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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile App Development
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile App Development- vizzwebsolutions

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning is the exciting new arena of computer science. It makes machines smarter and on par with humans in terms of intelligence. Ever wondered how you get the online advertisements of products that just match your interest? Well, it is the AI at work. Computers use algorithms to remember users’ interests based on their history of use. Algorithms are one of the basic and most common examples of AI. Nonetheless, there are multiple other ways in which AI is changing and sometimes shaping our lives. Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM are trying to outrun each other by experimenting with AI.

Artificial intelligence is able to solve many complex problems. It automates the tasks and learns the patterns like humans. The Mobile App development industry has benefitted immensely from AI’s potential. Mobile Applications use tools like 3D product designs, speech recognition, machine vision, and cybersecurity.

In this blog, we will discuss the role of AI in mobile app development. So let’s begin.

How AI is Accelerating Mobile App Development:

The investment in artificial intelligence is close to billions. Mobile app developers are bringing innovations in their design with the help of AI. It personalizes user experience and learns from the environment to automatically behave in certain ways. AI, as mentioned earlier, has capabilities close to human intelligence. It predicts future actions based on past experience. By adding the pieces of software, mobile developers can make actions automatic with AI.

All major smartphone manufacturers are incorporating artificial intelligence features to make their designs inventory and user friendly at the same time. AI mobile cameras are significant additions in all new devices of Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Oppo.

AI is undeniably becoming an integral part of app development as it accelerates the design, development, and overall features of mobile application development. The investment in Artificial Intelligence has also quadrupled in the past few years. Here are 3 ways the mobile app development is accelerating at the helm of AI.

Businesses Use AI:

Businesses and corporations make use of technology to grow their customer base. Nonetheless, mobile applications are at the top of their priority list as reaching out to potential customers through their smartphones is much easier. The prospects of AI are great for business app development. Consequently, companies are incorporating advanced features in their mobile apps. Furthermore, the functionalities and performance improve with the use of algorithms in the coding of applications.

Improving Search Features:

AI has proved magnificent for search features in mobile applications. Voice recognition, image recognition, and other visual searches help in finding products. Ecommerce apps use this feature for giving customers a personalized experience. It makes it easy to find the right kind of product and place an order at the same time.

App Security with Algorithmic Locks:

In 2017, Apple came up with ideas of facial recognition for unlocking the phone and mobile apps. Now, almost all new generation smartphones offer the facial unlock feature. It uses AI-based algorithms. In addition to face ID, some mobile applications also have a hand gesture unlock feature. Such cool security features increase the safety of mobile applications and user data.

In the above mentioned three ways, mobile application development is enhancing thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Now let’s look at some top AI technologies used in Mobile Applications.

Top AI Technologies Used in Mobile App Development:

The use of AI technology is an innovative trend in mobile app development. It has massive benefits and leads to improved user engagement. Here are famous AI technologies used by businesses.


Chatbots are widely used nowadays. As soon as you open the inbox of a business app, a personalized message pops up. It is meant to engage users 24/7. Chatbots need to be set only once. Afterward, they can do their job without any human involvement. Chatbots are also called virtual assistants. They are the first ones to interact with customers and often answer all the necessary questions. Businesses can increase the chances of their product purchase by incorporating chatbot.

Language Translation:

Language translation is another example of AI technology. It translates language for users based on their location and language preference. It doesn’t require any special assistance. The smartphone users can connect with AI mobile app and understand products with real-time translation.

Mobile App Authentication:

AI mobile apps or applications Artificial Intelligence follows a smooth authentication process. For instance, blockchain, machine learning, and the use of advanced level technologies make it hard for anyone to breach app protocols. As a result, malicious actors are prevented from taking advantage of the mobile application. Whereas, trustworthy users can enjoy the app features in a secure way.


Mobile app development is arduous labor. Developers spend hundreds of hours coding and building new features in mobile applications. Nevertheless, AI can improve productivity by making mundane tasks automated. It will establish the infrastructure on which coders can work and build an app with more accuracy.


AI technology can easily measure the aspects of the human body like size, mass, shape, and structure, etc. Biometric technology is useful in marketing endeavors.

AI Features to Have in Mobile App Development:

Here are some of the best AI features for integration in mobile app development.

Machine Learning (ML):

The machine learning feature is the coolest thing you can do with mobile applications. The best example of machine learning is Gmail autocompleting the email address you are trying to write. ML is basically the ability of algorithms to learn and upgrade on the basis of past experience. All sorts of businesses like financial, military, and medical can make use of machine learning. Some people also point at machine learning as neural networks.


If you want your mobile app to give a personalized experience to its users then AI is a must-have. AI understands human behavior and saves the likes and dislikes of a person for future recommendations. Companies like Youtube and Netflix use this feature to recommend content based on user interest.

Conversational Interaction:

The conversational user interface will make the interaction of users with the app much more interesting. Users can get to talk on human terms. Alexa and Siri talking in human fashion is an example of conversational UI. Other business applications can also integrate this feature to give users the best experience through voice recognition and conversion of text or image into speech.

Automated Decision Making:

Automated decision making happens when a mobile app decides the actions on its own. It follows a reasoning pattern to come up with a solution. For instance, the Uber app collects data of cab drivers as well as app users. It then automatically decides which cab is near you. This is a classic scenario of automated reasoning.

Execution of Mundane Tasks:

Mundane tasks can be time-consuming for mobile app developers. Hence with the help of AI, you can introduce the feature of automated execution of mundane tasks. This will increase productivity. Besides, coders will have much more time on their hands to be creative with the application.

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Why are Businesses Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Mobile App Development:

The mobile app development business is flourishing with the incorporation of AI. Small and Medium enterprises hire mobile app developers with an understanding of AI. The widespread embracing of AI is because of the following reasons:

  1. It increases user engagement by providing users with curated content that just meets their needs. Moreover, the App owner can get insights into what users are consuming and how they are using the app. Mobile developers can use such information to make improvements in applications in the future.
  2. AI can analyze user feedback and reach the conclusion in a much better way than the mobile developer. It reads things in a human way.
  3. The AI algorithms give user-centric messages based on location and other aspects.
  4. Lastly, mobiles are an important gadget in our lives. Mobile, as the third screen, know us better than even our closest friends. We interact with them throughout the day. Hence, businesses can reach us directly and personally with the help of AI-driven mobile application.


AI has a huge potential for disrupting the whole process of mobile app development. It has improved user experience in a multitude of ways in the past couple of years. Nevertheless, we are still in the early stages of Artificial Intelligence Development. So let’s see where we can go from here in the future with the businesses around the world embracing AI in mobile application development.

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