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Freelancers sites are an excellent source of finding the workforce for your business venture. The best part is that the price for services ranges from very low to very high based on the freelancer’s skill set. Hence, you have the liberty of getting job done within the your budget.

There are plenty of freelance market places in the online space. They are gold mines for tech services providers. Software houses usually outsource development, graphic designing, and content writing work. For that matter, choosing the platform with a variety of freelancers has become a necessity. Here we have enlisted the top 11 sites for hiring freelancers in 2020.


It is the most widely known freelance platform. Upwork verifies every individual joining its platform. If you search for a particular job here then it will distill out the right people for you. Subsequently, you can choose one based on wage and other factors. The forum has a lot of variety as it has around 9 million freelancers on board.

You can hire blog writers, video animators, graphic designers, and sophisticated software developers from the Upwork platform.


Fiverr is showing tremendous potential in 2020. Every service on this forum starts at a low price of $5. So, you can get simple to complex projects done swiftly in just a few bucks. Nevertheless, this gives room to amateurs as well who can turn work into a mess for money. Hence it is important that you read reviews before hiring.

You can become both a buyer and a seller of services on Fiverr. So as a business owner, you can utilize your in house team and sell services on the forum.


Guru is a relatively small company. It doesn’t have huge workforce. However, Guru has managed to complete 1,000,00 jobs. It posts unique services that no other platform has on the list. Additionally, Freelancers on Guru create detailed profiles which include their experience and showcases work. In short, there is a public database on which you can see what to expect in terms of work from a particular person. This saves a lot of time of business owners as now they can quickly select the right person.


Toptal prides in having the top 3% freelancers on board. It has an effective process of scrutinizing freelancers. only a few candidates out of thousands join the platform. Consequently, Toptal is a more reliable, and trustworthy place to find experts. The high-quality work of members on this forum will astonish you.

If your business is looking for experienced people for joining the team then do consider looking on Toptal. The hiring process is simple and easy for everyone. Companies like Airbnb, Thumbtack, and Zendesk also outsource their work on Toptal.

We Work Remotely:

In a month an average of 2.5 million users interact with this forum. Essentially, you get a lot of variety on this platform. However, most businesses turn to the site for outsourcing design-related work.

Unlike Fiverr or other sites, we work remotely and have a screening process for service buyers as well. It charges $299 from people or companies coming to hire freelancers. The process is intended to deter ingenuine companies or individuals from using the platform. Therefore, as a business owner, you should know exactly what you want before you pay $299 for getting in.


Behance is another freelancer’s website with beautiful design collections. One finds astonishingly cool designs, animations, and illustrations on the site. It presents selected projects on the featured spot. You can scroll through them to see the skill-level of the Behance community. Business owners can list the required work/position on job boards. Having a large number of freelancers helps in getting the right person real quick.


Many people consider Freelancer as the ultimate best freelance finder site. It has a community of 17 million users. Besides, around 10 million projects are currently listed on site. The platform is serving people from 240+ countries. You can find experts from every IT-related field ranging from Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Content Marketing on freelancer.

You can easily navigate and find the right man for the job on freelancer. Being around for the past 15 years, Freelancer has gained the trust of many running businesses. That’s why it is still among the top freelancing site in 2020.

People Per Hour:

This freelance site runs on the same lines as Fiverr. You will find people with expertise in one particular field here. Freelancers post gigs with all the relevant information about their work. However, gigs are more expensive than Fiverr gigs. Candidates are also screened before they become part of the community here.

Business owners can outsource design, development, and digital media-related work on people per hour.


Logo design is the most important part of branding. Businesses are made recognizable through logos. If you are looking for an eye-catching logo design then 99designs will serve you well. The site allows people to run a logo contest. You can simply post your requirements on the forum and participants will come with the finest designs to suit your needs. Subsequently, you can pick the best one and let the creator know any changes in color, design, etc. that you want. The winner of the contest gets a cash prize as a reward.

In addition to logo design, 99designscommunity also designs book covers and other stuff.


Dribbble is a platform exclusively for designers. What sets it apart is the fact that you can get people hired full time as well. Dribbble is very popular among creative designers around the globe. You will see some finest pieces of art on people’s profiles here. In order to find a suitable candidate for your wok, simply go on Dribbble’s site and search with keywords of specialty like web designer, graphic designer, animator, or UI/UX designer. You can also get your job posted on the job board. This way interested individuals will individually reach out to you.


Startupers is a relatively less known freelance marketplace. It particularly focuses on providing startup-related services. Essentially, you can find th type of workforce here which isn’t available anywhere else. For instance, Brand Campaign Strategists, Business Development Director, and Account Executive are among the jobs posted on the job board. The job board is updated on a daily basis as more and more users join the team.


The freelance market place is growing at a fast pace. People are preferring remote work over full-time jobs as the former comes with more flexibility. Businesses and Organizations are also turning towards freelancers for cutting expenses. Additionally, the freelance community has more variety and the best talent from anywhere in the world can show up for you. In short, freelancing has something for both employer and employee. You can choose any platform from the above-mentioned names to hire freelancers.

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