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What is a 3D Product Configurator?
What is a 3D Product Configurator?- vizzwebsolutions

We are living in exciting times. Technological advancement is raising customer’s expectations from businesses. Customized product choices to personalized designing, e-commerce sites satisfy consumers’ demands in every possible way. A 3D product configurator is another new trend in this regard. It provides interactive experience and liberty to customize the product on the shopping portal.

In this article, we will discuss the use and benefits of a 3D product configurator. So let’s begin.


3D configurator helps consumers choose the specifications of a product. It is interactive in real-time. The 3-dimensional element lets see the product inside-out. The customization options appear on the sidelines from where users can pick and see their product transform completely. The fast alteration of texture, color, and add-on gives an immersive visualization. The more captivating a shopping cart is the higher chance you have of converting your visitors into customers. Moreover, 3D product configurators dynamically change the price in accordance with changes. Hence, the customer gets to know the total cost there and then.

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E-commerce trends are evolving at a rapid speed. A decade ago, people would give pictures of products with long descriptions on the internet. However, now customers want more than that. They want to fully grasp the feel of the product. Gone are the days when online businesses would fool customers with shiny pictures. Today, the long-lasting client base can only be built with trust. The 3D element gives full control in the customer’s hand. They get to experience the creation of the final product in real-time. Additionally, the product can be examined from different angles by moving the pointer.

Use of 3D Product Configurator

The online 3D product configurators can be used in following two ways.


In online advertisements on Google, Facebook, or other sites you provide users an option to play with the product as they go about their usual surfing. They can view products from different angles and see the effect of choices. 3D advertisements are more captivating and engaging than 2D. Besides, customers feel comfortable buying a product they can customize in real-time.

Product Catalog on Website

Users landing on the website have some intention of buying already. They are looking for options to mature their choice. 3D product catalog gives them the ability to analyze available categories. Moreover, they can drag and drop from the catalog to personalize the product.

Dynamic 3D portal with a mix of augmented reality depicts how the product will add value to the shopper’s life.

Benefits of 3D Product Configuration

Internet users have a short attention span. They don’t stay on the business websites for too long. Hence you need to give visitors something fascinating and captivating like the 3D product customization.

Here are the top five benefits of the 3D product configuration in e-commerce.

  1. Customers love to personalize their products. According to market research by New Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer a personalized experience. Customers have full control over what they add to their world. Nevertheless, a sense of ownership grows with the personalization of the product.
  2. Although we have come very far in the e-commerce revolution, some people still prefer physically going to the store rather than buying stuff online. They say, ‘seeing is believing‘. Product configuration software fills this gap by making visualization possible from all dimensions. Resultantly, people are more likely to trust the brand and buy products.
  3. The 3D configuration also shows the price change of the product with every customization. Hence, consumers have a clear idea of the price range.
  4. Some businesses stand out in competition with the best inside features of the product. But, the 2D images cannot show the interiors. Therefore, a 360-degree view with 3D configuration gives a peek into the inside of a custom build product.
  5. The product configuration software allows visitors to save their personalized products on the website for later use. It isn’t necessary for consumers to complete the buying journey in a single visit. So, you can give them a reason for coming back by saving the changes in their personal account.

Closing Thoughts

The current developments in the world indicate an end to brick and mortar stores. Consumers are increasingly completing their buying journey online. Therefore, you need to give people a personalized, intuitive experience on the website. The 3D product configurator will help you in achieving this.

Note: Vizz Web Solutions has done projects for clients involving 3D product customization shopping cart design. If you want your business to accelerate with a 3D product configurator then contact us.

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