from an organic SEO services company, there is a higher chance to adjust to these changes, if you possess a smart long-term SEO strategy. Somewhere, the algorithm change results in increasing search engine rankings. Again, this all goes down to how effective and brilliant your SEO strategy is. The better it is at the time of algorithm change, the better the chances to rank higher in the search results. 

Also, SEO is a long-term strategy that yields long-term fruits. It leaves a positive impact on your business, over time. If your business is new, you will probably have to work hard on your SEO strategy for at least six months. Only, then you will be able to reap benefits for years. 

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

 SEO guarantees impressive ROI with a good investment. This investment is either in the form of time – your own efforts to generate quality backlinks, create SEO optimized content, etc. Or outsourcing to a qualified marketing agency. Both of these approaches perform well, followed by years of leads and sales. If you’re thinking of implementing SEO for just a few months then don’t hold your breath. You will end up losing money. SEO is a long-term process that requires continuous resources. 

You must be wondering how to measure ROI for your business? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Steps to Measure ROI:

  • Set up Google analytics on your website and then set up conversion tracking. You can use google instruction for more details.
  • Ecommerce businesses can leverage eCommerce tracking to generate data through their transactions. This will help them to calculate accurate online revenue.
  • Lead-based businesses will need to set query forms and assign dollar values to them. For e.g if somebody fills out a form to contact the company, you can assign a value of $100.
  • After a month or so, start tracking conversions. Go to conversions, then multi-channel funnels, and then conversions. You will be able to observe all the conversions during a specific time period, filtered by each channel that drove them. Here is an image of how this looks like:

Importance Of SEO


  • Once you determine the revenue, it’s time to calculate ROI. The formula to measure ROI is:

(Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

Local SEO: Key to Boost Traffic and Engagement

Due to a visible increase in mobile search queries, local optimization has become a crucial component for all kinds of companies. Local SEO refers to optimizing your website for a certain vicinity( towns, cities, regions). Anybody who googles for any niche business online will find the one nearest him in the search results. By optimizing your business for local SEO you will be much closer to a transaction. Reviews from past clients on Google and other revealing sites like Yelp will also help people to gain trust in your brand, rapidly.

For this purpose, start by optimizing your business knowledge graph panel. This is known as Google My Business listings. Moreover, it allows you to add your company’s name, number, phone, and other information to showcase in the search queries. Here is a screenshot of how this looks like. 


Exposure To Newer Opportunities

Good quality SEO brings a lot on the table for great brand building and online presence. It’s an essential ingredient to spark your business. When people begin to trust your brand, due to extraordinary SEO strategies, then you achieve a higher level of business growth. If your content is good enough, people are more likely to share it. This acts as an effective sales promotion. As your domain authority increases, people will want to post their content on your website. Even, pay for that to get posted. Thus, paving the way for more ways to earn revenue.  

Wrapping Up

It’s always a good practice to learn and implement SEO yourself. There are tons of tutorials and resources online to help you out. But, it will be a long trial and error process.

Another option can be to hire a digital marketing agency like Viz Webb Solutions. It will be a smart move. As the company will already know the importance of SEO. We might sound a bit biased to you. But, once you talk to us, you will know that it was totally worth it. We are a complete organic SEO services company with a large portfolio of successful SEO campaigns. And, a team of marketing experts that can skyrocket your digital presence, right away. To get a free quote, click here. 

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